Chapter 803 - Caged Beasts

Several members of the Blood Reaver Corps teleported away. However, nine members, including Blood Devil, found their Unknown Transfer Scrolls wouldn’t work.

「Shit! Boss, we’ve been locked down by Shackles of Strife!」Autumn Gust cursed.

At this moment, the Magisters arrived. There was no more escaping with Unknown Transfer Scrolls since Magisters could simply drag them back after they teleported away.

Blood Devil considered the current situation. After the initial ambush, they had lost nine players. Another 12 had teleported away with Unknown Transfer Scrolls. That meant out of the original 60 players, they only had 39 remaining right now.

It would be incredibly difficult for these 39 players to find another opportunity to escape. They could only do one thing. Give it their all!

Blood Devil looked around. All his team members were already clashing with the enemy.

Meanwhile, the players who’d teleported away were anxiously bombarding the voice chat with questions.「Boss, what’s happening? Where are you guys?」

「We got locked down by Shackles of Strife. All of you, get your asses back here! Hurry up!」Blood Devil replied. He turned to Dark Shadow and the others.「Shadow, we’ll keep Nirvana Flame busy. The rest of you, fight with all you’ve got! Take down as many of those bastards as you can!」

The Blood Reaver Corps still enjoyed the numerical advantage. Add their unusual battle tactics and impeccable teamwork, and they weren’t at too much of a disadvantage, at least not enough to completely collapse. 

“Trash from the Blood Reaver Corps! Today we’ve come to collect our debts! Don’t tell me you all are this weak!?” Bladelight shouted as he charged into the crowd of Blood Reaver Corps players. 

Blood Devil, Dark Shadow, and several others kept Nie Yan in check. For the time being, he couldn’t contribute anything to the battle. As for the other Masters, the most frightening was undoubtedly Bladelight. He was like an iron fortress. No one was strong enough to deal any real damage to him.

Two drow Warlocks targeted Bladelight with several curses as they saw him charge toward them. After which they joined the other casters in bombarding him with magic.

Dark Requiem immediately raised his sword to cast Dispel. A white light fell over Bladelight, dispelling the curses.

BANG! BANG! BANG! Over a dozen spells struck Bladelight. However… The players from the Blood Reaver Corps were dumbstruck! Were their eyes playing a trick on them, or did their skills really not deal more than one to two hundred damage!?

What kind of freakish defense was this!?

A Mystic raised his staff, enchanting the sword in his other hand with raging flames and buffing himself with Speed of the Windwalker. He then dashed up to Bladelight’s back and slashed down with his sword. A damage value of 100 floated up above Bladelight’s head. His eyes widened in shock.

Bladelight’s equipment was too far ahead of everyone else, especially Drakuru’s Tower Shield. The properties from this shield caused his defense to reach unspeakably high levels. Ordinary melee classes could only deal a few dozen points of damage a hit to him. Not to mention their attacks were blocked more often than not. As for the Mages, Warlocks, and Mystics, their more powerful spells barely dealt 200 damage. For someone with 130,000+ health, this damage was negligible.

「Boss, this guy’s defense is too high! We don’t deal any damage to him!」

Bladelight charged up to a Slayer. The forte of a Slayer was their high attack speed. In only a short moment, this one brandished his two blades and unleashed a flurry of attacks. A long string of damage values rose up above Bladelight’s head, none of them dealing more than a few dozen damage.

Bladelight slashed down with his sword. BANG! The Slayer was sent flying. 

In front of Bladelight’s impenetrable defenses, most anyone would be helpless. Only the likes of Nie Yan, Tang Yao, and Xie Yao could pose a threat. So, he was mowing down everyone in his path. Wherever he went, the players from the Blood Reaver Corps would back away in fear.

BANG! BANG! Two Slayers who tried to close in on Tang Yao and Xie Yao were instantly blasted away and killed.

「Boss, what do we do!? We’re not their match. We just lost another three members!」Autumn Gust anxiously cried out. Seeing Nie Yan easily holding his own against Blood Devil, Dark Shadow, and several more, he finally had to admit his initial judgement was wrong.

Blood Devil was one of the three strongest players of the Demon Tribe. Dark Shadow would also have no problem entering the top five. However, even with these two players working together, they still were helpless against Nirvana Flame. This completely overturned the senses of the players from the Blood Reaver Corps. Not to mention, Bladelight, Young Sparrow Hawk, and the others were also strong beyond belief. To be able to kill the enemy even while outnumbered, just what were these people?

