Chapter 902 - Wrath of the Water God

The smell of gunpowder was thick in the World’s End Bar. Soaring Angel had riled up the players from Asskickers United with his provocations. However, none of them acted on it. Natural Fiend and Tyrannical reported the situation to Nie Yan, who reminded them not to lay a hand on Soaring Angel.

The consequences were severe for anyone who started a fight in the World’s End Bar. Soaring Angel had come here only to exploit this rule, trying to bait the players from Asskickers United into attacking him. Of course, they wouldn’t just walk right into his trap.

These players were all elites of Asskickers United. They naturally knew how to restrain themselves. 

Soaring Angel continued spewing out insults. Even though the players from Asskickers United were enraged, they feigned ignorance to his presence and chatted amongst themselves.

「These guys have patience. I’ll give them that. What do we do, Boss? Continue with the plan?」Evil Monarch asked.

Soaring Angel pondered for a moment before shaking his head.「Forget it, let’s leave.」

「Just like that?」Evil Monarch sounded somewhat reluctant.

Before coming to the World’s End Bar, Soaring Angel and the other two had agreed on a plan of action. In case their provocations wouldn’t do the trick, there was still a spy they planted among the 900 elites of Asskickers United. The plan was to have them rush out and attack Soaring Angel first, implicating the 19 other players in their team. That would allow Soaring Angel and the others to retaliate freely, triggering an all-out battle in the World’s End Bar. One could imagine the consequences.

However, when it was time to carry out the plan, Soaring Angel hesitated. He had spent quite a lot of effort into helping this spy climb up the ranks of Asskickers United. He wasn’t sure if exposing them was worth it for a bar fight. This was his sole spy among Asskickers United’s elite expedition team! He couldn’t just lose them like that!

Soaring Angel weighed his options. Perhaps it would be a waste to use the spy. After all, if Natural Fiend and the others didn’t fall for the bait, it would be the same as him wasting a chicken to obtain a grain of rice.

After considering the matter deeply, Soaring Angel decided to abandon the plan.

「We’re leaving!」Soaring Angel said.

Evil Monarch and Stone Splitter couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. They had already thrown out the line, only to reel it back in prematurely. However, they quietly accepted it.

“Hey, you bunch of trash. Pass on this message to your boss for me. If he dares to show himself in an hour from now, he should forget about leaving alive!” Stone Splitter said in an overbearing tone.

Natural Fiend and Tyrannical coldly chuckled.

“Big talk from someone who got one-shotted by our boss!” Natural Fiend said.

Soaring Angel left the bar with the other two. He threw one more hesitant glance at the shabby entrance of the World’s End Bar.

“Boss, let’s go back,” Evil Monarch said.

“Station some Thieves around here. If some idiot with a death wish steps out of there alone, kill them. If they come out together, leave them be,” Soaring Angel said.

“Yes sir!” Stone Splitter nodded.

A group of 20 Thieves quickly arrived at the World’s End Bar. They lured outside, ready to pounce at any time.

With the enemy gone for now, the World’s End Bar finally settled down. The infuriated players from Asskickers United were like dormant volcanoes.

“Why hasn’t the boss come back yet!?”

“Damn! The forums are filled with taunts from Angel Corps. I really want to teach them a lesson. Show them who the real trash is!” a player gritted his teeth after browsing the web.

Even though they wished for nothing more than to go at it with the players from Angel Corps, they obediently stayed inside the World’s End Bar, not going anywhere.


Back in the shrine, Nie Yan’s group of 30 gradually chipped away at Fallen Angel Brufut’s health. About 20 minutes later, his health finally fell below 30%. He went berserk.

Brufut’s roars shook the entire shrine as web-like cracks spread across the floor.

“Kalenna, you deluded follower of the light! I, Brufut, curse you to eternal damnation! May the Demon God shroud you in eternal darkness!” Brufut shouted. An ominous, dark energy fell over Kalenna.

“Ahhh!” Small patches of darkness appeared on Kalenna’s snow-white wings and started slowly spreading. 

Nie Yan glanced at Kalenna’s status window. His face paled. He quickly turned to the others and said, “We have to hurry up and kill Brufut quickly, or else we’ll lose this chance. Kalenna was hit with a Dark Ruin curse. If we don’t kill Brufut within 15 minutes, she’ll die.” 

