Chapter 908 - Kamikaze Drakes

Nie Yan and company were like a giant meat grinder. Wherever they passed, blood and flesh rained down from the sky. 

Angel Corps and Asskickers United fell into a killing frenzy. Neither side was willing to tolerate the existence of the other.

The spectators on the ground were now scrambling for Life Cores. Bodies rained down from the sky. Every corpse of a flying mount contained a precious Life Core. It would be strange if it didn’t attract any attention.

The entire Righteous Faction had their focus on this single battle.

“Boss, our main force has suffered over 300 casualties already!” Paladin of the Elegy reported. They only had 1,000 flying mounts to begin with. Losing nearly a third of their force was a massive blow.

“Angel Corps isn’t faring much better. We’ve killed 500 of theirs!” Bladelight chimed in. Angel Corps’ losses were even worse than Asskickers United’s. However, they still held the advantage in numbers. It was hard to say who would win this battle.

The battle intensified. Nie Yan and company were tearing through Angel Corps’ ranks, when someone shouted in voice chat,「Look east! It’s the reinforcements from Fallen Angel! They’re here!

Nie Yan shot a glance toward the east and saw a large group of flying mounts heading in this direction. He faintly smiled. It was Fallen Angel. They were finally here! Looking at their numbers, he estimated there were at least 4,000 flying mounts!

Bones as white as shale. Those were all undead flying mounts!

The leader of the group was riding a Rank 8 Bone Dragon. It was none other than Proud Lance who Nie Yan had met several times in the past. Plenty didn’t come personally. He had to preside over the guild matters in the underworld.

Fallen Angel was the absolute ruler of the Undead Empire. After carrying out their operations there for so long, they had created a rock solid foundation. Their strength was not to be looked down on.

Fallen Angel’s appearance immediately caused an uproar among the players in the City of Sin.

“It’s the Undead Empire!”

“That must be Fallen Angel! What’s going on? Is the Undead Empire attacking the Righteous Faction?”

Many players unaware of the situation thought Fallen Angel was coming to take advantage of the situation. Only a few who were in the knowhow understood Fallen Angel were actually Asskickers United’s reinforcements!

A total of 4,000 flying mounts, half of which were Rank 6. This was a force capable of turning the tide of battle!

Mass hysteria began to spread across the ranks of Angel Corps. They all knew Fallen Angel was their sworn enemy. Once Fallen Angel and Asskickers United joined forces, all that awaited them was complete annihilation!

Boss, enemy reinforcements are arriving!

There are too many of them!

Boss, the Rank 9 Darkwing Dragon is too strong! We can’t stop it!


Soaring Angel’s heart sunk. He said in a low growl,「Everyone, retreat 2,000 meters, and adjust your ranks while we prepare for round two! Reinforcements from the Century Financial Group and Pantheon are almost here. Asskickers United isn’t the only one with allies!

The forces of Angel Corps beat a quick retreat. The main group and off-shoot group looked like two oriental dragons flying through the sky. After retreating far enough, they merged back into one. Even though they were retreating, they still defended their backs, preventing Asskickers United from running all over them. The only exception was the Rank 9 Darkwing Dragon, who they could do nothing about. It tore a large hole out of their ranks, with more than 15 flying mounts dying unders its claws.

Nie Yan shot out web-lines to catch the heads of the flying mounts the Darkwing Dragon ripped off. After extracting their Life Cores, he would throw them away. Like this, he obtained dozens of Life Cores. The darkness attribute ones he fed to the Darkwing Dragon.

The blood-soaked Darkwing Dragon was like a demon god. Wherever it went, blood and entrails rained down from the sky. The enemy flying mounts fled in fear. 

Soaring Angel ordered his guild members to stay as far away from the Darkwing Dragon as possible and focus on killing the rest of the flying mounts from Asskickers United. Only like this could they give themselves the time to think of a method of dealing with the Darkwing Dragon without having to worry about anyone interfering.

Boss, a large group of flying mounts has been spotted to the north! There are 20,000 of them. They’re heading right for Fallen Angel’s forces!」Paladin of the Elegy cried out out after looking at the incoming reports.

Nie Yan knitted his brows. How did Angel Corps get so many flying mounts? Do they have some kind of hidden force we don’t know about? Hmm, no, impossible. Guo Huai would’ve detected it.

