Chapter 852 - Patience

Nie Yan glanced at his character window and was happy to find the several more slots for pets and flying mounts. Apart from this, the Dragon King’s Divine Might skill appeared to be related to some kind of special quest. Even though the description for the skill was only a few short lines, he could glean several clues. 

A follow-up quest related to Zennarde’s Sword. Nie Yan’s interest was piqued.

Zennarde’s Sword was already a godly weapon through and through with its power out on full display. Even Nie Yan was shaken by its worldshaking properties.

Nie Yan lightly brandished Zennarde’s Sword. A powerful, flaming sword beam shot out of the blade. BOOM! It carved a six-meter long scar into the ground.

Nie Yan felt as though he could engulf the world in flames with this sword.

The Doom Sentinels advanced dauntlessly. Nie Yan followed from behind. Even after killing so many corpses, there were still ever more.

“Annihilation Slash!” Nie Yan took several steps forward and slashed out with Zennarde’s Sword.

10 flaming azure swords appeared in the air, merging into a single enormous sword before cleaving down on the ground. BOOOOM! Corpses were sent flying everywhere while those caught in the direct line of fire were instantly disintegrated into ash. Everything in a five by 50-meter area in front of Nie Yan was swept clean, leaving an enormous scar on the ground.

What destructive power!

Nie Yan sucked in a cold breath of air. Annihilation Slash’s damage was even more frightening than before!

Nie Yan put Zennarde’s Sword away. Unless he had no other choice, he would no longer use it in front of people. This was now his ultimate trump card!

Looking at the coordinates, at his current speed, it would take him too long to reach the portal. He needed to pick up the pace!

While Nie Yan was making his way through an ocean of corpses, Angel Corps intensified their offensive on Asskickers United. They’d started with probing attacks. When Nie Yan didn’t appear, they were convinced he was stuck in some sort of quest. Fearlessly, they became even more unbridled.

Asskickers United had successfully repelled all of Angel Corps’ attacks so far. Even though they lost a few strongholds, they launched their own counterattacks and razed a few of Angel Corps’ strongholds to the ground as well. So, the two sides were pretty much even.

What gave Asskickers United the greatest headache was still Half-Demon Angud. He had slaughtered over 20,000 guild members and destroyed six strongholds. The financial losses that came with this were immense.

Worst of all, even Asskickers United’s most powerful force wasn’t a match for Angud. They could only patiently endure and try their best to minimize losses.

Boss, Angud just wiped out one of our expedition teams in Kranmor Marsh. More than 3,000 guild members were killed. What are we going to do? We can’t just keep sitting back,」Undying Scoundrel anxiously asked. He had requested to take action several times already, only to be refused by Nie Yan.

I know how you’re feeling right now, but please wait for me to get back,」Nie Yan said. Asskickers United’s elite team was no match for a Level 180 Demonified Lord like Angud.

Boss, if we don’t do anything soon, the people below us will start complaining. So many of our own have been wiped out. It’s not going to look good if the elite team keeps sitting still,」Bladelight said. He was fairly level-headed.

How many Masters do we have now?

Around 60,」Paladin of the Elegy replied. This was a splendid achievement. Guilds like Angel Corps didn’t even have half as many Masters.

Nie Yan rubbed his chin.「If we mobilize all our elites, perhaps we’d stand half a chance. But we’d suffer disastrous losses, to say nothing of Angel Corps eyeing us from the sidelines like prey. The risk of them interfering is simply too great. I’ve clashed with Angud before. I know how strong he is. Trust me when I say we’re not his match.

Then what are we supposed to do?

I have a feeling that Angud has someone supplying him information. He always knows where to be to deal the most damage.

I think so too. It’s way too coincidental.

Nie Yan immediately thought of Pantheon. Up until now, they never faced off against Asskickers United directly, but many incidents had traces of their handiwork behind them.

I’ll think of a way. Just wait for my return, and absolutely do not engage Angud!」Nie Yan said. He had an idea. As for whether or not it would work, he wouldn’t know until he tried. But first, he had to get out of this ancient battlefield.


Nie Yan hung up the call, then sent Plenty a message. He wanted Fallen Angel to keep a close eye on Pantheon and stop them from pulling anything funny.

Nie Yan glanced at Zennarde’s Sword in his bag. When he got out of this place, it was high time he paid back Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group for all their troubles!

Nie Yan plowed through the sea of corpses like an icebreaker. Another day passed. He stepped out of the game capsule.

It was a brand new day. Since the villa was located fairly remote, the air here was quite clean. A cool breeze blew in through the open window. The climate in this region of China was great all year around.

