Chapter 815 - Lunatic

The bodyguards lay collapsed on the ground, groaning in pain. This was the first time Liu Tianshi suffered such humiliation. No matter how tyrannical and cruel he was in the past, no one ever dared to touch him. Yet now, if Bayonet hadn’t told Wang Duo to stop, he would’ve likely been beaten to death!

12th Mech Armoured Corps, Liu Tianshi immediately etched this name into his heart. His eyes flickered with rancor and venom. Just some special forces brawn, he refused to believe these people were untouchable!

Nie Yan stood back up. His injuries weren’t anything serious. He gazed at Liu Tianshi who was still huddled up and Qin Han who had been knocked out. He knew those two wouldn’t take this incident lying down. If he let them off today, they would go high and low to exact revenge on him. Qin Han was easier to deal with. After all, the Monet Financial Group’s influence was concentrated in South America. However, Liu Tianshi was different. His background was more complicated. If he utilized it, World Bloc would be in serious trouble.

Nie Yan walked over to Liu Tianshi, only stopping two steps away from him. His expression was cold and tranquil.

Liu Tianshi grew nervous. His back was already up against the wall. There was nowhere else to retreat.

“N-nie Yan, you can’t kill me! If you do, World Bloc will be finished for sure. No one will be able to protect you!” Liu Tianshi shouted frantically. This was the only leverage he had. When Bayonet stopped Wang Duo earlier from killing him, he had figured out Nie Yan’s weakness.

Nie Yan snorted. “You know what? That just makes me more curious. If I kill you right here, right now, will World Bloc really be as doomed as you say?”

After seeing the look in Nie Yan’s eyes, Liu Tianshi knew he wasn’t joking. “Y-you… You fucking lunatic!”

“How are you going to deal with them?” Bayonet asked. “If you want to remove the threat at its root, let me know. Three days is all I need to exterminate his entire family.”

This was the first time Bayonet took the initiative. He was usually the quiet guy standing off to the side. Strangers might mistake him for a cold and standoffish kind of guy. Only now did he reveal his true colours, the ruthlessness mercenary. The number of people he had killed had already exceeded the tens of thousands. His hands were stained in blood. The number of high rank government officials that died at his hands also wasn’t few.

“Y-you’re all mad! A bunch of lunatics!” Liu Tianshi finally realized what kind of people he had provoked. Perhaps they might really do something so crazy!

Bayonet shot a glance at Liu Tianshi and chuckled. “Don’t forget. A day without a kill is a day I haven’t done my job.”

Nie Yan’s hand twitched. He forgot this was reality, and he wasn’t holding Zennarde’s Sword.

Bayonet gazed at Nie Yan, patiently waiting for his answer.

“Kill him. Whether we kill him or let him go, the outcome will be the same. Either he or his family will come and seek revenge. With him dead, we at least get some justice for Tang Yao. Don’t leave a single person alive. I want this place swept clean. We’ll deal with the consequences later!” Nie Yan said before turning to leave.

Up until now, Liu Tianshi still held a trace of hope. He believed Nie Yan wouldn’t dare to kill him. So, when he heard these words, his heart instantly sank to the pit of his stomach.

“N-nie Yan, don’t kill me! P-please forgive me. I beg you! Let me live. I swear to the heavens I won’t ever try to look for revenge!” Liu Tianshi lunged forward and hugged onto Nie Yan’s leg. His usual haughtiness had left him completely, as his body clamped onto his only lifeline. If Nie Yan didn’t change have a change of heart, he would die!

Liu Tianshi no longer had any doubts that Nie Yan would kill him. 

“Alright. Wang Duo, you all help tie these guys up. Leave the rest to me and quickly get out of here. Don’t let this affect your futures,” Bayonet said. Killing several dozen people was just another day at the office for him.

“What are you saying, Instructor Bayonet? Give the word, and we’ll easily take care of this bunch of trash!” Wang Duo said. None of them were strangers to blood and death.

Liu Tianshi’s face was covered in snot, tears, and blood. His heart was filled with fear as death quickly approached him.

“Scram!” Nie Yan sent Liu Tianshi flying with a kick. After taking a few steps towards the door, Liu Tianshi crawled back over like a dog and latched onto Nie Yan’s other leg, refusing to let go.

“N-nie Yan, p-please… please...! I—hikk, don’t want to die. I swear on my life, I’ll behave. I’ll listen to whatever you say! If you tell me to go south, I swear I’ll go south!” Liu Tianshi cried.

“Oh really? Fine. Your words. The first thing I want you to do is to kill him!” Nie Yan pointed at Qin Han laying on the floor. He wasn’t a maniac who relished in murder. However, Liu Tianshi and Qin Han had already pushed him over the edge. He had to retaliate. If he let his heart go soft, the consequences would be grave. For the sake of protecting himself and his loved ones, he had no choice but to steel his heart. This was the only way to survive. When Qin Han and Liu Tianshi decided to take his life, they had to be prepared to lose theirs as well!

“W-what?” Liu Tianshi blurted out in a daze.

“You heard me. Kill Qin Han,” Nie Yan repeated. He had Bayonet throw Liu Tianshi a dagger.

Klang! The dagger fell on the ground in front of Liu Tianshi.

