Chapter 821 - Playing Dirty

Every time Phantom Princess Ina lashed out with her tentacles, dozens of players would go flying. She was slowly making her way towards the heart of Okoron.

Everywhere Phantom Princess Ina went, buildings would collapse into ruins.

If Phantom Princess Ina was allowed to continue her rampage, Nie Yan couldn’t imagine the damage she’d do to Okoron.

Nie Yan leaped down from a tower. Landing on a tarp roof, he bounced off and pounced toward Phantom Princess Ina. The blades of the Bloody Dagger and Slaughter Edge flashed with a dazzling crimson light.

Even though Zennarde’s Sword was more powerful than either of these two daggers individually, the set bonuses of the Tyrant Abak Set were simply too good. So, Nie Yan favoured the Bloody Dagger and Slaughter Edge for the time being. Perhaps after he removed the last seal from Zennarde’s Sword, unlocking its full might, he would reconsider.

Let’s test out the Tyrant Abak Set!

Phantom Princess Ina immediately sensed Nie Yan’s presence. A tentacle came slamming towards him.

Nie Yan’s dagger drew a crimson arc through the air. PUFF! The tentacle was sliced cleanly off and dropped to the ground.

“GYAAAAH!” Phantom Princess Ina wailed out in pain. Her tentacle wriggled on the ground like some kind of snake before melting into a puddle of black water. Soon, a new tentacle sprouted out from where the old one was cut off. 


The onlookers were dumbstruck. What was this damage!? Their attacks couldn’t even reach double digits, but that cloaked player actually dealt over 30,000 damage in a single blow! Who could they be?

“It’s the boss! He’s here!”

The players from Asskickers United quickly recognized Nie Yan. They immediately broke out into cheers.

Keep attacking. Don’t slow down!」Nie Yan ordered in the guild chat.

You got it, Boss!

Nie Yan’s appearance invigorated the fighting spirits of the guild members. Though their damage was minimal, they continued shooting at Phantom Princess Ina with magic and arrows.

The non guild members all glanced at each other. So that was Nirvana Flame! No wonder the damage was so high! Was this all thanks to the Tyrant Abak Set? How frightening!

The stat bonuses from the Tyrant Abak Set allowed Nie Yan to completely disregard Phantom Princess Ina’s defense and armour break her. He could also ignore the 30 level difference between them. Every attack dealt full damage.

Phantom Princess Ina’s aggro immediately shifted to Nie Yan. She slammed down with all her tentacles. BAM! BAM! BAM! Players were sent flying left and right. However, Nie Yan was simply too fast as he nimbly dodged around. None of her attacks could touch a single hair on his body,

After donning the Tyrant Abak Set, Nie Yan’s movement speed directly broke past 3,000. He was already pushing the limits of speed. 

After evading the onslaught of attacks, Nie Yan shot forward and let loose with a flurry of attacks. Backbreaker! Assassinate! Reverse Grip Backstab! The three skills came one after another in quick succession. His attack speed was simply astonishing.


A string of damage values floated up above Phantom Princess Ina’s head.

Everyone forgot for a moment they were on a battlefield. They stood still in shock as they sucked in a cold breath of air. What terrifying critical damage! Was he still human!?

“GYAAAAH!” Phantom Princess Ina screeched out in fury. She slammed down with her tentacles, but before her attacks could even reach the ground, Nie Yan’s silhouette blurred. BAM! BAM! BAM! He evaded all her attacks.

Tentacles came slamming down one after the other. They were incredibly fast and destructive, with the next coming down before the first even hit the ground. Corpses piled up around her. Eventually, no one dared to approach her anymore. As the corpses despawned, only one player walked this otherwise deserted area—Nie Yan.

Nie Yan evaded everything while retaliating against Phantom Princess Ina with a whirlwind of attacks.

“The boss is so strong! He makes it look so easy!”

“Of course he does! He’s the boss!”

The onlookers chatted in a lively fashion. Nie Yan looked like he was having no trouble at all dealing with Phantom Princess Ina. The players couldn’t help but sigh in admiration. If it were them facing such a powerful boss, they would’ve died 10 times over by now. 

With Nie Yan drawing Phantom Princess Ina’s attention, everyone else could attack her without worry. Even though they dealt almost no damage, given how many of them there were along with the supporting fire from the arrow towers and turrets, it all added up.

It took them half-an-hour to bring Phantom Princess Ina’s health down by 10%.

“GHYAAAAAAAH!” Phantom Princess Ina suddenly let out a blood curdling screech as a powerful sound wave swept out into the surroundings.

A mind attack! Nie Yan hurriedly activated Mind Immune!


