Chapter 813 - Bayonet’s Might

The remaining two bodyguards were completely caught off guard. Even so, as professionals, they quickly regained their composure and rushed toward Nie Yan and Bayonet.

Nie Yan balled up his fist and threw out a lightning-fast punch.

The bodyguard immediately raised his arm to block.

KRACK! Nie Yan’s punch broke the bodyguard’s arm. Before he could scream out in pain, Nie Yan spun around with a roundhouse kick to his throat. BAM! He was sent flying and crashed into the adjacent wall before dropping on the floor.

Nie Yan looked over beside him. Bayonet had already taken out the last remaining bodyguard.

“Let’s go in,” Nie Yan said.

Bayonet nodded and followed behind Nie Yan.

Nie Yan’s phone vibrated. It was a message from Wang Duo and the others. He knitted his brows. Thinking for a bit, he lowered his head and whispered a reply. Then, he reached out his hand to push open the door.

At the train station of a small town in the southeast, Wang Duo and the others received a message from Nie Yan.

“Captain, where are Instructor Nie Yan and Bayonet right now?”

“Instructor Nie Yan said something came up today and told us to visit him some other time,” Wang Duo said in a somewhat forlorn tone.

“What about Instructor Bayonet?”

“He’s with Nie Yan.”

“Do you think they encountered some kind of trouble?”

“I doubt it. With how strong those two are, who could possibly cause them trouble? I’ll call the executive guild leader and ask,” Wang Duo said after recalling he still had Guo Huai’s phone number.

Wang Duo called up Guo Huai. As the two chatted, his expression became increasingly grave.

“Captain. What’s wrong? Did something happen?” 

“Nie Yan and Bayonet did encounter trouble. Let’s change our train tickets quickly. We’re heading to Huahai. Our destination is the Temple of Heaven bar!” Wang Duo said in a heavy voice.

“If they’re in trouble, why didn’t they tell us anything?”

“They probably didn’t want us to get involved in their mess. They’re up against someone with a really powerful background.”

“A powerful background? So what!? Does that mean they can compare with us!? Anyone that dares to touch Instructor Nie Yan and Instructor Bayonet, regardless of who they are, I’ll still teach them a lesson! I don’t care if it means getting kicked out of the 12th Mech Armoured Corps!” Lin Yi coldly snorted. The 12th Mech Armoured Corps was a special force unit that reported directly to the Council of Generals. All members were elites that stood above elites, the true cream of the crop. As long as it wasn’t one of those characters who could cover the sky with their hand, no one could touch them. 11 among them had entered the 12th Mech Armoured Corps. Meanwhile, the others had been assigned to various other special force units. It wasn’t just their position within their respective units, but also their position within the military that gave them a lot of authority. They’d all received promotions, and the lowest rank among them now was that of lieutenant general. If all of them gathered together, their influence even exceeded that of Mo Yuntian. As for the 11 in the 12th Mech Armoured Corps, they were no longer under the jurisdiction of the main military. Even the head of the military couldn’t touch them.

“If it weren’t for Instructor Nie Yan and Bayonet, we wouldn’t be where we are today! Let’s go help them!” Wang Duo seriously said.

“Like I said before, in happiness and sadness, we’ll always stick together! If they have the guts, they’ll have to discharge all of us!”

Time quickly passed. 36 people boarded the train to Huahai.


Nie Yan had no idea Wang Duo and the others were rushing over. When he replied to their message, he had no intention of dragging them into this mess. After all, they were simply strangers who had come together by chance. He had only trained them for the sake of earning Mo Yuntian’s favour.

Nie Yan and Bayonet entered the VIP booth.

“Sir, here are the two bottles of Lafite you ordered,” Nie Yan said, quickly sweeping his eyes over the room. It was about 100 square meters in size. A table stood in the middle with four sofas arranged around it.

Over 30 people were scattered around the room. Six sat on the sofas chatting. Nie Yan swept his gaze over these people. He only recognized two of them. One was Liu Tianshi, and the other was Qin Han.

The room was in shambles. There was broken glass everywhere. A single person lay on the floor in a pool of blood. He was already passed out, letting out laboured gasps of pain. Nie Yan couldn’t be more familiar with this person—Tang Yao!

Seeing Tang Yao’s miserable condition, Nie Yan’s heart violently twitched. These animals!

When Nie Yan gazed over at Liu Tianshi and Qin Han, his eyes flickered with a chilling light.

“Scram! Who the fuck let you in!?” Liu Tianshi cursed. He hurled his wine glass at Nie Yan CRASSH! It missed and struck the wall, shattering into countless shards which flew through the room.

Qin Han glanced over and locked eyes with Nie Yan. “So, you’re finally here, Nie Yan.” He faintly smiled, as if he was the hunter and Nie Yan the prey stuck in his trap. He felt an indescribable sense of self-satisfaction.

