Chapter 831 - Traversing the Underworld Passage

Nirvana Flame!

Black Pupil turned around and ran. He didn’t even dare to look back, his heart nearly racing out of his chest, terrified of what might come next. He didn’t expect to be discovered at a distance of over 100 meters away. What frightening senses! Enough to make any Thief puke blood. Only after he’d already ran over two kilometers, did he realize that Nirvana Flame didn’t give chase.

Black Pupil had been expecting a blade to cut him down at any moment, but he escaped! Perhaps the other party didn’t even view him as worth the effort.

Nirvana Flame was truly mad, but he had the ability to back it up.

“Boss, what happened?” Messy asked.

“It’s Nirvana Flame,” Black Pupil said with a dejected sigh.

“What!? It’s really him?”

“Did you two fight?”

“Think about it. If we had, I’d already be a cold corpse on the ground. That guy is even scarier than the rumours described!” Black Pupil said in a grave tone. It was only the briefest interaction, but the sharp killing intent from Nie Yan’s eyes still gave him chills.

“Really? No way, really?” Messy said doubtfully. They were all well aware of Black Pupil’s skill. He ranked in the top five among all the players in the Evil Faction. As a Soulweaver, if he wanted to escape, there was no one that could catch him, not even Nirvana Flame!

Black Pupil shook his head. “You’ll understand what I mean if you ever come across him.”

“So, what do we do? Do we keep tailing him?”

“Of course. Pass on the news to the Blood Reaver Corps. Nirvana Flame is heading to the underworld. Since they suffered a crushing defeat at his hands not too long ago, they’ll probably want revenge. This is the perfect opportunity. Besides that, others will be interested in the Death God’s Edge in his possession,” Black Pupil said after thinking for a while. No matter how strong Nirvana Flame was, he was only one man.

Before long, the news of Nie Yan heading to the underworld solo circulated around among the big names of the Evil Faction. Nie Yan had no idea that before he even arrived in the underworld, a huge net was already set for him. This information was kept confidential among only a small circle of people. So, Guo Huai’s intelligence didn’t pick anything up.

When the Blood Reaver Corps passed on this information to the Century Financial Group, Cao Xu was overjoyed. With Nie Yan making the trek alone, this was the perfect opportunity to assassinate him. He quickly mobilized his connections in the underworld. They would be ready for his arrival.

Nie Yan was different from Cao Xu in the sense that he liked to go solo. Only on rare occasions where he had no other choice would he join a team. Even though he had the support of World Bloc behind him, he had never once touched the company’s funds for personal use. In fact, it was quite the opposite, with him frequently lending support to the company. Often times he was no different from a solo player. Meanwhile, Cao Xu didn’t hesitate to make use of the Century Financial Group’s resources, not batting an eye at the money he was spending. If Nie Yan made use of World Bloc’s capital, he could definitely go head-to-head with Cao Xu already. However, he had his own principles and refused to rely on World Bloc’s finances. He would rather take on all the risks himself, letting Cao Xu waste time and important resources trying to kill him, Even though this kind of expenditure was nothing more than a drop in the ocean for a leviathan like the Century Financial Group, every little bit added up.

Information about Nie Yan being in possession of Paternoster's Warhammer and the Death God’s Edge spread like wildfire. This stirred up the hearts of the players from the Evil Faction even more. If Nie Yan died, two Sacred Objects would drop. This drove them mad with greed.

Nie Yan entered the underground passage. He sped through the winding tunnels like a gust of wind.

Five players were tailing Nie Yan. The casters waved their staffs, blinking forward constantly in an attempt to keep up. As for the Slayer and Thief, they kept up from behind at a steady pace.

After running for about two minutes, Black Pupil asked the Dark Zealot, “Camel, how far ahead is he?”

“About 500 meters. We can’t keep up with his speed!”

Two minutes later.

“He’s already more than 1,000 meters away,” the Dark Zealot said after checking his quest window.

Three minutes later.

“How much now?”

“Over 3,000 meters.”

“Shit, what kind of insane speed is this!? He keeps pulling farther ahead! He’s at least two times faster than us!”

After giving chase for a few more minutes, the five players finally gave up. They glanced at each other while panting for breath. No words were needed to know how they were feeling right now. 

“Forget it. Let’s give up for now. We’ll confirm his location again after we get back to the underworld,” Black Pupil said with a sigh. He had been thoroughly demoralized by Nie Yan’s speed.


Monsters respawned at a frightening pace in this underground passage. Ordinary players would have to take at least a day and a half to get through here, but Nie Yan only needed two hours! This was because he had bypassed all the monsters.

Thanks to his high Night Vision, Nie Yan could see clearly in the underworld, as though he were still walking on the surface.

“The underworld! I’m back again!” Nie Yan exclaimed. He put another mark down outside the underworld entrance of the passage. Like this, he would no longer need to rely on the Dark Portal to travel here.

At this moment, Nie Yan’s voice chat started ringing. The caller was Guo Huai. He picked up, wondering what it was about.

Nie Yan, quickly return to the surface!

Huh, why? Did something happen with the guild?

No, not the guild! You! The Death God’s Edge exposes your position! Who knows how many people in the Evil Faction are already waiting for you! The Blood Reaver Corps is for sure. A few other guilds are also aiming for you. I heard even the Century Financial Group is busy creating trouble for you,」Guo Huai warned. He had just received the news.

From Guo Huai’s perspective, this was a calamity. However, what caught him off guard was that Nie Yan didn’t seem perturbed at all. 

Nie Yan lightly chuckled.「It’s fine. Let them come. I was getting bored anyway.」 

After hearing Nie Yan’s words, Guo Huai blanked for a moment. He couldn’t help but wryly smile to himself. Hearing that every expert in the Evil Faction was making a move, he had completely forgotten who they were moving against. The undefeated legend, the Mad Rogue whose name instilled fear in all, Nirvana Flame! With the Tyrant Abak Set, he couldn’t think of anyone that could take down Nie Yan. Plus, since the person in question himself was brimming with confidence, what did he have to worry about?

All the experts in the Evil Faction are coming for me, huh? I hope a few of them will actually have some ability! Nie Yan’s eyes flickered with a cold light. He wondered if he would get to face the apex experts of the underworld from the previous timeline. He licked his lips in anticipation. Challenging the strong was truly exhilarating.

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