Chapter 912 - Illusion Revealed

Warlance and his forces held the upper hand on their side of the battlefield. Fallen Angel’s Apocalypse Storm had already killed 5,000 flying mounts from the Century Financial Group and Pantheon. Wherever it went, the enemy would flee in a panic.

Brothers, wipe out every last one of them!」Warlance shouted as he proudly stood atop his Bone Dragon.

The Apocalypse Storm annihilated everything in its path. At this rate, it wouldn’t be long before it wiped out the Century Financial Group and Pantheon!

As Warlance and his forces were about to go in for the kill, the Century Financial Group and Pantheon’s troops suddenly split apart, revealing five enormous airships. 

The airships were 60 meters long, carried up in the air by enormous balloons made out of some unknown material. The gondolas had dozens of cannon holes with muzzles sticking out. These were the latest Goblin Megacannons! One could imagine their destructive might!

Warlance wasn’t sure what these airships were powered by, but they were extremely fast, moving through the air nimbly and freely.

“W-what are those?” Warlance blurted out in shock. He wouldn’t have to wait long. What happened next would be deeply engraved in his mind.

The cannons on the five airships all took aim and fired. BOOM! BOOM!BOOM! The shells released frightening explosions as they struck the ranks of Fallen Angel, forcing them into immediate retreat. Countless flying mounts let out miserable cries as they were shot out of the sky by the cannons.

With half the Thunderwing Bone Hawks dead and the others scattering for safety, the Apocalypse Storm exploded with a deafening boom!

The firepower of the latest magic cannons was at least a dozen times greater than their regular counterpart. The Century Financial Group had spent a mind-boggling amount of resources and manpower to produce just 50 of these cannons and install them into the airships.

The cannons fired again as explosions rocked the entire sky.

Three shells exploded in range of Warlance. The shock waves swept over him and his Bone Dragon, with his mount taking the brunt of the damage. Scorch marks covered its scales. Warlance looked behind him. His forces were in utter chaos. Only five rounds of attacks, and Fallen Angel had lost close to 70% percent of their forces while the survivors were all badly wounded.

Shit! Where the hell did Angel Corps get these airships!? Warlance’s heart trembled.

Kill them all! They’re already too weak to fight back!

Don't let them escape!

The forces from the Century Financial Group and Pantheon hurriedly moved to surround Warlance and the surviving troops of Fallen Angel. All paths of escape were blocked off.

Boss, I’m sorry. We tried our best,」Warlance sent to Plenty. He then straightened his back and turned around to face what was left of his army. He shouted at the top of his lungs, “BROTHERS! THIS IS OUR LAST STAND! FIGHT WITH ALL YOU HAVE! DON’T LET THESE BASTARDS THINK WE’RE EASY PICKINGS!”

Warlance led his remaining forces forward fearlessly in one final charge. They would make the enemy pay a heavy price for their lives!

They fought bravely, but eventually succumbed to the overwhelming power of the Century Financial Group and Pantheon.

The ear-splitting explosions continued long after the final member of Fallen Angel died before eventually settling down.

Have someone find out what’s going on!」Nie Yan said in voice chat.

Boss, Fallen Angel’s forces are completely wiped out! The Century Financial Group somehow managed to get their hands on five Goblin Airships. They mounted Goblin Megacannons on them. It was a massacre! Those airships are heading for us right now!」Paladin of the Elegy said. If those airships were allowed near them, he didn’t dare to imagine the consequences. 

Goblin Airships?」Nie Yan knitted his brows. He knew that the Century Financial Group's factories were producing something, but until now he never found out what.「Have the Kamikaze Drakes set out! This is the decisive moment!

Understood!」Paladin of the Elegy said. He immediately passed down the order.

The Century Financial Group and Pantheon had lost more than 8,000 flying mounts to Fallen Angel. Those still alive recovered their health and mana before moving towards Asskickers United.

All members, listen to my commands! Focus on quick kills and be ready to retreat at a moment’s notice!」Nie Yan didn’t dare to be careless. He had no idea exactly how strong the airships were. Before he understood what they were capable of, he didn’t dare to let his troops face them head-on.


Asskickers United’s troops intensified their assault, cleaning up Angel Corps’ remnant forces.

