Chapter 901 - Rage Bait

Nie Yan’s group had already been in the dungeon for over an hour. Soaring Angel was starting to become nervous. Did they really have a way to kill Fallen Angel Brufut? If Asskickers United obtained the Dragon King Fruit, the consequences would be unimaginable. Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do to interfere. The shrine was a special dungeon. Once a team entered, no one else was allowed in.

Cao Xu also didn’t think Asskickers United had a chance of obtaining the Dragon King Fruit. However, as time passed, he became increasingly uneasy.

“Why hasn’t Black Hawk reported back with any information yet?” Soaring Angel asked in an irritated tone.

“It’s already been an hour. Regardless of whether Asskickers United succeeded or not, we should’ve already heard something back by now,” Stone Splitter agreed. He could sense a change in Soaring Angel’s mood.

Soaring Angel’s team members were all chattering.

“Boss, Black Hawk has an update.”

“Tell him to contact me through voice chat!” Soaring Angel said.


Before long, Black Hawk contacted Soaring Angel.

What’s the situation over there? Did Nirvana Flame’s team defeat Fallen Angel Brufut?」Soaring Angel asked, anxious.

Not yet, but I just saw some people coming out of the graveyard,」Black Hawk replied. 「There were only 11 spirits though, and one of them directly revived before running back to the dungeon.」 

Soaring Angel knitted his brows.「Strange, only 11 returned to the graveyard? Whatever, this is good news. It seems their progress in the dungeon isn’t going great, and they’ve already wiped at least once.

Soaring Angel hoped Nie Yan’s group would wipe a few more times. The more experience and levels they lost, the better.

Soaring Angel turned to Stone Splitter and Evil Monarch. “How about we make a trip to the World’s End Bar?”

Stone Splitter and the others trembled. They understood the meaning behind Soaring Angel’s words. With 900 Asskickers United players holed up in that bar, one could imagine their reactions if Soaring Angel walked in there. Fighting might be forbidden in the bar, but that didn’t mean their hands were completely tied. Stone Splitter coldly chuckled.

Soaring Angel, Stone Splitter, and Evil Monarch headed toward the World’s End Bar.

City of Sin, World’s End Bar.

Kelson was once a famous legendary Mage. However, he quickly lost all his fame when he released several demons in the middle of a war. The elder council caught him, and if it weren’t for Jebiah the Great’s intervention, he would’ve been executed for his crimes. Still, he was banished from the Viridian Empire. Years later, he ended up in World’s Edge and opened a bar.

Kelson strictly forbade fighting in the bar. One player had started a fight once. It didn’t last more than a few seconds before Kelson stepped in. As punishment, the player had to give all his equipment to Kelson and do hard labour in the bar to earn it back. That was the first and only time a player dared to challenge Kelson’s authority.

Among the densely clustered buildings, a large open space about several hundred meters wide was sectioned off. An ancient castle stood in the middle. The stone walls were severely damaged while some sections had completely collapsed. No one knew quite how old this structure was.

The inside of the World’s End Bar looked nothing like the weathered outside. It looked extremely luxurious and was brightly lit. 

Three silhouette appeared outside the World’s End Bar. CREAK! CREAK! They pushed open the wooden door and walked inside.

The bar was packed. There were at least 1,000 people, most of whom belonged to Asskickers United. They sat around tables in groups of 20s and chatted.

“I wonder how the boss is doing right now.” Natural Fiend held up his beer and took a swig. He was starting to get restless. It had already been an hour, but they hadn’t heard anything yet! He didn’t dare to send a message, for fear of disturbing Nie Yan during a critical moment.

Tyrannical faintly smiled. “Lustboy just gave me an update. Everything is progressing smoothly. They wiped just now, but that was according to plan. They successfully killed the dragon Fallen Angel Brufut summoned. Now all that’s left is to kill Brufut.”

Natural Fiend felt a bit more reassured. With Nie Yan leading the team, there probably wouldn’t be a problem. After all, countless powerful bosses had already fallen at his hands. Fallen Angel Brufut would be no different!

As they were happily chatting, several players walked up to them and whispered something in their ears. Natural Fiend and Tyrannical’s faces dropped, then they exchanged a quick glance. Turning their gazes toward the bar entrance, they saw three people walking in. Soaring Angel and Stone Splitter’s faces were instantly recognizable even in the middle of a crowd. As for Evil Monarch, they had heard of him.

