Chapter 851 - Holy Spirit Heart!

Even though Nie Yan had encountered some mishaps, finding the treasure went smoother than expected. Divine Power and another Sacred Object, what more could he ask for?

Nie Yan was just about to leave, when the whole statue started shaking violently.

Something was wrong!

Chunks of rock plummeted to the ground as a loud groaning sound reverberated around the room. The statue was collapsing! Cracks spread across the crystalline walls and the floor split apart.

Unknown Transfer Scrolls and other teleportation items couldn’t be used here!

Nie Yan sprinted forward and leaped out of the staff from a hole in the crystalline wall. The sight that entered his eyes left him gaping in shock.

The corpses of the fallen soldiers in the Plains of Death had been reanimated. They were crawling up from the ground. 

The Ancient Battlefield Portal has opened. Coordinates: 375.285.293823. The portal closes in 20 days.

Nie Yan glanced at the coordinates. The portal was at least a day’s travel away at normal speed. However, that was assuming there were no undead blocking his path!

Slaughtering his way through them would be incredibly difficult!

Glancing at his skill bar, Nie Yan found that all his summoning skills had been sealed, except for the two skills from Lich King Insar’s Ring. The ring was the heart of this world. So, it couldn’t be restricted!

Beckon Doom and Soul Bind would have to do!

Just as Nie Yan was about to plunge into the sea of corpses, he activated a Glacial Freeze Scroll. A thick layer of frost swept out, turning every corpse in a 10-meter radius into an ice sculpture.


Nie Yan landed gently on the ground.

Beckon Doom! 

A powerful dark energy surged out of Lich King Insar’s Ring as three enormous Doom Sentinels appeared before Nie Yan. They were six-meter-tall giant skeletons clad in spiked black armour, with bone wings growing from their back. Their enormous greatswords overflowed with frightening power in spite of their corroded appearance.

The three Doom Sentinels brandished their greatswords and charged into the sea of corpses. Even though they were completely surrounded, they were like iron towers, firmly holding their ground.

Nie Yan gazed around. He saw corpses as far as his eye could see, stretching far off into the horizon. Their eyes were lifeless, and many had bodies that were badly mangled. However, none of this stopped them. They were mindless puppets.

This was a truly frightening number of skeletons!

The Doom Sentinels cleaved through the sea of corpses, as Nie Yan expected. It was what happened afterwards that left him gawking in shock. The fallen corpses melted into wisps of black smoke and became his dark servants.

The effects of Soul Bind!

His 4-man army soon doubled to eight, 16, 32… With a skill like this, there was nothing to worry about. Nie Yan could definitely reach the portal within 20 days!

The Doom Sentinels stormed forward, slaughtering hundreds of corpses. 200, 500, 1,000… Nie Yan’s army kept growing in size. Soon, there were more undead than he could handle. He took charge over a small portion of these dark servants, while giving a general command to the rest. Kill the enemy!

This ancient battlefield turned chaotic once more. Nie Yan took out a fire magic scroll. A shower of fireballs rained down from the sky and killed over 200 corpses. After which they were transformed into his dark servants.

This world felt like a sandbox. Nie Yan started truly understanding how powerful Lich King Insar had once been.

As the scope of the battle expanded, Nie Yan’s experience bar started slowly filling up. Given the vast amount of experience he needed to level up, this was a welcome surprise.

Not only his experience bar, but the progress bar for the Holy Spirit Heart was also starting to fill up, albeit still a slow crawl.

Seeing the Holy Spirit Heart filling up, Nie Yan picked up the pace and started slaughtering more and more corpses.

On the first day, Nie Yan’s army counted 2,000 undead. On the second day, it grew to over 8,000. On the third day, it broke past 30,000. Their area of operation covered a 10-kilometer radius. It started to remind him somewhat of Qin Han’s skeleton army.

On the fifth day, as Nie Yan continued pressing forward toward the portal, a notification popped up.

You have obtained a Holy Spirit Heart.

Nie Yan struggled to control his excitement. For the sake of obtaining the Holy Spirit Heart, he had spent almost two years killing who knew how many creatures of darkness. All combined, the kill count was definitely over 3,000,000! And now, a new heart beat in his chest. He’d finally reached his goal! How could he not be moved!?

After obtaining the Holy Spirit Heart, Nie Yan immediately thought of Zennarde’s Sword. The last seal was finally broken!

Nie Yan flicked his hand, swapping out the Bloody Dagger for Zennarde’s Sword. A dazzling light immediately enveloped the surroundings before slowly fading.

Zennarde’s Sword burned fiercely. The flames gradually changed colour from black to a deep azure, the heat nearly scorching Nie Yan’s hand.

The corpses around Nie Yan retreated in fear, staring at the sword in his hand.

The last seal was removed from this godly weapon. Its true strength was finally revealed!

Nie Yan’s heart raced in his chest. He couldn’t help but wonder what Zennarde’s Sword was like now. He impatiently examined it. 

Zennarde’s Sword (Divine)

Description: A godly weapon created by Kallander and imbued with the dark magic power of Dragon King Zennarde. Failing to subdue the evil energy within Zennarde’s Sword will result in a fatal backlash.

Properties: Attack 7,560–9,827, Critical +750, 35% chance to deal 1,500% Critical Damage, Ignore Level +95, Ignore Armour

Hell Execution (Rank 18): Chance to instantly execute an enemy when their health falls below 30%. Success rate is determined by level difference and enemy defense. Energy Cost: 20. Cooldown: 2 seconds.

Advanced Apocalyptic Extinction: Inflict the enemy with five types of Curses: Rank 18 Exhaustion, Rank 18 Cripple, Rank 18 Disease, Rank 18 Fear, and Rank 18 Corrode. Duration: 15 minutes. Cooldown: 1 hour.

Annihilation Slash (Rank 18): Channel your energy into an enormous sword of dark fire and annihilate all enemies in your path. Deals 5,000% damage to all enemies in a five by 50 meter area in front of you. Cooldown: 1 day.

Dragon King’s Divine Might: You can own up to three dragon pets and two dragon flying mounts. All dragon pets and flying mounts will receive +30% to all stats and dragon pets also have their loyalty permanently maxed out. By comprehending the strength of Zennarde, you have obtained Divine Power. It will guide you to the secret treasure of the dragon race.

Restrictions: None

-Creator: Kallander

All the skills had seen an upgrade, and the almost 10,000 attack power had Nie Yan going crazy with excitement. The new Dragon King’s Divine Might property was also extremely shocking. He could have up to three dragon pets and two dragon flying mounts. Not to mention, they would all have permanently maxed out loyalty and receive a 30% bonus to all their stats. He couldn’t wait to try the new and improved Zennarde’s Sword out in combat.

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