Chapter 907 - Cherubim Grace!

After tossing aside the Vermillion Garuda’s corpse, the Darkwing Dragon pounced over and chomped down on the neck of a nearby Hearthfire Manticore. The Hearthfire Manticore was covered in thick black scales. Among Rank 7 flying mounts, it was considered an extremely powerful existence. However, in the face of the Darkwing Dragon, it was nothing more than a trifling bug.

“GRAOOOW!” the Hearthfire Manticore wailed in pain. It jabbed the Darkwing Dragon with its stinger in a last ditch effort.

KLANG! A light scratch appeared on the Darkwing Dragon’s scales. The Hearthfire Manticore’s attack couldn’t even pierce Darkwing Dragon’s scales.

The difference between Rank 7 and Rank 9 was too great. Only if several dozen Rank 7 flying mounts worked together in perfect harmony, would they stand a chance against the Darkwing Dragon. Anything less simply wasn’t enough to pose a threat to it. 

The Darkwing Dragon dug its claws deep into the Hearthfire Manticore’s body. As the two tangled in the air, it bit down harder and crushed the manticore’s neck before severing it from the rest of the body. Blood sprayed out into the air.

The Darkwing Dragon tossed the Heartfire Manticore’s head into the air before swallowing it in one gulp.

Evil Monarch and the other players from Angel Corps felt their scalps go numb. The five remaining Rank 7 flying mounts tried to flee, but Xie Yao and a few others intercepted them.

Evil Monarch’s flight was surrounded by 18 Rank 6 flying mounts, nine Rank 7 flying mounts, a Rank 8 Immortal Phoenix, and a Rank 9 Darkwing Dragon. Escape was impossible.



Under Xie Yao’s lead, two more Rank 7 flying mounts were slaughtered.

“Grab the Life Cores! Don’t leave a single one!” Bladelight ordered. Rank 7 Life Cores were extremely precious. Naturally, they couldn’t be allowed to fall in the hands of others!

The Life Core within the Hearthfire Manticore’s head was directly swallowed by the Darkwing Dragon. As for the Life Cores of the other three Rank 7 flying mounts, Sun and two others moved lightning quick to retrieve them.

Riding on top of a Vermillion Garuda, Evil Monarch’s face flashed between alarm and anger. It looked like death was inevitable today. The Rank 9 Darkwing Dragon was an invincible existence to them. They’d lost all initiative. There was absolutely nothing they could do to keep it in check!

Boss, we’ve been surrounded. The Rank 9 Darkwing Dragon is too strong. We are powerless!」Evil Monarch said.

When Evil Monarch was on the verge of despair, a group of 600 flying mounts came charging over. They blotted out the sky with sheer numbers. At the very front was a silver dragon. It was Soaring Angel!

Finding four Rank 7 flying mounts missing and Evil Monarch and the remaining three Rank 7 flying mount in imminent danger, Soaring Angel became enraged.

“Nirvana Flame, don’t celebrate too early!” Soaring Angel shouted. “Kill!”


“It’s 600 vs 30! Wipe out Nirvana Flame!”

The battle cries of the 600 players from Angel Corps shook the sky.

“Big Bro, what do we do? They’re with too many. Should we call for reinforcements?” Sun anxiously asked.

“Boss, the Kamikaze Drakes are on their way here. Should we retreat and drag it out until they arrive?” Paladin of the Elegy asked. He had witnessed their destructive power firsthand. The guild had poured in an enormous amount of resources to manufacture them.

Angel Corps had manpower to spare, but Asskickers United didn’t. Their main force was busy tangling with the enemy in front of them and couldn’t break away. Repelling 600 flying mounts with only 30 was impossible. Even though the Rank 9 Darkwing Dragon was powerful, how many could it possibly kill by itself? If every one of them were to be wiped out but the Darkwing Dragon, that really wouldn’t count as much of a victory.

“No need!” Nie Yan faintly smiled. His eyes flashed with a cold light. “Today, we will show the enemy our might! Come on, let’s go!”

Seeing Nie Yan brimming with confidence, Bladelight and the others were dumbstruck. Could it be that Nie Yan had yet another trick up his sleeve beside the Kamikaze Drakes?

Everyone but Nie Yan couldn’t help but feel their faces pale as they stared at the 600 flying mounts quickly drawing closer. If they didn’t leave now, they would be completely surrounded. Who could possibly remain calm in a situation like this?

At this moment, Battle Angel Kalenna appeared next to Nie Yan’s shoulder. She waved her staff and started chanting. A holy aura swept out around her.

Kalenna was casting a spell? Everyone looked toward her and noticed she had undergone a complete transformation. She now had two sets of wings on her back, and her pure, white dress was replaced with shining, silver-white battle armour. She looked dignified and imposing.