Go investigate where they came from!」Nie Yan ordered.

It didn’t take Paladin of the Elegy long to find out.「Watchful Snail got back to us with new information. They’re a joint force between the Century Financial Group and Pantheon. They might seem large, but they’re padding their numbers with all kinds of low Rank flying mounts. Only around 2,000 of them are Rank 6 or higher.」

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. No wonder there were so many of them. It turned out the enemy was padding their numbers! If all 20,000 flying mounts were Rank 5 or higher, Asskickers United and Fallen Angel would be in deep trouble. That kind of force was capable of sweeping through the entire continent!

It looks like they mobilized every single flying mount under them. They’re really staking it all!

Nie Yan brooded for a moment before saying,「Have every guild and branch guild in the alliance send over all their flying mounts! Since Angel Corps is going all out, we will do the same! Let’s have a competition of numbers!

Everyone’s blood started boiling. Since Nie Yan had made his resolve, they would put everything on the line to defeat Angel Corps!

Brothers! To the bitter end! Don’t leave a single one alive!

We won’t leave a single one alive!



The battles cries from Asskickers United rang out like thunder.

Nie Yan’s rallying call was passed down. In several dozen cities and 350+ strongholds across the Viridian Empire as well as Okoron and the 30+ strongholds in the Abernathy Great Grasslands, countless flying mounts took to the sky and set out for the City of Sin. It was like the great Yangtze river, all converging on one spot.

Asskickers United and their five branch guilds only had 16,000 flying mounts altogether. This was because they placed their focus elsewhere. However, Holy Empire, the War God Tribe, and the other allied guilds had placed more focus on acquiring flying mounts. Altogether, they had a force of 30,000 flying mounts. All of them were now flying towards the City of Sin.

This development shook the entire server. The scope of this battle had grown far larger than anyone could have possibly imagined!

At the same time Asskickers United took action, Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group started mobilizing as well. Cao Xu didn’t hesitate to spend an enormous sum of money to hire 60 large gaming organisations to fight on his behalf. That was another 30,000 flying mounts. Combined with the 20,000 already in the City of Sin, that made for over 50,000 in total!

Until now, Asskickers United and Angel Corps had clashed several times, even at the walls of Okoron. None of that was more than feeling out the enemy, though. Today was to be the same. A test of the enemy’s aerial force. However, when things got heated and neither side was willing to back down, it escaped to this degree.

Nie Yan knew this had become a deciding battle in this war. Asskickers United could not afford to lose. He continued slaughtering the Angel Corps flying mounts he encountered while directing the battle on different fronts.

Nie Yan, the enemy is coming out in full force. I didn’t expect the 30 guilds under the Century Financial Group to have so many flying mounts. Be careful,」Guo Huai warned.

Thanks. What about the Kamikaze Drakes? How many do we have ready?」Nie Yan asked. The Kamikaze Drakes were creations of Violet Mist, a secret operation overseen directly by Guo Huai. He estimated they’d spent over 20,000,000 gold on them. They were also one of his aces.

Kamikaze Drakes weren’t actual flying mounts but rather man-made machines. They were one of the Legendary-grade items that could be crafted from Dela’s Magical Device Book.[1] Violet Mist had made great strides in her Tinkering, and could now craft high rank Tinkerer items like this Kamikaze Drakes!

Kamikaze Drakes were about the size of a Rank 5 flying mount. A large amount of Magic Redwood, Arcane Silver, Black Gold, and many other different kinds of rare gems were required to produce them. They were extremely fast, far faster than Rank 6 flying mounts, and required a Level 120 or higher fire Elementalist to operate. While in the air, they could carry up to five kilograms of gunpowder. They could lock onto a target and ram into them at high speed, taking out the enemy kamikaze style.

The explosive force from five kilograms of gunpowder was astonishing, enough to mortally wound even Rank 7 flying mounts.

We have 300 on the way to the City of Sin, with 20 more in the final stages of production. I also told Violet Mist to speed up her production output.

1. Nie Yan obtained Dela’s Magical Device Book way back in Chapter 330 when he stole it from Phantom Princess Ina along with Abak’s Gloves of Sealing.

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