Chapter 914 - Splendid Victory

Another 30 Kamikaze Dragons sped toward Angel Corps’ main force.

Explosions rang out endlessly. The players from Angel Corps tried to flee in fear. However, most never got the chance as they were engulfed in flames.

The few players who did escape from the Kamikaze Drakes flew straight into the flying mounts from Asskickers United waiting for them.

The assault of the Kamikaze Drakes didn’t look like it would stop any time soon. Panic spread like wildfire through the ranks of Angel Corps. Even though they were all loyal members of the guild and their flying mounts were mostly provided to them by the guild, in this kind of situation, it was still every man for themselves. They fell into an awkward position. If they gathered together, they would die to the Kamikaze Drakes. If they scattered, they would be picked off by the troops of Asskickers United. They were dead either way. Not a single one of them managed to escape the encirclement. It was just as Nie Yan said. Leave none alive! Even Rank 7 flying mounts were instantly killed by the Kamikaze Drakes!

After five waves of attacks and 200 Kamikaze Drakes exploding, Angel Corps’ forces were decimated. The survivors were badly wounded and cleaned up by the flying mounts of Asskickers United. Only a smaller force of about 3,000 that was protecting the airships were still alive.

Angel Corps was standing on its last leg. Once those five airships were destroyed, they would be defeated.

Asskickers United had them completely surrounded with 20,000 flying mounts. Because of the five airships, none of them dared to go up. A portion of their forces tried to close in. However, under the fierce firepower of the airships, they suffered 3,000 casualties and immediately retreated. 

50 Rank 6 flying mounts protected the airships from Kamikaze Drakes.

Five Kamikaze Drakes flew toward the airship. However, when they reached within 300 meters, they were quickly discovered. They airships concentrated firepower toward them. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Over 20 Goblin Megacannons fired at once, engulfing the Kamikaze Drakes in explosions and causing the gunpowder they carried to explode as well.

All five Kamikaze Drakes were destroyed.

Boss, they are too strong! We have no way of approaching them!」Paladin of the Elegy cried out.

Have 10 more Kamikaze Drakes go forward! Continue bombarding their troops! Wipe out their remaining 3,000 flying mounts!」 

Another 10 Kamikaze Drakes circled round to the rear and charged toward the troops of Angel Corps.

It was impossible for the five airships to protect all 3,000 flying mounts. There would always be an opportunity for the Kamikaze Drakes.


The players from Angel Corps had learned through pain. Spotting the Kamikaze Dragons charging over, they immediately scattered though not so far as to run into Asskickers United’s encirclement. Like this, they could minimize casualties.

What in the world are those things? Their firepower is ridiculous!」an Angel Corps player cursed.

A friend told me. They’re called Kamikaze Drakes. Each one carries five kilograms of gunpowder.

Five kilograms of gunpowder? Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. Gunpowder was extremely rare, selling for up to 30,000 gold per kilogram. Only the rich, like large guilds, could afford it. Five kilograms was equivalent to up to 150,000 gold, and at least 200 Kamikaze Drakes had exploded so far. That was 30,000,000 gold! Plus the other production costs! This was no longer fighting a war but rather burning money!

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Another 10 explosions rang out.

Damn! How many Kamikaze Drakes do they have!?」someone cursed. They were being driven mad by these Kamikaze Drakes. As soon as they saw the silhouette of one, their hearts would tremble in fear. These machines were too frightening!

There shouldn’t be many more. That last wave wasn’t as fierce as before. They’re probably running out.

Don’t underestimate Nirvana Flame. We have five Goblin Airships on our side. Apart from the Kamikaze Drakes, they have nothing that can stop those airships. Do you really think he will waste their greatest weapon unnecessarily? They have definitely saved some to deal with our airships. And without airships, we are screwed!」a Mage said.

Everyone paled in fear upon hearing these words. If Asskickers United still had a hundred more Kamikaze Drakes, they were doomed.

This round, 1,000 flying mounts fell to the 10 Kamikaze Drakes.