A four-winged cherub!

After Kalenna finished chanting two sets of syllables, an enormous pillar of light descended from the sky and fell over them. 

Forbidden Holy Magic—Cherubim Grace!

A powerful energy flowed into the bodies of the 29 Asskickers United flying mounts.

“What’s going on?”

“M-my Azure Dragon is absorbing the energy!”

Nie Yan glanced at the Darkwing Dragon. It was also crazily drawing in the energy as its body rapidly grew in size. Even though this energy belonged to the holy attribute, it was a neutral type that could be absorbed by any living being, including the Darkwing Dragon. It was filled with boundless vitality.

“GRAAAWWR!” the Darkwing Dragon cried out. It nearly tripled in size as its draconic aura surged outwards.

Soaring Angel trembled in alarm.

“W-what’s going on?”

“I don’t know! What a powerful blessing!”

“Sweet mother of god! Look at the Darkwing Dragon! It’s friggin’ kaiju-sized!”

The players from Angel Corps sucked in a breath of cold air. After receiving the Cherubim Grace, the Darkwing Dragon had grown to over 30 meters in size with a wing span of more than 50 meters. It was larger than any boss they’d encountered to date. As for the other flying mounts, they also tripled in size to anywhere between 10–20 meters. 

Facing these enormous flying mounts, the players from Angel Corps gulped. This blessing was so powerful that a Rank 6 flying mount seemed like a Rank 9! They lost all will to fight. If it weren’t for the discipline drilled into them, they would have long since run away.

Evil Monarch and the other two Rank 7 flying mounts in his flight didn’t even have a chance to retreat before they were instantly slaughtered by Nie Yan’s group.

Soaring Angel’s eyes turned red with rage! “All guild members, heed my orders! Today, I, Soaring Angel, declare that I won’t rest until Asskickers United is annihlated! If any of you dare to run, don’t blame me for showing no mercy! Our airships are about to arrive. So, fight until the bitter end! Victory or death! Kill!”

Under Soaring Angel’s threat, the players from Angel Corps didn’t dare to retreat. They charged forward like a surging tide.

“My stats quadrupled! What a powerful blessing!” Bladelight exclaimed. Be it mount or rider, all of their stats had increased by 400%.

“Is this the reward you got from that quest for killing Fallen Angel Brufut?”

“Yeah.” Nie Yan nodded. “I can order Kalenna to cast three spells now, Sword of Judgement, Cherubim Grace, and Sanctuary of Life. However, the cooldowns are relatively long. Sword of Judgement has a cooldown of five days, two days for Cherubim Blessing, and five hours for Sanctuary of Life.”

“Sword of Judgement? You mean that same Forbidden Magic it took Yao Yao and two other Holy Magisters to cast?” Bladelight blurted out in disbelief.

Nie Yan nodded. “Yep, seems like it. I haven’t tried it yet. So, I’m not a hundred percent sure if it’s the same one.”

“If it is, that would be amazing!” Bladelight exclaimed.

“I have a feeling it is! Too bad it has a cooldown of five days, or else we could let Angel Corps have a taste of it right now,” Smoke Stub said. He had no idea how strong the spell would be exactly, but no Forbidden Magic was ever weak. All of Kalenna’s spells had the power to turn the tide of battle. So, they couldn’t be used recklessly. After all, five days was a fairly long time.

The 600 flying mounts from Angel Corps were almost on top of them.

“Suicidal idiots. Guys, it’s about time we took out the trash!” Nie Yan chuckled. The powerful Darkwing Dragon gave him absolute confidence.

“Hehe. This is going to be fun!” Tang Yao grinned.

Their morale was sky-high. With the Darkwing Dragon taking the vanguard, they charged into Angel Corps’ forces.

BOOOM! The Darkwing Dragon collided into six Rank 6 flying mounts at high speed. The sound of miserable cries and bones breaking rang in the air. Its body was harder than any diamond and stronger than any metal. What was left of their bodies dropped down from the skies.

What domineering might!

Soaring Angel felt his scalp tingle. After obtaining the Rank 7 Silverwing Dragon and many other Rank 7 flying mounts, he believed Angel Corps’ aerial force to be invincible. Even in his wildest dreams, he hadn’t entertained the possibility of a Rank 9 Darkwing Dragon ruining his plans.

The Darkwing Dragon tore through the enemy ranks, slaughtering a dozen Rank 6 flying mounts in quick succession.

Seeing Nie Yan and company sweeping through the enemy, morale on the side of Asskickers United soared to new heights. With the Darkwing Dragon, they were unstoppable!

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