Bayonet looked at the people to the side, then whispered into Nie Yan’s ear, “We might have a small problem. I know some of those guys. They’re professional killers. We can’t look down on them. I don’t recognize the others, but they shouldn’t be weak either.”

Bayonet’s judgement was usually spot on. Nie Yan asked, “If we have to fight them, do we stand a chance?”

“I’d say our odds of beating them in a fist fight are no more than 10%. If they’re armed, we might as well give up right now,” Bayonet said. These guys were definitely packing. So, if they didn’t leave, it’d be the end of the road for them.

Nie Yan glanced at the pool of Tang Yao’s blood on the floor. His heart was dripping with blood. He firmly said, “I will not abandon Tang Yao. Bayonet, thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Now go. This is my fight.”

Bayonet briefly observed Nie Yan’s face, then asked, “Even though you know staying here means death, you still won’t leave?”

“Tang Yao is my brother,” Nie Yan said. These were the only words that needed to be said. He knew that if he left, Tang Yao would definitely die. Liu Tianshi wasn’t someone who showed mercy!

If Nie Yan cowed and ran away now, he wouldn’t be able to look at himself in the mirror ever again.

Bayonet already knew Nie Yan’s answer. He faintly smiled. “Money is life, and the client is God. Since you’ve already paid me, as a mercenary, I’ll naturally follow through with my duties and protect you. Rest assured. I won’t let you die before me.” 

Bayonet stopped fearing death long ago. His words touched Nie Yan’s heart. He understood their relationship had long since evolved past mere employer and employee.

Nie Yan calmly walked up to Liu Tianshi and Qin Han, stopping a few meters away from them. Bayonet followed close behind, his face revealing no emotion as per usual.

“I don’t know whether I should call you brave or stupid. Even though you know walking in here means death, you still won’t run.” Liu Tianshi lazily reclined on the sofa, staring at Nie Yan with a smug smile.

Nie Yan coldly glanced at the muscle in the room, then turned back to face Liu Tianshi. “You’re right. I’m probably going to die here today, but I can promise you that the two of you won’t be leaving here alive either.”

Liu Tianshi and Qin Han felt their blood freeze over. Nie Yan’s word really were ruthless, striking right at their weak spot. However, a few words couldn’t scare Liu Tianshi. He looked like he’d heard the most ridiculous joke in the world and laughed out loud. “You think you have the ability?”

“I don’t think. I know,” Nie Yan retorted.

Liu Tianshi and Qin Han glanced at each other before meeting Nie Yan’s gaze.

Bayonet held a metal toothpick in his hand. He casually picked his teeth. Then, with a flick of his wrist, he sent it flying towards the glass desk in front of him. PUT! It was immediately imbedded into the one and a half inch thick glass. Just how much wrist strength did this take!? If this toothpick had struck a person, it definitely wouldn’t be any less lethal than a bullet!

“Looks like we’ll be spilling blood today.” Bayonet chuckled.

Only then did Liu Tianshi and Qin Han notice Bayonet. His relaxed demeanor along with his display of skill just now caused the two to feel a chill in their hearts. An expert! 

“Who is he?” Liu Tianshi asked. He never knew there was an expert like this by Nie Yan’s side.

“He’s called Bayonet, a world famous assassin and mercenary,” a person behind Liu Tianshi whispered into his ear.

“Bayonet? How does he compare to Wolf Teeth and the others?” Liu Tianshi asked. He had his fair share of highly skilled mercenaries on the payroll.

“There’s no comparison. None of those guys are on Bayonet’s level.”

After hearing these words, Liu Tianshi couldn’t help but pay more attention to Bayonet. He immediately sobered up. In this small room, it was entirely possible for Nie Yan and Bayonet to kill Qin Han and him first. He wasn’t willing to take that risk.

“You take Tang Yao and get out of here. Leave the rest of them to me,” Bayonet said.

“No, absolutely not!” 

“This isn’t the time to be bickering. Just make sure Tang Yao is safe first. Don’t forget who I am. It’ll take more than just these guys to take me down!” Bayonet said. His sharp eyes locked onto a person in a black suit about to take something out from their pocket. With a flick of his hand, Bayonet sent a metal toothpick flying towards them. PSSSFHT! His wrist was pierced, and he dropped the gun in his hand.

Liu Tianshi and Qin Han were about to stand up and flee, when Bayonet’s cold voice rang out. “Sit back down. Or, I’ll show you the consequences.”

Liu Tianshi and Qin Han glanced at each other before quietly sitting back down. Never in their wildest dreams did they think they would be threatened like this. However, they didn’t dare to irritate Bayonet. This man was definitely capable of killing them!

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