Liu Tianshi’s hand trembled as he picked up the dagger. He looked over at Qin Han. The two met eyes. His gaze gradually grew gloomy. This was his only lifeline; his friend’s life for his own. It was every man for himself! The strong devour the weak!

“You idiot! Don’t do it! He’s trying to make us kill each other!” Qin Han cried out. His heart trembled after seeing the sinister look in Liu Tianshi’s eyes.

“Brother, I’m sorry, If you were in my shoes, I know you would do the same. Please forgive me.” Liu Tianshi gripped the dagger and pounced on Qin Han.

Never in his wildest dreams did Qin Han imagine he would die at the hands of Liu Tianshi. 

Nie Yan wanted to look away, but he steeled himself and recorded everything down on his phone.

Liu Tianshi pulled out the dagger which was dripping with blood. Looking at Qin Han’s lifeless eyes still staring at him, he dropped the dagger in fright. He turned to Nie Yan. “W-will you let me go now?”

“Not yet,” Nie Yan indifferently said. He turned to Bayonet. “Do you have anything useful I can use?”

“What do you mean?”

“Something that can take his life at a moment of my convenience,” Nie Yan said. Liu Tianshi couldn’t be released just like that. He needed some additional insurance.

After hearing the exchange between Nie Yan and Bayonet, Liu Tianshi couldn’t help but shudder in fear. These two were devils! Just what were they planning to do to him!?

Bayonet held out an object between his two fingers. “Microbomb. It can be implanted into a person’s flesh, and is completely invisible to all forms of detection. It has the explosive power equivalent to five kilograms of TNT. Even better, it can’t be removed. Any tampering will immediately cause it to detonate.

“I’ll leave the rest to you. After implanting the bomb, you can let him go,” Nie Yan said. Looking around the room, he felt slight discomfort. 30 or so bodyguards just doing their jobs, he really didn’t wish to kill people if he didn’t have to. After reincarnating, he started believing in karma. If he dirtied his hands with too much blood, it might really come back to bite him one day. Sometimes, however, a person would have no choice but to do something they didn’t want to do.

Nie Yan turned around and headed outside. He and several others brought Tang Yao away and lifted him up into the car.

“Thanks, you guys can leave,” Nie Yan said. The car couldn’t fit too many people.

“Xie Yao, you drive. Bring us to the nearest hospital,” Nie Yan said. Tang Yao’s injuries were far from reassuring. From his shallow medical knowledge, if Tang Yao’s condition started deteriorating, he could administer some first aid.

Xie Yao nodded. She hopped into the driver's seat and sped off in the Thrawn.

On the road, Tang Yao slowly regained consciousness. However, he was extremely weak. Even lifting his hand was incredibly difficult. Seeing Nie Yan, he broke out into a stupid grin. “How come it’s you? I must be hallucinating...” His voice was incredibly shaky, and his lips were pale. These were all signs of excessive blood loss.

“You lost a lot of blood, my brother. I’m sure you feel exhausted. Just hold on a bit longer. You’ll be fine once we reach the hospital,” Nie Yan said.

“Hah? So I’m not hallucinating… That bastard Qin Han wanted me to reveal the locations and real life identities of every member in the guild. But I never gave them up. Those sons of bitches really were ruthless. Hey, tell me if I still have my arms and legs.” Tang Yao struggled to raise his head.

After hearing Tang Yao’s words, Nie Yan couldn’t help but chuckle. At the same time, his heart ached deeply. The situation was different from the previous timeline. Liu Tianshi didn’t try to kill Tang Yao over a girl but rather in order to get information out of him. Fortunately, Tang Yao wasn’t willing to budge.

“Don’t worry. You still have your limbs. Just take it easy and rest,” Nie Yan reassured with a smile. Tang Yao might’ve suffered some serious injuries, but in this lifetime, Nie Yan had arrived in time and his brother would survive! A slight smile formed on his face.

“That’s good. I hate surgery.” Tang Yao breathed a sigh of relief and laid back down.

The Thrawn drove into the hospital, and Tang Yao was rushed into the emergency room.

After a while, Nie Yan received an update from Bayonet. The 30 bodyguards had been dealt with. He had cured Liu Tianshi of the poison and implanted him with the microbomb and a tracker before letting him go.

“Is it really impossible to extract that microbomb?” Nie Yan asked. If it truly couldn’t be removed, they could control Liu Tianshi. However, if Liu Tianshi managed to remove it, things would become a bit troublesome.

“I’ve never seen someone successfully extract a microbomb. But, I suppose anything is possible. I think letting him go is something we might come to regret. Worst comes to worst, I can take care of him. If I go after him, he won’t make it to nightfall,” Bayonet said.

Nie Yan shook his head. “Too many people know about Wang Duo and the others entering the Temple of Heaven bar. If Liu Tianshi is killed, they’ll be the prime suspects. We’ll have to let him be for now.”

“What are we going to do? Qin Han is dead. The Monet Financial Group definitely won’t sit still,” Bayonet worriedly asked. The Monet Financial Group’s heir was killed. Even if their influence didn’t reach overseas, they would still send hitmen after them. Having to always look over your shoulder, it’d be troublesome.

“Don’t worry. I have a plan.” Nie Yan mysteriously smiled.

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