Chapter 880 - Insane Plan

It took Nie Yan 10 minutes to locate the Violet Eye Dragon roaming through the forest. It was hunting for food, several lion-like creatures its prey. They were spooked by the sudden appearance of the predator and fled in panic.

Nie Yan carefully observed the scene, counting seven lions in total. Despite being near the top of the food chain, they were no different from meek rabbits in front of the Violet Eye Dragon.

The Violet Eye Dragon quickly locked onto the lions. It opened its maw and chanted an incantation in dragon tongue, summoning earth spikes which directly skewered two of the lions. Immediately after, bolts of lightning came crashing down from the sky and struck three more lions. They were all burnt to a crisp.

Holding a lion’s corpse in place with its talons, the Violet Eye Dragon tore off a chunk of meat. It was the ruler of this area. No other creature could challenge it.

Sensing something, the Violet Eye Dragon looked at a patch of distant trees. Failing to spot anything, it continued devouring its meal.

Nie Yan breathed a sigh of relief, his body hidden behind a tree. The violet eyes of the Violet Eye Dragon were as pure as crystal and could pierce through most objects.

After double-checking to make sure the Violet Eye Dragon was preoccupied with the lion, Nie Yan entered stealth and cautiously approached it from behind. Slowly but surely, the gap between them shortened until only 10 meters separated them.

Nie Yan held his breath, his eyes locked on the giant monster’s back.

The Violet Eye Dragon appeared to notice him and snorted out a hot breath of air, annoyed by the disruption.

Just as the Violet Eye Dragon turned around, Nie Yan launched himself forward. His body blurred as he summoned his shadow clone and split into two.

“GROAAH!” The Violet Eye Dragon opened its mouth and blasted scorching hot flames in Nie Yan’s direction.

Nie Yan and the shadow clone both activated Gale Step at the same time.

The Violet Eye Dragon searched for Nie Yan. Seeing a silhouette flash in front of it, it immediately cast a spell. The ground beneath the silhouette split apart as a giant rock pillar dropped down from the sky. 

BOOOM! The silhouette disappeared, as if it were never there in the first place. The Violet Eye Dragon’s expression flashed with confusion. With its low intelligence it couldn’t possibly comprehend what happened. It looked around vigilantly, concluding that perhaps the enemy was gone.

The shadow clone had attacked from one side, now dead to the Violet Eye Dragon, while Nie Yan came at it from the other side, plunging Zennarde’s Sword deep into its back.

Only Zennarde’s Sword could pierce through the Violet Eye Dragon’s scales!

PSSFHT! Blood splattered everywhere.

Nie Yan pulled out Zennarde’s Sword as blood gushed out from the wound like a fountain. He hurriedly fetched an empty vial to collect it.

“GRAAAOGH!” the Violet Eye Dragon roared out in pain, shaking the entire forest. When it turned around to pounce on the enemy, they were already gone. It stomped around in pain, searching for Nie Yan who had already left with an Unknown Transfer Scroll.

The Violet Eye Dragon didn’t know spatial magic. So, it could only search around, confused for the second time by a sudden disappearance.

Somewhere 1,000 meters away from the Violet Eye Dragon, Nie Yan reappeared. His head was spinning, his body moving uncontrollably. More than once he felt the sharp pain of running head first into a tree. About 20 seconds later, he gradually regained control of himself.

When Nie Yan had crushed the Unknown Transfer Scroll, he had been hit by the Violet Eye Dragon’s mind magic. He had had no time to activate Mind Immune. The cast speed of a Level 200 Variant Lord was truly terrifying.

Three hulking savages in the vicinity were eyeing Nie Yan. They were ordinary Level 180 monsters.

Nie Yan hurriedly activated Extreme Deterrence. The savages stared at him with vigilance, though eventually backed away.

Nie Yan looked at the vial in his hand, filled to the brim with Violet Eye Dragon blood.

Nie Yan contacted Silvery Night and informed him of his coordinates, ordering him to hurry over. Silvery Night didn’t need to be told twice. He arrived no five minutes later.

“I’ve got the dragon blood. Have someone deliver it to the main branch of the Starry Night Potion Shop.” Nie Yan handed over the vial to Silvery Night. Now all he had to do was wait for Bird and the others to report back with the results.

“Alright. I’ll get to it immediately!” Silvery Night said. He had a Thief teleport back to Calore with the dragon blood using a Return Scroll.

The Sage Alchemists would at least require a week to create the new potion. Until then, Nie Yan planned to do some levelling, or perhaps do another quest.