Xie Yao came walking out of the kitchen, looking lovely as ever. Wearing only an apron, she radiated all sorts of sex appeal.

Nie Yan felt a gentle warmth in his heart. He preferred this kind of peaceful and happy life.

What a relaxing and beautiful morning!

“Breakfast is ready.” Xie Yao smiled, revealing her cute dimples.

Nie Yan was instantly enamored. After spending all his time in the game advancing through an endless horde of corpses, her angelic-like smile was like medicine for his heart.

“Thanks.” Nie Yan nodded, snapping out of his daze.

Finding Nie Yan appear absent-minded, Xie Yao walked up to him and placed her hand over his forehead. “Are you feeling alright?”

“Seeing you, I feel great.” Nie Yan chuckled. “That quest in the game really has me losing my mind, though.”

Xie Yao giggled. Nie Yan started to recount all his experiences in the Plain of Death. When he reached the part about Zennarde’s Sword, she couldn’t help but ask, “Wait! You’ve fully unsealed Zennarde’s Sword!?” Even in its sealed state, Zennarde’s Sword was far better than any other weapon in the game. She couldn’t begin to imagine what it looked like now.

Nie Yan shared Zennarde’s Sword’s new properties with her, including the Dragon King’s Divine Might skill. He chuckled. “I should snag a few dragon pets, or else the skill will go to waste.”

“Dragon pets are pretty hard to find. So far, our guild only has nine dragons, seven of which were quest pets that automatically bound to the player,” Xie Yao said. With Zennarde’s Sword’s final seal removed, Nie Yan would only be more powerful, more invincible. He had probably reached the highest peak inside the game.

“It’s fine. I can take my time,” Nie Yan said. He had already reached his goal. He wouldn’t worry about finding any dragon pets for now. “How about you? How many pieces are you away from completing your set?”

Xie Yao was one of Asskickers United’s powerhouses. Needless to say, she had an enormous impact in wars. If she could complete the Legendary-grade Saintess Christina Set, it would be much easier dealing with Angel Corps.

“I’m only a single piece away,” Xie Yao replied. “But getting it has been a huge pain in the neck. I’ve already died three times trying to get it.” A slight annoyance sounded through in her voice.

Even Mages had their limits in certain situations. Lacking the survivability of a Thief, it was fairly easy for them to die.

“When we finish dealing with Angud, I’ll help you get the last piece,” Nie Yan said.

“Sounds good to me. But are you confident in dealing with Angud? He’s a Level 180 Demonified Lord after all.” Xie Yao gazed into Nie Yan’s eyes. Even though few things could trouble Nie Yan, Angud was simply too strong.

“I can’t say I’m 100% confident, but I’m pretty sure my plan will work,” Nie Yan said. He could only rely on his luck.

Nie Yan was never one to run head first into perilous situations; he would only move if he had some level of confidence. Even though Xie Yao was curious as to what he would do to resolve this situation, she didn’t continue asking.

After finishing breakfast, Xie Yao changed into a fleece sweater and went on a morning walk with Nie Yan. The skin tight sweater accentuated her flawless curves. As for her pants, she chose to wear jeans. Even though she was dressed pretty casually, she was still extremely charming. Nie Yan couldn’t pull his eyes away from her. While they were walking around the neighbourhood, passersby couldn’t help but glance over.

In the middle of the walk, Nie Yan’s phone rang. The caller was Bayonet. After the whole situation with Liu Tianshi, Nie Yan had given him some time off to relax. He had no idea where that guy went off on holiday to. Liu Tianshi’s death had caused the Liu Family and the Monet Financial Group to have a complete falling out, with several large clashes breaking out and both sides suffering losses. Both were powerful hegemons. They wouldn’t budge for the other, not even a little.

How are you enjoying your time off?」Nie Yan chuckled.

I just started to enjoy myself, but it looks like I’ll have to come back soon,」Bayonet replied.

Nie Yan didn’t miss the hidden meaning in Bayonet’s words.What happened?

After the Liu Family and Monet Financial Group had several clashes, they suddenly calmed down. The situation has become more complicated. They likely sensed something off and are investigating the real cause of Liu Tianshi and Qin Han’s deaths.

Are you saying they’ll track it back to us?」Nie Yan’s heart turned cold. Be it the Liu Family or the Monet Financial Group, both were opponents that couldn’t be looked down on.

I can’t say for sure. Liu Tianshi and Qin Han have many enemies. They won’t necessarily trace it back to us. But we’ll still have to take some precautions,」Bayonet said.

Nie Yan realized the gravity of the situation. Thankfully, they had done everything in secret. As long as Wang Duo and the others didn’t leak anything out, the Liu Family and Monet Financial Group wouldn’t uncover the truth.

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