Chapter 913 - Detonate! Wipe the Enemy out!

Under the cover of the Goblin Airships, the forces from Angel Corps charged toward Asskickers United. They had no idea that the illusions they created had already been seen through. That the enemy was about to attack them from the flank.

The five airships rapidly closed in on Asskickers United’s main force. However, as they were about to enter firing range, the enemy suddenly beat a quick retreat.

Soaring Angel closely observed Asskickers United’s movements. Anxious the enemy would escape, he shouted,「Hurry up! Don’t let them escape!

The airships went into full throttle as they chased after the retreating force.

Nie Yan had the Darkwing Dragon ascend several hundred meters in the air. He looked down and surveyed the entire battlefield from a bird’s eye view.

Angel Corps’ flank suffered an attack, forcing them to divert some of their forces to deal with it. Another force of Asskickers United had snuck up behind Angel Corps and were ready to deal them a heavy blow.

Nie Yan swept his eyes over the battlefield and locked onto several Kamikaze Drakes. They had a wooden frame which was protected by a layer of black metal. To make them resemble ordinary flying mounts, a layer of gray feathers covered the black metal. They were indistinguishable among the other flying mounts. He only spotted them because he knew what to look for.

Boss, the Kamikaze Drakes are in position. All you need to do is give the order!」Paladin of the Elegy said.

Good!」Nie Yan looked down. Angel Corps’ troops had taken the shape of an enormous sphere. With so many flying mounts in close proximity, able to lend a hand at a moment’s notice, their defenses increased severalfold. This put a quick stop to Asskickers United’s attempts to attack, because each time they would also suffer heavy losses.「The enemy is digging their own grave. With their forces clustered so close together, the Kamikaze Drakes will be even more effective.

What do we do about those five airships?」Bladelight asked.

Keep your distance from them for now. Their firepower poses too much of a threat. The Kamikaze Drakes probably won’t get to them either, with all those flying mounts protecting them. Let’s just focus on Angel Corps’ main force first. We’ll take care of the airships after!」Nie Yan said.

Sounds good to me!」Bladelight replied.

Nie Yan ordered in voice chat,「Kamikaze Drakes #1–10, go! Those nearby, cover them!

Spread out and under the cover of other flying mounts, 10 Kamikaze Drakes were quickly nearing Angel Corps’ main force. At the last second, the Kamikaze Drakes broke off from the group and charged straight into the enemy’s ranks.

“Brothers! For the glory of Asskickers United! KILL!” an Elementalist riding a Kamikaze Drake shouted at the top of his lungs. 

The 10 Kamikaze Drake riders all had that steely resolve borne from embracing death with open arms.

They were loyal members of Asskickers United, trusted subordinates of Nie Yan and Guo Huai. When they were asked to man the Kamikaze Drakes, they agreed without hesitation despite knowing this was a one-way trip. This was their opportunity to provide a great contribution to the guild and go out in a blaze of glory!

Some Angel Corps players located in the outer ring of the sphere were chatting.

Hey, what do you think? Will we win this war?

Hard to say. One thing is for sure though, they don’t have anything as powerful as our five Goblin Airships! The firepower on those things is ridiculous!」a Mage said, his voice trembling with excitement as he recalled the previous scene of the airships annihilating the forces of Fallen Angel. If he were in their crosshairs, he would probably be blasted to smithereens!

Look over there!」a Warrior cried out in alarm.

What?」Several pairs of eyes flicked over to the direction the Warrior pointed toward, widening as they took in the few relatively small flying mounts charging straight at them. Their riders manning them seemed to be shouting unintelligible ravings at the top of their lungs. Some of the Angel Corps players couldn’t help but chuckle in amusement.

The hell is that? Flying mounts? Rank 5 or 4?

They must have lost their minds! What can several low rank flying mounts possibly do? They’re pretty much throwing their lives away!

Several Rank 6 flying mounts moved to intercept the wannabe rambos. Unconcerned, they approached the Kamikaze Drakes, who executed rolls mid-air and flew right past them.

What!? So fast!」The Angel Corps players widened their eyes in alarm. 

They were all confused. What was Nirvana Flame planning? These low rank flying mounts posed zero threat.

Behind them, an earth-shattering explosion rang out. They hurriedly turned around to witness a terrifying scene.

