Chapter 909 - Apocalypse Storm

All the players in the server watched as the battle in the City of Sin unfolded on livestream. Tens of thousands of flying mounts from both great powers were converging here.

Though for the most part they watched in awe, there was also a trace of concern as to which side would come out on top. Every single one of them, even the solo players, would be impacted to some extent by the outcome of this war.

In the sky above the City of Sin, Asskickers United was fighting bravely against the forces of Angel Corps. The tide of battle was slowing going in their favour, as they had fewer casualties, a powerful Rank 9 Darkwing Dragon—who had already killed over 60 enemy flying mounts—leading the vanguard, and the Spectre Dragon lending its support from the sidelines.

Before Fallen Angel could team up with Asskickers United, they were intercepted by the joint forces of the Century Financial Group and Pantheon. Even though the enemy possessed superior numbers, most of those were low rank flying mounts. 

With different guilds fighting in different locations, each battle evolving in a different direction, it became impossible for the spectators on the ground to tell who was who. That said, the spectacular aerial battles left their hearts racing with excitement.

A giant ball of flames ignited in the sky, dyeing the horizon crimson. Several nearby flying mounts were instantly burned to death, mournful cries ringing out as they plummeted to the ground.

What astonishing flames!

Within these blinding flames flew an enormous phoenix.

“That’s Yao Yao’s Immortal Phoenix!”

Feeling the blistering heat sweeping over them, everyone paled.

“This fire energy is so pure… What a powerful phoenix!”

“Of course! That’s a Rank 8 Immortal Phoenix!”

Nie Yan was the sole owner of a Rank 9 flying mount. There were four Rank 8 flying mounts a step below. Two of them belonged to the righteous faction, one of which was Xie Yao’s. The Evil Faction had the other two, belonging to Fallen Angel and Pantheon.

The battle prowess of a Rank 8 flying mount was astonishing.

Within the ball of flames, the Immortal Phoenix charged forward like a streaking meteor. Any flying mounts that came into contact with it were instantly transformed into ashes. All that remained of the burned Angel Corps flying mounts was their Life Core.

Riding atop the head of his Silverwing Dragon, Soaring Angel had an unsightly expression on his face. Asskickers United’s peak fighting force was simply too strong. There was very little he could do against them.

Have the airships arrived yet?」Soaring Angel coldly asked.

Reporting in Boss, they have already arrived. Five in total. They’re being shielded from view by our flying mounts.

Pass on the message to the Century Financial Group. Tell them to get started. Let Asskickers United and Fallen Angel have a taste of our newly created weapon!」Soaring Angel coldly smiled. 


Over on the side of Fallen Angel. Warlance led the vanguard as his troops dove right into the ranks of the Century Financial Group and Pantheon. They succeeded in disrupting the enemy’s formation and scattering their forces, but they also suffered some damage in the process.

Vice-lead! Our right flank is under attack. We can’t hold on any longer!

Vice-lead! Our second wing is almost annihilated with only two survivors! We’ve been surrounded!

Warlance bravely charged forward, working together with his subordinates to kill dozens of enemy flying mounts. Their killcount quickly reached 1,300. This result was simply astonishing, especially considering many of their kills were high rank flying mounts.

However, the Century Financial Group and Pantheon had too many flying mounts, more than 20,000 in total. Even though most were low rank, they served perfectly as cannon fodder to absorb attacks.

Pantheon and the Century Financial Group outnumbered Fallen Angel’s forces six to one. They had Warlance and his men completely surrounded.

Brothers, let’s show these trash our power! We are not so easily provoked!」Warlanced shouted. He was soaked in blood from head to toe, looking like an enraged asura. His killing intent soared to the heavens.「Go, Apocalypse Storm!

The battle cries of the players from Fallen Angel rang out like thunder. From among their ranks, 300 Thunderwing Bone Hawks gathered together and used Apocalypse Storm. Lightning crackled from their bodies and converged into a sphere in the center of their formation. It continuously grew in size until it was over 200 meters in diameter, shooting out streaks of lightning into the surroundings like a giant tesla coil.

After the sphere fully took shape, Warlance shouted,「Kill!

The enormous ball of lightning started moving towards the forces of the Century Financial Group and Pantheon.

W-what the hell is that!?

I-I don’t know, but I don’t want to be anywhere near it!