“Boss, even if it works, the potion will at most knock out the Violet Eye Dragon for a few short minutes, maybe only 90 seconds if we’re unlucky. There’s no way we can kill it in that short amount of time. When it comes to, we will all be dead,” Silvery Night voiced his doubts. Even if there was a potion that could affect a Level 200 Variant Lord, they still would lack the damage to kill it. So, why go through all this unnecessary trouble?

“Who said we’re going to kill the Violet Eye Dragon?” Nie Yan chuckled.

“Huh, then what are we going to do?” Silvery Night asked. The dots connected in his head. “W-wait, Boss, don’t tell me you’re planning to capture it!?”

“Good plan, right?” Nie Yan laughed.

Silvery Night dropped his jaw in shock. Nie Yan was planning to make a Violet Eye Dragon his pet? That was a Level 200 Variant Lord! Silvery Night felt his head spin. This was absolutely ridiculous!

“Boss, do you really believe it’s possible?”

“Why not? As long as they’re not too intelligent, most monsters can become pets through beast taming.”

“Yes, but the level gap is way too big. There’s no way it’ll succeed!”

“So we keep them locked away and slowly work on taming them. When our levels are a bit higher, they’ll make for great pets,” Nie Yan said.

This seemed possible. Even though Silvery Night still had his doubts, he quickly dispelled them. All he needed to do was listen to the boss’ orders. In terms of experience, he couldn’t compare to Nie Yan. He thought for a bit. It wasn’t like there weren’t others in Conviction who were more skilled than Nie Yan. However, no one had yet managed to beat him. The reason was multi-faceted. One aspect was that none of them were as crazy as he was. Where he would fearlessly take on the most dangerous task, coming up with the craziest ideas to overcome the biggest hurdles, others would often instead take a step back. In Conviction which was filled with unlimited possibilities, this was also a sort of unrivalled talent. 

In the past, Nie Yan could only use the Crawler Ring, Leaper Ring, Silk Spinner Ring, and other Special Items to pull some clever tricks. These items had helped him defeat one powerful boss after another, overcoming one tall obstacle after another, and contributing to his never ending legend. However, he was no longer limited to these few items. He now had an army of Alchemists, Tinkerers, Enchanters, Engineers, and other artisans as well as the manpower of Asskickers United at his beck and call. He could do even crazier things than before!

Nie Yan contacted Guo Huai via voice chat.「Help me get in touch with all our guild’s Sage Tinkerers, Enchanters, and Engineers.」 

Sure, how urgent is it?」Guo Huai asked. He had no idea what Nie Yan wanted to do that would require so much manpower.

The faster, the better.

Alright, I’ll get to it right away.

If Nie Yan could turn these Level 200 Variant Lord-class Violet Eye Dragons into his pets, they would be a strategic power in their war with Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group. Wars in Conviction were just like reality. Apart from the standard ground forces, powerful super weapons were also required. Only by combining these two could you achieve victory! Why else would he go out of his way to collect something like Empress Finas’ Occult Talisman?

Nie Yan had no idea if his plan would succeed. However, he was already imagining what the faces of his enemies would look like if Asskickers United summoned several powerful pets like the Violet Eye Dragon. At this stage of the game, Level 200 Variant Lords were terrifying existences not to be trifled with.

Before long, Asskickers United’s artistans started stirring. Many Sage-rank artisans hurriedly assembled in Asskickers United’s headquarters in Okoron. They patiently waited in the conference hall. Even though they had no idea what Guo Huai gathered them together for, they could sense it was something special.

There were 24 people present in the conference hall, all Sage-rank artisans: 13 Tinkerers, three Enchanters, and eight Engineers. Tinkerer and Engineer were relatively easy professions to progress in. So, there were more Sages among them. Sage-rank Enchanters were rarer in comparison.

“I wonder what the executive guild leader called us for.”

“Violet Mist, do you know?”

Violet Mist shook her head. “I don’t know either.”


Everyone was chatting with each other. All Guo Huai had told them was to drop whatever they were doing and hurry over to the guild headquarters in Okoron.

Nie Yan left Silvery Night and his team in charge of monitoring the Violet Eye Dragons. He teleported back to Okoron with Instant Transmission, his silhouette appearing out of nowhere in the guild headquarters. He headed toward the special conference hall.

Nie Yan appeared at the entrance of the conference hall. The Sage artisans’ faces went blank.

“It’s the boss!”

“The boss is here!”

Nie Yan’s appearance left them shocked. They all stopped their idle chatter and instead faced him with serious expressions. They felt a slight pressure weighing on their hearts. After all, this was the big boss.

So Nie Yan had called for them. They couldn’t help but wonder what he wanted them for.

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