A Kamikaze Drake rammed straight into Angel Corps’ ranks and exploded, scorching hot flames erupting out. Hundreds of flying mounts were turned to ash as Life Cores started raining down. Many more received serious injuries, barely clinging onto their life.

The explosive power of five kilograms of gunpowder was extremely frightening. Add in the fact that Angel Corps’ troops were so concentrated together, and it was a recipe for disaster.


Stop them! Don’t let them get close!

Quickly stop them!

The players from Angel Corps shouted in a panic, but their voices were drowned out by the sound of explosions.

The 10 Kamikaze Drakes took down with them 1,500 flying mounts, while another 2,500 were basically out of commission.

This was a devastating blow! These Kamikaze Drakes weren’t any less frightening than their Goblin Airships!


The players from Asskickers United were similarly shocked. What frightening explosions! Before long, they erupted into thunderous cheers.

M-my god! W-what was that!?

The boss has done it again! Who would’ve thought he still had something like this up his sleeve! Amazing!

I wonder how many more we have! Angel Corps are really in for it this time!

Damn! What an explosion!」Undying Scoundrel gasped in admiration.

Of course, they’re packing five kilograms of gunpowder each!」Smoke Stub smiled.

Damn. We should’ve spent more time building those things. We wouldn’t even have to fight ourselves then, just let them bomb everything to smithereens.

How could it be that easy? Do you know how much resources and manpower went into making these 300 Kamikaze Drakes!? Plus, the range of the explosions is limited. So, they’re only effective in situations where the enemy is crowded together. If the target scatters, they lose all effectiveness,」Nie Yan said.

The boss really did plan far ahead for this battle with Angel Corps. He was leading them right into a trap from the start! All we have to do is surround them now. If they try to break out, we’ll just kill them. If they stay inside, they’ll be blasted to death by our Kamikaze Drakes. None of them will escape alive!」Tyrannical chuckled.

Everyone suddenly realized Nie Yan’s plan. So, it turned out Nie Yan wouldn’t settle for a win, but desired the complete annihilation of Angel Corps’ forces! No wonder he had waited until now to take action!

Second wave, Kamikaze Drakes #11–30, kill!」Nie Yan shouted. Another 20 Kamikaze Drakes charged toward Angel Corps’ forces.

What’s going on?」Soaring Angel shouted, alarmed. The Kamikaze Drakes had attacked them from behind. As he was at the front of the formation, all he heard were the loud explosions.

Boss! We’re under attack! We’ve lost over 1,000 troops already!

They’re suicide bombers! Their flying mounts are exploding!

My god! There are more!

Soaring Angel felt his heart sink to the pit of his stomach. This was clearly a long worked on plan! They had simply been waiting for this exact moment to strike!

Boss, what do we do?

Break out of the encirclement! Have the Goblin Airships lead the vanguard!」Soaring Angel gritted his teeth. They were surrounded. If Asskickers United continued sending Kamikaze Drakes at them, they would eventually be annihilated!

Another frightening explosion rang out from the rear, threatening to rupture Soaring Angel’s eardrums.

Protect the Goblin Airships! Don’t let those flying mounts get close to the airships! All airships maintain one third of your firepower. If you see any of those exploding flying mounts, blast them!」Soaring Angel ordered. If the Goblin Airships were taken down by the Kamikaze Drakes, their last ray of hope would be gone.

Summon Hell Fiend Dragons!

Three dragons even larger than the Darkwing Dragon appeared within Angel Corps’ ranks and came charging out towards Asskickers United’s forces.

Nie Yan narrowed his eyes. So, Angel Corps still had this kind of trump card. These three Hell Fiend Dragons weren’t flying mounts, but rather summons. They looked quite strong. If Asskickers United didn’t have the Kamikaze Drakes, they would’ve suffered greatly under these dragons. 

Blast them!」Nie Yan ordered. Three Kamikaze Drakes headed straight toward the Hell Fiend Dragons.

BOOOM! BOOM! BOOM! The three Hell Fiend Dragons were instantly reduced to ash.

With 20 Kamikaze Drakes diving into Angel Corps’ ranks, another frightening chain of explosions rang out. Without even bothering to look at the results, Nie Yan passed down the next order.「Third wave! Kamikaze Drakes #30–60! Go!

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