Nie Yan had reacted in a timely manner. However, the rest of the players in the battle weren’t so lucky. After getting struck by the sound wave, it was like they were hit by an AoE spell. Almost as if they were stalks of wheat in a field, they had their lives reaped en masse. At least 6,000 players died.

Phantom Princess Ina furiously pursued Nie Yan. Several dozen tendrils shot out toward him from different angles.

Gale Step! Nie Yan escaped the tendrils and fled away.

 Phantom Princess Ina chased after him, ramming through three buildings in her way. 

Soon, another crowd of players came rushing over.

After evading an attack, Nie Yan leaped into the air and spun around like a topspin with the Bloody Dagger and Slaughter Edge. PUFF! PUFF! He sliced off two tentacles, which quickly grew back.

This was too difficult!

Phantom Princess Ina was completely overwhelming the players in Okoron. Such a formidable boss! For Nie Yan to last this long against her was nothing short of a miracle. However, relying on him to solo a Level 180 Demonified Lord was a bit unrealistic. They could only try their best to dogpile her to death!

Players were dying in droves. Piles of corpses reached meters high as rivers of blood flowed down the streets. Most who died quickly ran back to their corpses to revive and jumped right back into the battle. There were also another 1,000,000 players on standby, ready to step forward at any time. A large portion of them were solo players.

News of Okoron being attacked by a Level 180 Demonified Lord quickly spread. A livestream of the battle was posted online. Even though many people were shocked by the might of Phantom Princess Ina, they were even more taken aback by the scale of the battle. Over 1,000,000 players advancing dauntlessly with no regard for their lives. They were like ants swarming a larger enemy. This was the rallying power of Asskickers United!

Many people willingly lend their strength to Asskickers United. As for why, no one really knew. Perhaps they were friends of players in Asskickers United. After all, the guild counted only experts. Players who’d grown strong and along the way made numerous friends. It wasn’t all that surprising they could rally together so many.

Apart from the shocking scale of the battle, the battle prowess Nie Yan displayed also kept people wide-eyed and speechless. He was simply inhuman!

No one knew how long it would take for this battle to conclude. All the major powers were paying close attention to the situation in Okoron. Soaring Angel and Cao Xu were even personally watching the livestream. Okoron being attacked by a Level 180 Demonified Lord was a great piece of news for them. However, even though Phantom Princess Ina’s health was falling very slowly, it was still falling. Seeing this, they became restless and started making some movements in the background.

Phantom Princess Ina was hot on Nie Yan’s heels. She cast all sorts of spells, like Quagmire and Lethargy, in an attempt to trap him. He relied on his unrivalled speed to evade all these attacks, creating the opportunity for the other players to attack her.

“Fuck! This boss is way too overpowered!”

“Are you dumb or something? Of course she is! That’s a Level 180 Demonified Lord! A while back, me and my friends got together and formed a 20-man team. Our average level was over 90. So, when we encountered a Level 60 Demonified Lord, we thought it would be a piece of cake. In the end, we were completely wiped out. A Level 60 Demonified Lord is already that strong! Do I need to say more!?”

The battle raged on as time ticked away.

While Nie Yan was dealing with Phantom Princess Ina, a group of 80 players infiltrated Okoron. They didn’t wear any guild emblems. Their equipment was pretty decent, and none of them was below Level 130.

These were some of the experts on Cao Xu’s payroll. They rarely ever showed themselves in public. So, very few if any players would recognize them. After receiving a mission from Cao Xu, they arrived in Okoron. All of them had sworn their undying loyalty to him. Not affiliated with any guilds, they reported to him directly and only mobilized under his command.

The leader of this group was a 30-year-old Elementalist in fiery robes called Foxfire Magic.

“The boss said if we complete this mission, we’ll receive a bonus 10 times our usual pay. So, give it your all. If I catch any of you slacking, don’t blame me for being ruthless,” Foxfire Magic said.


Foxfire Magic’s team passed through the sea of players and approached the center of the battlefield. As Phantom Princess Ina’s enormous frame came into view, their faces paled. Seeing her in person or on video was completely different. For Nie Yan to last this long against her was simply inconceivable.

Under Phantom Princess Ina’s pursuit, Nie Yan rapidly retreated. He brandished the Bloody Dagger and Slaughter Edge and repeatedly sliced off her tentacles. Seeing a shower of flames raining down on him, he hurriedly escaped with Shadow Waltz. Then, he pulled out his Cavalry Crossbow, swung around, and fired a volley of bolts.

Nie Yan was caught in a dead end. After leading Phantom Princess Ina to a nearby street, he discovered the place was filled with a large crowd of players.

“GET OUT OF THE WAY! NOW!” Nie Yan shouted at the top of his lungs. However, there were simply too many people gathered here. There was no way they could disperse in time.

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