Chapter 814 - Bar Brawl

Nie Yan gazed at Tang Yao on the floor. Blood oozed from his body. If he didn’t get treatment soon, he would die. Nie Yan gritted his teeth and walked over.

“How much is that bastard Nie Yan paying you? I’ll double it!” Liu Tianshi shouted with a gloomy look. This was his first time being threatened.

Bayonet coldly chuckled. “Sounds tempting. I’m afraid you might go back on your word, though. Mind depositing the money into my account first?”

Liu Tianshi sneered. Bayonet’s voice was practically dripping with sarcasm. He suddenly turned to Nie Yan and indifferently said, “I dare you to try and kill me. Don’t think it will just end with your death. I’ll make World Bloc disappear too. That old fart Mo Yuntian won’t be able to do anything to protect you.”

Nie Yan’s heart stiffened. He had no doubt in his mind that the power behind Liu Tianshi had the ability. World Bloc was his weakness. If this matter ended up affecting his parents, he would never find forgiveness from himself. However, he was already past the point of no return. There was no shrinking back now.

“You can try.” Nie Yan shot Liu Tianshi an icy glare.

Liu Tianshi was at a loss for words. He didn’t actually dare to gamble with his life.

Liu Tianshi had many people on his side. They stood on standby, waiting for his orders. Until then, they wouldn’t move. The situation entered a deadlock.

Listening to the exchange between Liu Tianshi and Nie Yan, Bayonet learned Liu Tianshi’s background was enough to disregard Mo Yuntian. No matter what happened next, murder was off the table. If he killed either of Liu Tianshi or Qin Han, World Bloc might end up being destroyed. This definitely wasn’t an outcome Nie Yan was willing to see.

Nie Yan crouched down next to Tang Yao. He had seven stab wounds across his body as well as many bruises and burn marks. Rage filled Nie Yan’s heart. Liu Tianshi had provoked him first. He would definitely pay back this debt. 

Nie Yan ripped off a piece of cloth from his shirt and hurriedly bandaged up Tang Yao to stop the bleeding.

Still unconscious, Tang Yao occasionally mumbled a few words. “Bastards… kill me if you dare…”

Looking at Tang Yao’s condition, Nie Yan felt his heart ache. He called up Xie Yao.

Her anxious voice sounded from the other side of the line no second later.「Nie Yan, are you okay? I’ve already asked daddy to send some people over. They’ll be here soon!

That's good. Tell them to come in and take Tang Yao away. He’s badly injured. You should stay outside.

Nie Yan, what’s going? Are you really going to be okay!?」Xie Yao asked. She was on the verge of bursting out into tears.

Don’t worry. I’m fine,」Nie Yan gently reassured.

As Nie Yan looked up from Tang Yao, he saw a red dot pointed at the back of Bayonet’s head. If he were shot, that would be it. There would be no time to react.

“Bayonet, watch your back!” Nie Yan shouted. He looked toward the source of the red dot. In the washroom eight meters away, a person in black pulled the trigger of his gun.

Bayonet quickly dodged. BANG! The bullet still struck his shoulder. Blood flew up in the air.

As he was struck, Bayonet threw out two metal toothpicks. PSHFT! PSHFT! Both Liu Tianshi and Qin Han were struck. The two cried out in pain and held their necks. They couldn’t react in time. The two toothpicks pierced their throats. Luckily for them, Bayonet hadn’t aimed for any vital points.

Bayonet didn't kill Liu Tianshi and Qin Han! In this brief moment of hesitation, he missed the most opportune moment to kill them!

When Bayonet was shot, three others pounced on him in a pincer attack.

Bayonet met the enemy head-on. He had his knee stomped and kneeled on the ground. In the blink of an eye, he had three weapons pointed at his neck. BAM! One of the guards struck him in the back of the neck. His vision started spinning.

Six other people in the room pointed their guns at Nie Yan. If he dared to move, they would fill his body with lead.

Nie Yan normally wouldn’t give up so easily. However, Tang Yao was quickly bleeding out on the ground. If he tried to do anything, it would mean the death of his closest friend!

A big burly bodyguard walked up to Nie Yan and threw a punch. BAM! Nie Yan was sent flying and crashed into the ground. He felt his consciousness slip. He struggled to get back up. The world around him was turning and twisting. Sensing someone approaching him, he tried to move, only to have his face stepped on.

Nie Yan felt like his skull was being crushed.

Liu Tianshi held his neck and walked up to Bayonet. BAM! He planted his foot into Bayonet’s abdomen, causing Bayonet to bow over.

“You bastard! No one has ever dared to touch me before. You’re the first. I’ll have you flayed alive!” Liu Tianshi icily said.

“I dare you to try. Think carefully about the situation you’re in.” Bayonet coldly chuckled while clutching his stomach. 

“You bastard! Still talking back!” Liu Tianshi was about to kick Bayonet again, only to be stopped by Qin Han.

“W-wait! Listen to him!” Qin Han said. He felt his head spinning. Although he had lost a little bit of blood, it was nowhere near enough to make him feel dizzy. Something was fishy!

