Chapter 876 - Legendary Dragonbane

Nie Yan kept numerous items most players would consider useless. However, under the right circumstances, they could have a crucial impact.

The Crawler Ring and Silk Spinner Ring were two such examples. Only after players saw Nie Yan use them, did their popularity spike. Since these rings were quite rare, there was nowhere near enough of them to meet demand. Whenever one came up for auction, a bidding frenzy would erupt, with the final price often breaching 10,000 gold.

None of the people in the room understood why Nie Yan would want such a strange potion. Even the creator himself, the old pervert, was taken aback. However, Nie Yan already had a clear plan in mind for this potion.

Alchemy had many different branches. Only by comprehending one of them could an Alchemist advance to a Sage and create their own brand new potions. In other words, each of these Sages was a specialist in their own field, their potions a representation of that.

The Alchemists showed off their creations, one by one. There were many different kinds with their own unique uses.

Nie Yan accepted a total of 10 potions. Most of the Alchemists had already shown off their potions. The only one left was Quiet Nannan. Everyone looked at him expectantly.

“I guess we did save the best for last,” someone teased.

Quiet Nannan chuckled evilly. He took out five potions from his bag and displayed them on the table.

“Damn. Five new potions in such a short time! You really are a freak!”

“What kind of potions are these?”

“Stop acting so mysterious. Tell us already!”

“Even if the boss wastes a little time here, I guarantee it’ll be worth it. I’ll give everyone a nice surprise.” Quiet Nannan picked one bottle up. “This is a new creation of mine. After drinking it, your attack power will increase by 20% and your aggro generation by 30%. It’s ideal for Fighters, but it can also be used by Thieves.”

Nie Yan nodded. This potion really was great for Warriors pulling aggro. The 20% increase in attack power was pretty decent too, only further enhancing their aggro generation ability.

Nie Yan accepted this potion and rewarded Quiet Nannan with 5,000 gold.

Quiet Nannan showed off the next three potions. The first was a potent poison, the second a night vision potion, and the third a holy blessing potion. They pretty much did as their names suggested.

There was only one potion left. Everyone’s gaze fell on the bottle, expectations running high.

This potion was as black as the night. Yet the liquid sparkled and radiated an enchanting radiance.

“What kind of potion is this?”

“I haven’t named it yet,” Quiet Nannan replied, his expression turning serious.

“Why not?”

Quiet Nannan shrugged his shoulders. “Because I haven’t thought of a suitable name yet.”

“It sure looks pretty unique. What does it do?”

The enchanting glow the potion gave off drew everyone’s full attention.

One Alchemist walked over and tried to pick up the potion, only to have his hand slapped away by Quiet Nannan. “Don’t touch it!”

“Huh, why?” the Alchemist asked. He only wanted to take a closer look and see what it was made of.

“Because I concocted it by mixing Noxious Mandara, Corpsemaker, Mordor Nightshade Extract, Blight Dragon’s Saliva, and 10 other highly potent poisons together. And th—”

“What!? Impossible!”

“That can not be possible!”

The Sage Alchemists called Quiet Nannan’s claims into question.

“Every poison has unique properties. If you were to mix them together, rather than increasing the toxicity, they’ll clash with each other. At best, it’ll create a poison with a weaker potency. At worst, you’d blow up this entire building,” Bird said. He’d done his research.

Quiet Nannan shook his head with a mysterious smile. “You’re all wrong. While I was studying poisons, I made a discovery. The Noxious Mandara and Corpsemaker are compatible. They can eliminate the volatile effects of the Blight Dragon’s Saliva. It’s similar with the other poisons. This gave me a new understanding. Poisons also have their own set of rules, just that we don’t know them yet. It’s like how there are different elemental energies. Some oppose each other while others engender each other. Under certain circumstances, they can counteract each other, and given the right conditions, they can come together in perfect harmony.”

The Sage Alchemists sank into deep thought. This was a new revelation. It was like a window had been opened in their hearts. Their previous understandings of poisons had been flipped upside down.

“Get to the point. Just how strong is this poison?” Nie Yan asked. He wasn’t too interested in the theoretics of Alchemy.

“I’m not really sure. I’d say it’s at least fives times more potent than the next strongest poison. Its corrosiveness can easily melt any armour. It can instantly kill an enemy if their poison resistance isn’t high enough. Furthermore, it can cause blindness, full body paralysis, internal bleeding, and several more negative side effects. After I first created this poison, the system determined it was of Legendary-grade. Sadly, the difficulty of concocting it is pretty high, and the materials are all rare, so I was only able to make two bottles,” Quiet Nannan said. This creation was the culmination of all his hard work and research into poisons. It was his greatest achievement. No other poison could compare with it.

