Chapter 804 - Legendary Scroll

Lei Su ended up falling victim to the curses of the Warlocks. With his stats greatly reduced, several drow Thieves had ganged up on him and stun locked him to death.

Though Warlocks might not possess the greatest damage threats, their curses were beyond terrifying. Some of the more powerful ones could leave a player completely powerless in battle.

Only Priests and Paladins could dispel the curses of the Warlocks. Unfortunately, Nie Yan’s team only had three Priests and one Paladin, and they were kept busy by the enemy. They couldn’t possibly watch over everyone. So, casualties were inevitable.

「Bladelight, watch over the equipment Lei Su and Summer Bug dropped! Don’t let the enemy snatch them away!」Nie Yan shouted in voice chat.

「Don’t worry. With me here, no one will be taking anything!」Bladelight first bulldozed his way to Summer Bug’s corpse, and then to Lei Su’s. He was like an iron fortress, no one could stop him.

In spite of the fierce resistance of the Blood Reaver Corps, the battle was still sliding in Asskickers United’s favour.

Nie Yan and the other Masters were mentally tough. They took the battle slowly and steadily. Each of them faced off against at least three opponents at once. Some even held their own in a one on five. As for those who fell, they were unfortunately caught off guard.

The losses for the Blood Reaver Corps started adding up. After their casualties rose above 20, their battle formation began to collapse.

「Boss, we can’t hold out any longer!」Autumn Gust cried out anxiously in chat. 

Blood Devil clenched his fists. His heart was filled with unwillingness. From the moment Conviction was released, they’d never lost a battle. He’d led his Blood Reaver Corps through countless battlefields. Their name instilled fear in everyone! They were never afraid to take on a force many times bigger than their own. Yet now, on this battlefield where they outnumbered the enemy more than three to one, they were crumbling apart. They couldn’t even withstand a single blow from these Masters in Asskickers United.

「We haven’t lost yet!」Blood Devil quickly retreated to the side, then shouted,「Shadow, cover me!」

Dark Shadow immediately knew what Blood Devil was planning.「Understood!」His gaze fell on Nie Yan. But he only saw a blur before losing track of him. Feeling nervous, he activated his ocular skill Blood Eyes and quickly locked onto Nie Yan. He brandished his dual blades and pounced forward.

Blood Devil had retreated a dozen meters. Taking out a golden scroll from his bag, he started chanting.

Seeing Blood Devil activating a high level scroll, Nie Yan’s heart trembled. He had to stop him!

When Dark Shadow saw Nie Yan change direction, he charged over from the side to intercept him while shouting anxiously,「Bat, Gust, help me stop him!」

Dark Shadow was far closer to Blood Devil than Nie Yan was. He blocked Nie Yan’s path forward and stabbed out with his two shortswords.

Nie Yan switched to a reverse grip. KLANG! He blocked Dark Shadow’s attack. Then, he leaned to the side and slashed at Dark Shadow’s neck with Zennarde’s Sword.

Dark Shadow hurriedly crossed both his shortswords to block. KLANG!

As Zennarde’s Sword came in contact with the two shortswords, Nie Yan spun around with a ruthless sidekick. BANG! Dark Shadow felt a powerful force ram into his stomach as he was sent flying.

Nie Yan pounced after Dark Shadow, about to follow up with another attack and finish him off. However, a drow Thief interrupted him.

Autumn Gust was nervous. His body felt somewhat rigid and stiff, as he tried to stun Nie Yan with a Smothering Strike.

“Even trash like this can become a Silver Wing? This battlefield is for adults. Go home, kid.” Nie Yan’s cold voice seemed to come from the depths of the underworld.

Before Autumn Gust could react, Nie Yan drove an elbow into his solar plexus. He immediately bowed forward like a shrimp. He let out a heavy groan as he clutched his stomach, holding back the urge to puke his guts out. The pain was so excruciating he could hardly breathe.

Nie Yan never considered the drow Thief before him as a worthy opponent. He slashed Autumn Gust’s throat and finished him off.

Another enemy killed!

Five more players from the Blood Reaver Corps rushed over. Nie Yan made quick work of them, cutting down three and sending the other two flying with a kick.

Nie Yan was like a death god walking on the battlefield.

Dark Shadow felt his blood freeze over. These normally unrivalled Silver Wings were nothing more than fish on the chopping board in front of Nie Yan. Many of them didn’t even know what happened. One moment they were running to intercept Nie Yan, the next they lay dead on the ground.