Soaring Angel felt his heart bleeding. For the sake of these flying mounts, he had poured in blood, sweat, and tears. He had regularly dispatched 100,000-man expedition teams to the Griffon Woodlands to build up this powerful air force. All his hard work, it was being destroyed before his eyes. Of the original 50,000 flying mounts, only 1,500 remained. Their last line of defense were the five Goblin Airships. However, without flying mounts to protect them, these airships would be exposed. An overwhelming sense of despair welled up in his heart.

Back in the Clemenci Stronghold, Cao Xu saw everything in real time through the livestream. He helplessly slumped back into his seat, a look of disbelief on his face. All his hopes were shattered by the explosions of the Kamikaze Drakes.


Boss, only the five airships are left now. How should we proceed?」Paladin of the Elegy asked. Angel Corps didn’t have many flying mounts left. However, even without the protection of the flying mounts, the airships carried enough firepower to take out thousands of Asskickers United’s flying mounts before they could get close. Though victory was right within grasp, how to go about achieving it was the real problem.

Send out all the remaining Kamikaze Drakes. Have 5,000 low rank flying mounts cover them!」Nie Yan said. Even if they had to cut off one of their limbs, the airships had to be destroyed!

With Nie Yan’s command, Asskickers United blew the final horn of battle. 5,000 low rank flying mounts shielded the remaining 90 Kamikaze Drakes as they charged forward from all directions.

The airships launched a fierce resistance the moment the enemy got in range. The sound of cannon fire drowned out the shouts of the charging Asskickers United players. 

Soaring Angel’s face turned pale.

The sound of cannonfire and Kamikaze Drakes exploding mixed together before disappearing in the skies above the City of Sin.

After sacrificing 3,000 flying mounts and 61 Kamikaze Drakes, Asskickers United finally wiped out the last remaining forces of Angel Corps.

About 21,000 flying mounts from Asskickers United lived, 10,000 of which were wounded. Even though the losses were severe, compared to complete annihilation, it didn’t count for much.

Nie Yan had Paladin of the Elegy tabulate the results of the battle.

Boss, the reports are in. We’ve collected a total of 26,000 Life Cores and 32,000 pieces of equipment!」Paladin of the Elegy exclaimed. Even though a large portion of the Life Cores had been snatched up by other guilds, their harvest was still quite good.

Boss, we have wiped out Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group’s 52,000 flying mounts and Pantheon’s 5,200 flying mounts!」Tyrannical said, his voice trembling with excitement. He hadn’t expected they would achieve such amazing results.

What are our casualties?

We’ve lost 12,000 flying mounts, and Fallen Angel lost 3,000,」Paladin of the Elegy replied.

A splendid victory for Asskickers United! They were the new rulers of the skies!

Asskickers United’s air force gathered back together. For the first time since the start of the battle, the skies above the City of Sin turned tranquil again.

Seeing Nie Yan standing atop the Darkwing Dragon’s head like a war god, the players in the vicinity were racing with excitement, unable to calm down.

Nie Yan swept his eyes over the crowd, 25,000 players and flying mounts in total. From now on, there was no other force that could contend with them in the skies of the Righteous Faction!

“Brothers, victory is ours! Today is only the first step! Not long from now, we will crush Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group beneath our feet! Not long from now, we will rule over the entire Atlanta Continent and unify the Righteous Faction! Not long from now, the world we look down at from our flying mounts will be ours! We will have control of over 70 cities and 1,000 strongholds! We will bring about the start of a brand new age!” Nie Yan declared. 

Rule over the entire Atlanta Continent and unify the Righteous Faction, this was an extremely grand goal! However, it didn’t seem all that far away.

“Two hours from now, gather in Okoron to receive your rewards!” Nie Yan chuckled. After achieving victory, naturally those who fought hard would be rewarded.

“Long live the boss!”

“Long live Nirvana Flame!”

The crowd broke out in deafening cheers. This was undoubtedly a moment worth celebrating.

Back on the ground, the hundreds of thousands of players in the City of Sin also heard Nie Yan’s declaration. Unifying the entire Atlanta continent, just how glorious of an achievement would this be? However, none of them doubted Nie Yan’s words. Angel Corps’ air force had suffered a crushing defeat. With no aerial force to support them, their ground troops would be forced into the passive. In the entire Righteous Faction, there was no one else that could block Asskickers United’s advance.

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