Everyone sucked in a cold breath of air. As fellow Alchemists, they understood just how difficult it was to make a poison of this level. This was definitely an epoch-marking concoction, worthy of being recorded down in the annals of alchemy.

Nie Yan shot a glance at this black poison. He couldn’t help but be flabbergasted. For this poison to have such heinous effects, it was truly shocking.

“You said you haven’t named it yet, right?” Nie Yan asked.

“Mhm.” Quiet Nannan nodded.

“How about we call it Dragonbane?” Nie Yan suggested. He was being a bit playful. The only reason he suggested that name was because he was about to go to the Dragon’s Den to steal a dragon egg.


“I mean, it is capable of killing dragons, right?”

“Dragonbane it is,” Quiet Nannan said. The names he came up with before didn’t really fit, and they weren’t too easy to remember either. Nie Yan’s suggestion did fit, so he agreed.

Quiet Nannan took a small sticker and put it on the bottle, then grabbed a pen from a workbench and wrote: ‘Dragonbane’.

“There’s only two bottles?” Nie Yan asked.

“Yeah. Just for these two, I burned through the guild’s entire stock of three different, rare medicinal plants,” Quiet Nannan said, scratching his head in embarrassment.

“As long as the result is this good, I’ll provide you with as many medicinal plants as you need.” Nie Yan chuckled. Even though there were only two bottles, it would do for now. Poisons were different from regular potions. Most potions were one time use consumables, but poisons could be used one drip at a time. A single bottle of Dragonbane could be used up to five times. All he had to do was coat a bit of it onto his dagger. These two bottles would last him a long time.

Quiet Nannan’s successful creation of the Dragonbane poison allowed the other Alchemists to view Alchemy from a different point of view. With their new insights, they were itching to get back to work.

“Today’s results exceeded my expectations. Apart from the 20,000 gold reward, I’ve decided to give Quiet Nannan another 30,000 gold for the Dragonbane. Any objections?” Nie Yan asked.

Everyone shook their head. They smiled and congratulated Quiet Nannan. He had undoubtedly earned Nie Yan’s recognition, as had the others to a lesser degree. Working under such a boss was truly great.

Nie Yan chatted with everyone for a bit, including a quick chat with Bird about the financial affairs. It would be pretty difficult for the Starry Night Potion Shop to grow any larger. Their daily profits had stabilized. On good days, they would pull in 9,000,000 gold. On bad days, it wouldn’t dip below 7,000,000.

The amount of income the Starry Night Potion Shop made every day was hard to imagine. However, all of it was quickly used. Apart from supporting Asskickers United’s daily expenses, Nie Yan reinvested a large portion into the market to swallow up items that had high appreciation potential.

Bird had opened up two warehouses just for these items, both of them filled to the brim with everything you could imagine. The items stored in there were bought at a low price, and would be sold when their value reached its peak. They would make a killing on them, somewhere in the several hundred million gold.

Asskickers United storing items worth such a large amount of gold was no big deal. Nie Yan still had 50,000,000 gold sitting in his personal account. He would take out a portion and exchange them for real world credits, then transfer it over to his father’s account. World Bloc was rapidly expanding. So, they needed the capital.

Nie Yan eventually left the Starry Night Potion Shop after a quick goodbye, stuffing the new potions in his bag. He traveled to the outskirts of Calore and summoned his Darkwing Dragon. It was about time he paid a visit to the Dragon’s Den in the Fate River.

Nie Yan took out a Darkness Life Core from his bag and tossed it to the Darkwing Dragon. It ate the Life Core like it was eating beans.

Nie Yan had already lost count of how many Darkness Life Cores the Darkwing Dragon had eaten. To ordinary players, these Life Core were each worth a small fortune, but the Darkwing Dragon was munching on them like every day snacks. Even though it showed no signs of breaking through to Rank 9, he could tell it was growing stronger bit by bit.

Nie Yan took out a Dragon Core from his bag. It had already been a long time since the Darkwing Dragon had eaten one. It was about time to feed it a second one.

Even though a Dragon Core wasn’t enough to allow the Darkwing Dragon to break through to Rank 9, it was enough to give it a significant boost in strength.

After Nie Yan took out the Dragon Core, the Darkwing Dragon repeatedly glanced back at him and let out begging cries. It was drooling from its mouth.

Nie Yan chuckled and tossed the Dragon Core to the Darkwing Dragon.

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