The flying mounts from the Century Financial Group and Pantheon quickly split apart in a mad attempt to get away from the sphere of lightning. However, the Apocalypse Storm was too fast and quickly closed in on them.

CRACKLE! ZAP! CRACKLE! ZAP! Streaks of lightning drilled into the ranks of the Century Financial Group and Pantheon.

BANG! BANG! BANG! All flying mounts the lightning came into contact with were instantly roasted to death, their bodies giving off smoke as they dropped from the sky.

Nothing survived near the Apocalypse Storm. Soon, more than 400 enemy flying mounts were killed.



The Apocalypse Storm picked up its speed and dove deeper and deeper into the enemy ranks. The flying mounts from the Century Financial Group and Pantheon fled away in a panic.

Don’t go near that lightning ball!

Get out of the way!

“Weaklings from the Century Financial Group and Pantheon, I’ll let you thoroughly experience the might of our Apocalypse Storm! Brothers, kill!” Warlanced bellowed out with a hearty laugh. Several hundred more Thunderwing Bone Hawks joined the formation, powering the sphere to almost double its current size. Its surface transformed from white to blue, making it resemble a giant blazing star.

Nie Yan and his team of 30 noticed the forces of the Century Financial Group and Pantheon being routed.

What’s going on over there?」Bladelight asked.

Damn, those guys from Fallen Angel really are something! Look at that ball of lightning!」Undying Scoundrel exclaimed in admiration. He had joined back up with everyone shortly after Nie Yan revealed his Rank 9 Darkwing Dragon. 

They glanced at each other. If they were to meet with such an attack, they would probably also suffer a heavy loss.

In the blink of an eye, the Apocalypse Storm killed 1,000 enemy flying mounts.

“That’s Apocalypse Storm. To get one to that size, I estimate you will need at least 600 Rank 6 lightning attribute flying mounts.”

Nie Yan faintly smiled. As ruler of the Undead Empire, there was no way Fallen Angel wouldn’t have some aces up their sleeves. This Apocalypse Storm was probably one of them. The might of the attack was truly astonishing. He was glad Asskickers United wasn’t on the receiving side of it.

We can’t let Fallen Angel show us up! Time to kill!!」Smoke Stub shouted!



Asskickers United’s aerial forces launched another fierce assault.

Nie Yan had received word that the 300 Kamikaze Drakes had arrived in the City of Sin. They were hidden from view, ready to move out at his command. He narrowed his eyes. After shaving away a bit more of the enemy’s strength, he would deal them a fatal blow.

Nie Yan, how are you planning to use the Kamikaze Drakes?」Smoke Stub asked. He was one of the scarce few who were privy to their existence.

Don’t worry. Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group have at least 30,000 flying mounts on the way here. I’m just waiting for them, so we can wipe them all out together!」Nie Yan said. Like this, the enemy would be like birds with their wings clipped. 

We have 45,000 flying mounts rushing over. Combined with what we have here already, that also makes 50,000. Even if we don’t use the Kamikaze Drakes, I’m sure we can sweep through them!」Natural Fiend said.

You’re probably right. We won’t lose if we go toe-toe with them, but we’ll also suffer heavy losses. It’s better to use the Kamikaze Drakes, then clean up the survivors!

Nie Yan chuckled.「Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group probably have some hidden aces as well. We won’t use the Kamikaze Drakes for now. Let’s focus on the battle!

While Nie Yan and the others were chatting, the reinforcements from both sides started entering the City of Sin. The scope of the battle ballooned as two armies nearly 50,000 strong clashed in the air.

Look! More troops are arriving!

Damn, I’ve never seen so many flying mounts!

The players on the ground gawked at the sight of nearly 100,000 flying mounts, their hearts palpitating with a mixture of fear and excitement. This many flying mounts was enough to completely blot out the sky over the City of Sin.

So this was the rallying power of two superpowers! So breathtaking!

Most ordinary guilds would be proud to have 100 flying mounts, but these two clashing powers had rallied 1,000 times that number! A lightless sky over a dark landscape, what a truly apt description!

Nie Yan had the Darkwing Dragon fly toward the 40,000 flying mounts that came as reinforcements. One man and his dragon instantly attracted everyone's attention.


The boss is here!

The reinforcements broke out into cheers.

Seeing these troops stretching out as far as the eye could see, Bladelight, Smoke Stub, and the rest, even Nie Yan himself, felt their hearts stirring with emotion. With this kind of army, they could conquer everything and anything in their way!

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