Chapter 805 - All-Out Slaughter

Two Dark Fenris Wolves pounced toward Nie Yan.

Nie Yan employed a strange footwork technique. After moving several steps, he suddenly accelerated as he dashed past the Dark Fenris Wolves and charged toward Blood Devil.

After breaking away from the first two, another three Dark Fenris Wolves came pouncing towards Nie Yan from the flanks. 

Their canines flashed with a sharp light under the sunlight.

Nie Yan transformed into a blur. The claws of one of the Dark Fenris Wolves brushed past his neck, as he struck out with a spinning kick. BANG! His foot struck the wolf in the stomach, causing it to yelp out in pain as its feet lost touch with the ground.

Evading the attacks of the other two Dark Fenris Wolves, Nie Yan dashed toward Blood Devil.

Blood Devil controlled the Dark Fenris Wolves to attack Nie Yan. Seeing Nie Yan sent one of them flying in his direction, his face paled in fright. He quickly threw out a punch and knocked the wolf away.

The powerful impact caused Blood Devil to stagger several meters back. His arms felt numb. An indescribable shock filled his heart. God dammit, is this guy a Thief or a Warrior!? Why does he have so much strength!?

Little did Blood Devil know that Nie Yan actually had 20% more Strength than him.

Although Blood Devil had reached the military rank of General, he hadn’t yet had the time to return to the underworld and buy equipment worthy of his current status. His current equipment definitely wasn’t shabby, increasing his Strength by quite a bit, but it couldn’t quite compare to a full set of Sub Legendary-equipment. To say nothing of the quality of Nie Yan’s gear. So, this loss was to be expected.

It took Blood Devil another two attacks to get the Dark Fenris Wolf off of him. It crashed to the ground.

Blood Devil was just about to retreat, when he saw a blur flash past his eyes. Nie Yan was already in front of him. His heart tightened, as he raised his greatsword to defend.

Before Blood Devil even half raised his greatsword, Nie Yan struck him in the arm with an elbow.

So fast!

Blood Devil nearly dropped his greatsword from the sharp pain. Within this instant, Zennarde’s Sword came stabbing towards him. His pupils shrunk.

Nie Yan’s attacks reached the pinnacle of speed. A simple elbow strike robbed Blood Devil of all his fighting strength. After which he stabbed Zennarde’s Sword toward Blood Devil’s forehead with a Concussive Blow.

There was no dodging this attack!

Nie Yan saw Blood Devil’s eyes flicker with a peculiar glint. However, in this fleeting moment, he had no way of telling what it meant. 

BANG! Nie Yan struck Blood Devil in the forehead.

It hit! Nie Yan’s eyes lit up. But in the next moment, he felt his arm holding Zennarde’s Sword falling forward, as though he’d struck air.

The Blood Devil in front of Nie Yan slowly disappeared, like some kind of illusion.

An afterimage! It appeared Blood Devil had quite a few tricks up his sleeve. Nie Yan spread out his senses, but he couldn’t detect Blood Devil anywhere. From his experience, with the exception of astral form skills, nothing else could escape his Awareness. Astral form skills put the player into a spirit-like state. They’d be invisible and invincible. However, their movement speed was also greatly reduced and they couldn’t attack.

With Blood Devil in astral form, he was untouchable. Until it wore off, Nie Yan could only give up. Luckily, these skills had a limited duration. All he had to do was wait it out and strike when the skill wore off!

As Nie Yan was about to leave, he noticed six Dark Fenris Wolves pouncing towards him. Looking over the battlefield, Lil’ Gold and Paladin Lafus were fighting three other wolves. As for the other team members, they had their hands full with the players from the Blood Reaver Corps.

Seeing the six Dark Fenris Wolves closing in on him, Nie Yan put one foot back and held out Zennarde’s Sword in a reverse grip. He didn't plan on running. Fighting was the only option. If he didn’t kill these Dark Fenris Wolves, Blood Devil would definitely have them target Tang Yao and the others.

Nie Yan noted down the position of every Dark Fenris Wolf. Seeing the six surrounding him, he suddenly slid several steps forward. With a roundhouse kick, he struck one of the wolves in the neck, sending it flying off to the side and crashing into another wolf.

Nie Yan dashed through the opening he created and broke out of the encirclement. The other four Dark Fenris Wolves pounced at him in vain.

Rather than escaping, Nie Yan dashed toward the Dark Fenris Wolf he kicked earlier. He brandished Zennarde’s Sword.

The Dark Fenris Wolf let out a low howl at Nie Yan. It opened its maw and chomped down toward him.

PSSFHT! Nie Yan slashed the Dark Fenris Wolf’s mouth, running the blade of Zennarde’s Sword through and opening up a large wound.