Finding only he could stop Nie Yan, Dark Shadow felt a lot of pressure. He took several small steps back, but he didn’t flee. He was the only thing keeping Nie Yan away from Blood Devil!

They were about 10 meters apart. Dark Shadow could hear his own heart beating in his chest.

Nie Yan suddenly accelerated as his silhouette blurred. 

Dark Shadow only saw a flash. Before he could even raise his shortswords, Nie Yan had already arrived in front of him.

The world seemed to come to a halt, as time passed extremely slowly. 

BANG! Nie Yan delivered a punch right to Dark Shadow's heart.

“Blood-” Dark Shadow spat only a single syllable before the words got stuck in his throat. He wanted to warn Blood Devil, but Nie Yan didn’t give him the opportunity.

Dark Shadow was sent flying. However, Nie Yan didn’t stop there. He followed with an elbow strike, then leaped up with a flying kick.

3-hit combo!

Dark Shadow’s body flew 10 meters in the air before crashing into the ground, never to get back up again.

Nie Yan looked at Dark Shadow’s corpse with slight curiosity. This was a strange feeling. When he closed in on Dark Shadow, he felt like he could control time. When reaching a fast enough speed, time would appear to slow down.

Nie Yan turned around. He was planning to give Blood Devil a taste of this new move as well. 

Blood Devil finally chanted out the last syllable as the golden scroll in his hands emitted a dazzling light. A black whirlwind swept out, blotting out the sky and sand. Within this berserk tempest, 10 enormous wolves stepped out.

“Nirvana Flame, it’s time to die!” Blood Devil swung his greatsword, as the 10 wolves pounced toward Nie Yan. 

Nie Yan hurriedly evaded the wolves with Gale Step.

“Wipe out all of them!” Blood Devil shouted. In order to deal with Nirvana Flame, he endured the heartache of using this Legendary scroll. It was their team’s only Legendary Scroll, something they had found by chance while grinding mobs. These Dark Fenris Wolves were Level 180 Elites. They had numerous skills, and more importantly, they followed the commands of the summoner.

Nie Yan evaded the attacks of the wolves and retreated back into stealth. He revived Paladin Lafus again and also summoned Lil’ Gold.

Lil’ Gold blocked three of the wolves.

Seeing Nie Yan escaping, Blood Devil switched targets. The wolves pounced toward the other players.

Six wolves locked onto Black Hell. They surrounded him before pouncing on him. He waved his staff and blinked away. Almost at the same time as he waved his staff, black vines started growing all around him in a 60-meter radius. They wriggled and squirmed like they were alive. When his feet touched the ground again, a vine wrapped around his ankles and rooted him to the ground. Looking at his skill window, all his escape skills were greyed out.

「Black Hell, watch out!」came the panicked cries of the other players from Asskickers United.

Black Hell waved his staff and attempted to debuff the Dark Fenris Wolves with his curses, then cast his mind control magic. A string of misses floated up above the heads of the wolves. He hurriedly used Howl of Terror. However, that was useless too.

Black Hell showed a bitter smile. These wolves were immune to dark and mind magic. When he finally got around to using light magic, it was already far too late. The six wolves mauled him to death. 

Black Hell has died!

「Everyone, watch out for those wolves. Don’t use dark or mind magic on them!」Nie Yan anxiously cried out in the voice chat. 

Bladelight charged forward and struck one of the wolves with a Shield Bash. Six others immediately pounced on him.

The wolves were biting and clawing at Bladelight. However, his health barely fluctuated. They couldn’t deal more than 400 damage to him each.

Blood Devil immediately had the wolves change targets. 

The Masters of Asskickers United all had powerful pets. This was a perfect opportunity to use them. Bears, cheetahs, and all sorts of different pets entered the battle.

The Dark Fenris Wolves were extremely powerful. They badly wounded three Asskickers United players in the blink of an eye. Creatures summoned from a Legendary scroll really were something else entirely. These wolves were huge with tough skin, and they could use powerful skills.

Blood Devil had the wolves fight the players form Asskickers United while he fled for safety.

Nie Yan’s eyes scoured the battlefield, sweeping over the areas between the wolves before finally spotting Blood Devil over 400 meters away.

I didn’t expect you guys to have something like a Summon Dark Fenris Wolves Scroll, but let’s see where you can run off to now! Nie Yan entered stealth and made his way around the wolves. As he accelerated, he experienced that same feeling from before when facing Dark Shadow.

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