When the casualties of Asskickers United finally broke through 10,000, Angel Corps had already lost in excess of 18,000 flying mounts. It was clear which side had the advantage.

The 13,000 flying mounts from the Century Financial Group and Pantheon were fast approaching.

Retreat!」Nie Yan ordered. The forces of Asskickers United beat a quick retreat.

The surviving players from Angel Corps breathed a sigh of relief. They merged together with the forces of the Century Financial Group and Pantheon.

Soaring Angel finally showed his face again. He had his troops rest up and reorganize while his focus shifted from Nie Yan to the five Goblin Airships. They looked like flying fortresses as they gave off a suffocating pressure. The 50 Megacannons looked especially astonishing.

With these superweapons, they could absolutely crush Asskickers United! Soaring Angel’s face warped with a sinister expression. Ever since he was little, he was a heaven-proud son. Everything had always gone his way, no one dared to even touch a hair on his head. Only when he entered Conviction, did he experience how it felt to have someone stand up to you. Nie Yan wasn’t afraid of him. He sought him out in battle, and beat him again and again. By now, his hatred for Nie Yan already ran bone deep, wishing for nothing more than to tear him to pieces. These airships gave him some much needed confidence. So what if the other side had a Rank 9 Darkwing Dragon? If it took a shelling from these cannons, it would still be blasted to smithereens!

Some distance away, Nie Yan finished reorganizing his troops. Standing atop the head of the Darkwing Dragon, he looked over toward the forces of Angel Corps, the Century Financial Group, and Pantheon. Among the tens of thousands of flying mounts were five enormous airships. They were as large if not larger than the Darkwing Dragon, and all of them were fitted with a dozen Goblin Megacannons.

Angel Corps was anxious to continue the battle, afraid Nie Yan would escape.

The five Goblin Airships led the charge. They weren’t any slower than regular flying mounts. Their cannons were pointed forward, ready to fire. They were protected by a larger number of high rank flying mounts.

Boss, here is the footage of the airships attacking Fallen Angel’s troops!」Paladin of the Elegy said.

Nie Yan skimmed through the video. He made a quick assessment. These airships fitted with Goblin Megacannons were ridiculously powerful. Even he wasn’t sure he could defend against their astonishing firepower. It looked like he could only rely on the Kamikaze Drakes, his final trump card.

Maintain your distance. Be prepared to flank the enemy at my command!」Nie Yan said in voice chat.

At this time, the forces from Angel Corps split apart, revealing another 20 airships. The 25 airships split into groups of five as they moved forward in a crescent formation.

What the hell!? When did they multiply!?

There are so many of them!

What’s going on!?

Asskickers United’s players instantly fell into a panic. They thought there were only five airships. Now there were 25! They felt an immense pressure weighing down on their hearts.

Boss, how did this happen!?

Nie Yan knitted his brows. It couldn’t be so easy to make these airships. How on earth did they find the time and resources to produce so many of them? A thought popped up in his mind. An illusion!

Eye of Truth!

Nie Yan’s eyes blossomed out with a profound light. As he scanned the airships, he instantly saw through the illusion. Only five of the 25 airships were real!

Angel Corps had tried to use these illusions to attract enemy attacks, allowing the real airships to close in unharmed and deal a fatal blow to Asskickers United’s troops. However, Nie Yan had seen through it.

Group #1, Group #3, Group #6, Group #7, Group #12, flank the enemy from the right and attack!」 Nie Yan ordered.

B-b-but Boss, there are seven airships coming straight for us!」Summer Bug cried out. They had all witnessed the might of the airships.

Don’t worry! They’re just illusions. Ignore them and attack!」Nie Yan said. They would attack the enemy from the flank, then look for an opportunity to deal a serious blow. Blindly evading would only lead to more losses. 

Illusions? They’re fake?

Only five are real. Just listen to my commands. Don’t worry about anything else,」Nie Yan said.

No wonder! So they are just illusions! We were nearly fooled by them!」 

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. If it weren’t for Nie Yan seeing through the illusion, the consequences would have been grave. Even though these illusions would’ve only attracted their firepower for a brief moment, it was enough to dictate the tide of battle. Once they were forced into the passive, it would be difficult to seize back the initiative.

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