The Asskickers United players in the World’s End Bar all focused their attention on Soaring Angel, Stone Splitter, and Evil Monarch. In an instant, the atmosphere became tense. Some gritted their teeth, their eyes filled with hatred. Many among them had died at the hands of Soaring Angel and Stone Splitter before.

Soaring Angel actually dared to come here! Right in the lion’s den! Everyone drew their weapons, ready to jump into battle at the drop of a hat.

“Everyone, stay your hand! This is the World’s End Bar!” Natural Fiend shouted.

His voice immediately shook some sense into the players from Asskickers United. Only then did they recall where they were. If they dared to start a fight here, the consequences would be grave.

Soaring Angel knew this, that was why he walked in so calmly!

Natural Fiend and Tyrannical walked over to the front of the bar. The other Asskickers United players parted ways for them. Nie Yan, Bladelight, and the others were busy in the Fallen Angel Brufut special dungeon. The people with the highest position here were Natural Fiend and Tyrannical.

Soaring Angel swept his eyes over the Asskickers United players and chuckled coldly. “A bunch of trash.”

Soaring Angel’s voice wasn’t loud or quiet, just enough for everyone in the room to hear him. His provocation ignited their anger.

“Damn! Did this guy come here just to run his mouth? He really is asking for a beating! Let’s send him to the grave!”

“Some people are beyond saving. How many more times does the boss have to kick his ass for him to learn his lesson!?”

There were 900 Asskickers United elites in the bar. If they all rushed him at once, Soaring Angel would definitely be killed!

Natural Fiend and Tyrannical stopped in front of Soaring Angel, Stone Splitter, and Evil Monarch.

Natural Fiend, Tyrannical, let’s teach him and his smug face a lesson!


Everyone was expressing their anger in voice chat.

Natural Fiend raised his hand, signaling everyone to calm down. All 900 players went silent.

Soaring Angel raised an eyebrow in surprise. Sure enough, Asskickers United had some ability, at least when it came to disciplining their members. However, now wasn’t the time to admire the opponent.

“Boss, should we take care of these bugs? It’s been a while since my blade tasted blood,” Evil Monarch asked, licking his lips.

Stone Splitter chuckled, revealing his white teeth. “I bet none of these little turtles have the guts to fight us. Hey, you trash, does any of you dare to come outside and go a round with me?” He stared at the players from Asskickers United with a look of disdain.

“Y-you! Don’t think we’re afraid of you!”

“You’re all bark and no bite!”

Stone Splitter’s taunts immediately caused a furious reaction from the Asskickers United players. Many were ready to rush outside.

“Hold it right there! Before the boss comes back, none of you are to leave this bar!” Natural Fiend shouted. He was fairly quiet normally and rarely ever intervened in guild affairs. But once he stepped forward, no one would dare to oppose him.

“Natural Fiend, do you mean to say we’re just going to let them insult us like this!?”

“What did the boss say before he left?” Natural Fiend said in a stern tone, sweeping his eyes over everyone.

Everyone reluctantly sat back down. Nie Yan had instructed them not to set a single foot outside of the bar before he returned. They could disobey anyone. Many elites even dared to disobey the executive guild leader and other higher-ups, but none of them dared to disobey Nie Yan. He was their god.

Natural Fiend nodded in approval. This was proof of Nie Yan’s prestige in Asskickers United. No matter what kind of provocations Soaring Angel threw at them, none of them would leave this bar.

Soaring Angel, Stone Splitter, and Evil Monarch glanced at each other with faint smiles. Time for round two!

Natural Fiend stared at the three and sneered. “No need to waste your breath. As the guild leader of Angel Corps, aren’t you ashamed of provoking nobodies like us? If you were a real man, you would’ve challenged our boss.”

“Nirvana Flame is nothing. I’ll take him on any time!” Soaring Angel coldly chuckled.

“Then there’s no need for you to rush to your death. The boss will come to collect your dog life. Don’t think we can’t do anything to you just because you have the Wings of Sorens. You’re nothing but a monkey with wings!”

The Asskickers United players broke out in laughter. Soaring Angel’s face paled with anger. However, no matter what he said right now, it would be drowned out by the laughter.

“Boss, no need to stoop down to their level!” Stone Splitter turned to Natural Fiend and said coldly, “Tell Nirvana Flame, in an hour from now, our aerial battle in the City of Sin will start. Only one side will come out of this alive! We’ll be waiting, spineless turtles.”

“We’ll be there, don’t worry. We’ll have you eat your words then,” Natural Fiend fired back. 

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