Everyone’s heart trembled. Kalenna was the only reason they could endure Brufut’s berserk attacks for so long. If she were to die, a wipe would be inevitable, let alone the fact that her death was permanent. Without her, who knew how long it would take until they were strong enough to face Brufut again? Defeat was not an option.

“This is it, guys. Even if we have to fight until the last man standing, we will kill Brufut, no matter what!”

The team burned with fighting spirit. They were ready to stake it all!

“Puny ants!” Brufut roared. He slashed out with a fierce sword beam.

“Dodge!” Several Warriors jumped out of the way.

“Divine Bastion Shield!” Bladelight hollered. A golden armoured war god wielding a giant shield appeared in the air above. BOOOOOM! Brufut’s sword and the war god collided.

Before Brufut went berserk, they were already hard pressed to defend against his attacks. Now, his attack power had increased by 60%!

Bladelight was blown away by the shock wave. After skidding across the ground for half-a-dozen meters, he finally regained his balance. He immediately rushed back into the fray.

If it were any other Fighter, they would’ve succumbed to Brufut’s ferocious attacks. Only Bladelight could remain standing and become their greatest defensive line.

“Thunder Dragon Shield!” Bladelight hollered. A dragon roar rang out as blue electricity crackled around his body and transformed into a powerful barrier.

When they killed the Thunder Dragon earlier, it dropped quite a few good items. One was the Level 150 Legendary-grade Thunder Dragon Chestplate, which Bladelight now wore. The other two items were Level 150 Legendary-grade equipment as well, the Thunder Dragon staff and Thunder Dragon Leg Guards.

Besides Bladelight taking the chestplate, Undying Scoundrel got the Thunder Dragon Staff and Smoke Stub the Thunder Dragon Leg Guards. These three items had increased the team’s overall strength considerably. The Thunder Dragon Chestplate in particular greatly boosted Bladelight’s defense. It also came with the supplementary Thunder Dragon Shield skill. If not for this skill, he would’ve probably fallen under Brufut’s berserk attacks by now.

Nie Yan circled behind Brufut and let loose with a tempest of attacks. Tang Yao and the others also ruthlessly bombarded Brufut with magic.

Even though Nie Yan and the others let loose without reserve, Bladelight had managed to use some sort of special skill to hold Brufut’s aggro.

They had the fight under control for the time being!

When Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group entered the dungeon, they were slaughtered by Brufut’s berserk state again and again and again.

Brufut was completely unpredictable in his berserk state. Nie Yan and the others could only try their best to adapt accordingly.

Brufut’s body suddenly ignited with scorching hot flames, which surged out toward the surroundings.

“Crap! It’s the Infernal Sea skill!”

Bladelight immediately buffed himself with five fire-resistance boosting skills. As the scorching hot flames assailed him, a damage value of 20,000 floated up above his head. His heart trembled. He hurriedly downed a Specialist Fire Resistance Potion.

Not only Bladelight, the other team members also drank their Fire Resistance Potions after meeting with the flames.

“Should I use my Divine Avatar skill?” Bladelight asked. Divine Avatar was his only magic immunity skill. It lasted for 80 seconds and had a cooldown of two days.

“Not yet!” Nie Yan knitted his brows. Brufut still had quite a bit of health left. It was best to save this skill until absolutely necessary, lest they be caught helpless during a critical moment.

Brufut became a flaming giant. Wherever he passed, black flames would rage and continue raging. The Mages hurriedly retreated far away. The Warriors had enough health to tank the burn damage, but the Mages wouldn’t last more than a few seconds.

“Turn to ashes!” Brufut roared. He shot out a giant rays of flames from his mouth, incinerating anything in his direct line of sight.

Painted Muslin, Young Seven, and the others had to cast their Heals non-stop to prevent Bladelight and the others from dying.

“Nie Yan, we can’t keep up with the healing! Brufut’s damage is too high!”

If the healing failed to keep up, the frontline would collapse and soon after the casters in the back!

The situation was getting desperate.

“Lustboy, Street Vulture, let’s cast Wrath of the Water God!” Undying Scoundrel anxiously shouted.

Lustboy and Street Vulture’s eyes lit up. The three of them found an empty space and formed a triangle. With their staffs raised high, they chanted cryptic syllable after syllable. The magic energy in the atmosphere fluctuated violently as a giant whirlpool formed outside the shrine. All the water elemental energy within a several dozens kilometer radius was converging at one point.

A Forbidden Magic that required three Magisters to cast together—Wrath of the Water God!

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