Nie Yan struck a weak point. His attack dealt over 9,000 damage and stunned the Dark Fenris Wolf.

In a sudden burst of speed, Nie Yan struck out with a Reverse Grip Backstab, then followed up with an axe kick to the spine and a Backbreaker!

Nie Yan checked his notification window, 3-hit combo, 5-hit combo, 7-hit combo, 9-hit combo! On the ninth hit, he dealt over 3,000,000 damage. The Dark Fenris Wolf was sent flying before crashing into the ground. It let out an agonized whine before its head collapsed to the ground.

Several Dark Fenris Wolves pounced at Nie Yan from behind. He dodged to the side. After which he accelerated and dashed toward his next target.

Blood Devil was off to the side in astral form. He still had about a minute left. He couldn’t help but pray that time would pass by quickly, so he could jump back into the fray. When he looked over at Nie Yan, he was absolutely gobsmacked. Nie Yan was dodging the attacks of the Dark Fenris Wolves with ungodly speed. When he had the opportunity, he would retaliate. His movements were both fast and precise. All his attacks were perfectly flowing and linked together. He bursted down a Dark Fenris Wolf from 100 to zero in only 10 seconds.

BANG! A Dark Fenris Wolf flew through the air and crashed into the ground. 10 seconds later, another wolf accompanied it. Then another, and another. Six in total befell the same fate.

The Dark Fenris Wolves were falling like flies. Even Level 180 Elites weren’t Nie Yan’s match. When Blood Devil used his Legendary scroll, he didn’t have any extravagant hopes of them killing Nie Yan, but he never expected this result either. This was pure madness!

Before long, 10 wolf corpses lay on the ground.

All done!

Nie Yan dusted off his hands. Looking over the battlefield, the others were still fighting the players from the Blood Reaver Corps. He locked onto a Warlock more than 20 meters away and disappeared with Gale Step.

The Warlock had just debuffed Smoke Stub with several curses and shot out a dark arrow, when Nie Yan suddenly appeared in front of him. He stumbled back in a panic and tried to raise his staff.

However, it was already far too late!

The Warlock had only spat out a single syllable before the words got stuck in his mouth. PSSFHT! Nie Yan slashed his throat with Zennarde’s Sword.

Instant kill!

A nearby Slayer witnessed it all in terror. He tried to flee in a panic.

A Slayer, huh…? I wonder who’s faster. Nie Yan turned into a blur and appeared right beside the Slayer, then sent a kick flying towards his neck. 

The Slayer’s reaction speed was pretty quick. He hurriedly raised his arm to block.

BANG! Nie Yan’s kick ruthlessly struck the Slayer’s arm and sent him flying.

In a contest of power, the Slayer thoroughly lost to Nie Yan.

Seeing the Slayer go airborne, Nie Yan leaped up and raised his leg, then came down with an axe kick on the Slayer’s chest. 

CRAACK! The sound of several ribs breaking rang out in the air.

The Slayer crashed back into the ground.

Two down!

Nie Yan locked onto his third target. 

While Nie Yan was carrying out an all-out slaughter, Tang Yao and the others were also starting to overwhelm their opponents.

Bladelight knocked a Warrior airborne with a Shield Bash, then finished him off with a Flame Slash. 

「I’ve killed three,」Tang Yao said in the voice chat. He used his unrivalled firepower to blast the enemy to death. Anyone unfortunate enough to enter his line of sight met with a tragic end.

「I’ve killed two,」Bladelight said with a faint smile.

「I’ve also killed two.」


「We’ve lost three. Summer Bug, Lei Su, and Black Hell.」 

Against an all Silver Wing team, this was an incredibly impressive result.

The Blood Reaver Corps’ casualties quickly broke past 30. They had less than half of their original force left. The gap between them and Asskickers United was growing wider and wider.

「Boss, we can’t hold on any longer! Nirvana Flame is too strong!」With Dark Shadow dead and Blood Devil stuck in astral form, there was no one else in the Blood Reaver Corps who could keep Nie Yan in check. As a result, he was free to let loose. Five Silver Wings had already died at his hands.

Gale Ambush!

Nie Yan sped up yet again, breaking past 3,000 movement speed. He was so fast the players from the Blood Reaver Corps couldn’t even keep up with him with their eyes. He dashed up to a Dark Zealot in the middle of healing an ally. Drawing a brilliant arc with Zennarde’s Sword, he cut open their throat.

The Dark Zealot had no clue what had happened. One moment he was healing an ally, the next his health bar hit zero. As blood came spraying out of his throat, he blacked out and collapsed dead on the ground.

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