“Hehe, looks like your lackey is the brain, Pinky. You should be feeling it too now, right? Your head getting dizzy. A headache coming on. It’s a new strain of the RE-X. It’ll slowly make its way up to your brain. In less than half-an-hour, you’ll be clawing your scalp and digging your brains out. The pain will only get worse. If you don’t kill yourself, the poison will in three days. RE-X has over 30,000 different strains. The one spreading through your body right now is a personal concoction of mine. It’ll take at least a week for you to come up with an antidote. By then, your parents will have already held your funeral,” Bayonet said.

Liu Tianshi and Qin Han broke out in a cold sweat. They had heard of RE-X before. Never did they imagine that Bayonet would have such a vicious poison in his possession. Bayonet was a mercenary and hitman who frequently killed people. He naturally had some trump cards up his sleeve. Being in possession of this kind of poison was nothing strange.

“You fucker!” Liu Tianshi cursed out in a rage, about to throw another kick. However, spotting the venomous glare in Bayonet’s eyes, he stopped half-way.

When Liu Tianshi was hesitating on what to do, the door to the VIP room swung open. Several dozen people rushed in.

“Instructor Nie Yan! Instructor Bayonet!” Wang Duo, Lin Yi, and the others’ visions went red after seeing Nie Yan and Bayonet collapsed on the ground.

“Fuck! Kill these bastards! Leave none of them alive!”


Wang Duo, Lin Yi, and the others were like tigers descending from the mountain. They pounced on the black-suited bodyguards. A few of them also rushed toward Qin Han and Liu Tianshi.

A huge brawl broke out in the room. Wang Duo, Lin Yi, and the others were trained by Bayonet. Nie Yan had also passed down some of his own insights to them. They had grown tremendously, to the extent that no one could match them in the entire military. Even though a few of Liu Tianshi’s bodyguards were fairly skilled, they were no match for them.

Finding Nie Yan and Bayonet injured on the ground, Wang Duo, Lin Yi, and the rest erupted with anger. They went all out and didn’t pull their punches in the slightest. The bodyguards cried out in pain and dropped like flies as they were immediately overwhelmed.

Liu Tianshi and Qin Han were dumbstruck. They had no idea where these newcomers had come from. Seeing several rushing up to them, they immediately raised their hands to resist.

BAM! Wang Duo struck Liu Tianshi squarely in the face and knocked him off his feet. He showed no mercy and used every last ounce of strength in his body. He didn’t care what sort of background Liu Tianshi had. Watching Liu Tianshi slump on the floor, he started violently kicking him.

Liu Tianshi screamed out bloody murder. He curled up his body and covered his head. “S-stop hitting me! S-stop! Let me go! Y-you bastards! I won’t forgive you! My father is Lui Guocheng…!”

Wang Duo paused for a slight moment. He had heard of Liu Guocheng before. This was someone from above who held a lot of influence. However, he immediately continued kicking. Liu Tianshi’s father might be powerful, but they were from different sections. If Liu Guocheng wanted to take action against him, he would have to jump through all sorts of hoops, collect evidence, and go through due process. Even if he did all that, being court-martialed for something like this was still extremely unlikely, especially since justice was on his side.

“Bitch, even if God himself came, he couldn’t stop me. Listen up, you little shit! I’m Wang Duo of the 12th Mech Armoured Corps. If you have the guts, come for me! I’ll be waiting. I dare you, run to your daddy and cry!” Wang Duo cursed, then continued giving Liu Tianshi a ruthless thrashing.

“I’m Lin Yi of the 12th Mech Armoured Corps. If you have the guts, find me some trouble!” 

“I’m Guo Feng of the 12th Mech Armoured Corps. I’ll be ready and waiting any time!”


Liu Tianshi’s face was covered in tears, snot, and blood. A fear welled up from deep within his heart. Was this it? Was this how he was going to die? This was the first time he encountered people who weren’t afraid of his background. He no longer had anything to rely on.

“Wang Duo, don’t kill him.” Bayonet clutched his stomach and sat up.

“Understood, Instructor Bayonet!”

Only after beating Liu Tianshi and Qin Han black and blue did Wang Duo, Lin Yi, and the others stop. One of the bodyguards tried to get back up, only to be sent flying with a kick to the side.

Wang Duo, Lin Yi, and the others helped Bayonet, Nie Yan, and Tang Yao up. 

“How is your friend now? Is he stable?”

“Yeah, but he’s lost a lot of blood,” Nie Yan said as he worriedly stared at Tang Yao. You better not die on me! Just hold on a little longer.

Wang Duo took out some medicine and redid Tang Yao’s bandages. “This is a special medicine given to wounded soldiers in the special forces. It should be effective.”

 Liu Tianshi was shriveled up in a corner of the room. After being beaten within an inch of his life, his face was deathly pale with fear.

“Don’t think this is over. If you dare to touch Instructor Nie Yan and Instructor Bayonet again, you won’t escape with your dog life next time!” Wang Duo coldly glared.

Liu Tianshi trembled in fear. The arrogant and brash attitude from before was nowhere to be found. He was born with a silver spoon. His life was one of open doors and zero hardships. Finding himself face-to-face with death for the first time, a deep rooted fear for Wang Duo and the others was planted in his heart.

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