The Blood Reaver Corps had swept through the entire Demon Tribe and Undead Empire. They were feared by all the top teams and guilds in the underworld. Even after arriving on the surface, it was still the same. No one was their match. Pride had filled every corner of their being. However, this same pride was being crushed right now by Nie Yan and the others.

The Blood Reaver Corps was forced to a miserable state in only a few short moments. Even though it was an ambush, the strength of Nie Yan’s group couldn’t be looked down on. 

Blood Devil couldn’t understand why Asskickers United had so many Masters, when other guilds were struggling to produce just a few.

「Boss, what do we do?」

「At this rate, we’re going to wipe!」

At this moment, the players who had teleported away with Unknown Transfer Scrolls finally arrived back. They quickly entered the fray.

「Screw it! Brothers, we’re going all out! Don’t let them look down on us!」Blood Devil shouted. Seeing his team members dropping like flies, one by one, he couldn’t hold back any longer.

「God dammit! Even if I die, I’ll take at least one of them with me!」one of the Slayers cursed. Both his blades transformed into a bright green colour. This was one of his skills, which enchanted his blades with poison.

The Slayer drank a Speed Potion. Taking advantage of an opening, he charged over to Summer Bug.

“You’re looking to die!” Undying Scoundrel shouted. He waved his staff, firing one spell after another at the Slayer.

The Slayer suddenly leaped into the air and unleashed a flurry of slashes. BANG! BANG! BANG! Undying Scoundrel’s spells were all cut apart. 

「That’s Origin Scroll! He’s one of the top three Slayers in the Demon Tribe!」Summer Bug recognized the slayer charging up to him. He quickly retreated and waved his staff, firing a barrage of magic.

「That guy is pretty famous!」 

Several players in the Blood Reaver Corps were ranked highly on the leaderboards of the Demon Tribe. They were the pillars of the team. 

Summer Bug and Undying Scoundrel teamed up to pincer Origin Scroll. They wanted to lock him down.

Every spell that came in contact with Origin Scroll’s blade was immediately cut apart. Only 30 meters away from Summer Bug, he let out a shout. Demon Metamorphosis! His eyes turned crimson red and emitted a demonic light. Suddenly, he arrived in front of Summer Bug and slashed up with one of his blades, wanting to cut Summer Bug’s stomach open. His blade left behind a trail of fire.

Summer Bug hurriedly retreated several steps back as Origin Scroll’s blades brushed past his stomach.


Sumer Bug waved his staff as a repelling force swept out around him.


Repel didn’t work!

Summer Bug felt his heart tighten. Seeing Origin Scroll close in, he quickly activated Arcane Reset. BANG! BANG! BANG! He immediately shot out eight fireballs.

Origin Scroll’s lightning fast blades sliced apart five fireballs. BANG! BANG! BANG! Three went through and struck him. A string of damage values ranging between 6,000 to 7,000 floated up above his head. He only had a sliver of health remaining, about 500 or so. He was quite lucky. If even one of Summer Bug’s spells critted, he would’ve been dead.

Undying Scoundrel’s spells were also flying over. Just as Origin Scroll was about to be killed, he activated his final skill. His body transformed into a red flash as one of his blades pierced Summer Bug’s body.

Summer Bug’s body froze. He was immobilized. He struggled to raise his staff. However, Origin Scroll’s blades were like dancing lightning. PSFHT! PSFHT! PSFHT! Summer Bug was struck multiple times in quick succession.

In just a short three seconds, Summer Bug had received seven hits.

The frightening attack speed of a Slayer was out on full display for everyone to see.

Summer Bug collapsed dead on the ground. It was basically an instant kill.

In the instant Origin Scroll killed Summer Bug, two spells struck him, shaving away the last remainder of his health. He also collapsed on the ground. 

Looking at the two corpses on the ground, Undying Scoundrel had a dejected look on his face. In the end, he still failed to save Summer Bug. Three Blood Reaver Corps players came rushing towards him. He didn’t dare to linger and immediately engaged them.

The players from the Blood Reaver Corps were all veterans of the battlefield. They had extremely high battle prowess. Previously, they were caught off guard by Nie Yan and the others’ ambush, so they suffered losses. After a brief period of panic, they had already calmed themselves. They knew Nie Yan and the others wouldn’t let them run away. There was a high chance they would wipe here today. This was a life-or-death battle. Backed into a corner, they fought like caged beasts. Their fierce resistance gave Nie Yan and the others a lot of trouble.

「Boss, Summer Bug died!」Undying Scoundrel said.

「Lei Su died too!」 

After the Blood Reaver Corps lost 19 players, Asskickers United also started seeing casualties. 

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