Chapter 801 - Putting a Stop to the Blood Reaver Corps

Nie Yan checked his quest window. A clue on the last remaining piece of the Tyrant Abak Set finally appeared.

Ofini is a jewel merchant in Blaze City famous for the great variety of rare gems for sale in his shop. He has contacts everywhere who provide him with only the best items. A few days ago, he obtained a piece of equipment, which was identified to be the leg piece of the Tyrant Abak Set. An incredible discovery that left him endlessly excited. However, he’s recently encountered some trouble.

“Looks like I’ll have to pay a visit to Blaze City,” Nie Yan muttered.

Nie Yan was about to set off for Blaze City, when Guo Huai sent word that the Blood Reaver Corps had been found!

This time was different from the previous times. The Blood Reaver Corps hadn’t launched another surprise attack. Rather, a member of the Hundred Thieves had discovered them first.

What’s the situation?」Nie Yan asked. 

The Blood Reaver Corps are in the Abernathy Great Grasslands right now. 10 Winged Demon discovered them levelling in the Golden Barrens. Since he was worried he would lose them, he reported to Tyrannical and Hapless Frog, and the two rushed over. The Blood Reaver Corps still haven’t noticed them! They’re apparently planning to hunt a boss. So, they won’t be leaving for the time being. However, we should still get over there as quickly as possible. We don’t want to give them the opportunity to escape again!」Guo Huai said. 

Nie Yan rubbed his chin. The Blood Reaver Corps was in possession of a large amount of Unknown Transfer Scrolls. If they were to rush over there without thinking, the Blood Reaver Corps would just teleport away and escape. They needed a foolproof plan. Even if it was impossible to completely wipe out the Blood Reaver Corps, they needed to kill at least enough members to deal a serious blow to them.

Since the Blood Reaver Corps belonged to the Evil Faction, travelling around on the surface was incredibly inconvenient for them. If any of their members died and wasn’t revived within 30 minutes, they would be returned to a graveyard in the Underworld. It wouldn’t be too difficult to come back up to the surface, but it would waste a lot of their time.

This was something Nie Yan had to plan for. They couldn’t give the Blood Reaver Corps an opportunity to revive their fallen comrades. It was the only way to truly hurt them and put a stop to their rampage in the Viridian Empire.

What’s your plan?」Guo Huai asked.

Sun, King of the World, Mistaken Smile, One Strike Vow, Shadow Killer, and I will launch an ambush on the Blood Reaver Corps first. The others will follow behind us. Supply everyone with some Shackles of Strife Scrolls, the more the better,」Nie Yan said. In order not to alert the Blood Reaver Corps, it would be best to have the Shadow Dancers go first.

Alright, I’m on it!」Guo Huai replied. 

 Nie Yan opened up his contact list and added Sun, King of the World, Tang Yao, and the others to his team.

Sun has joined your team.

Young Sparrow Hawk has joined your team.

Yao Yao has joined your team.


As the team was formed, the voice chat grew lively.

Boss, where are they now? We’ll kick their asses back to the Underworld!」Undying Scoundrel proclaimed. As soon as he heard about the Blood Reaver Corps being found, he grew restless.

Listen to my orders. All Thieves will come with me first. The rest of you will stay at least 3,000 meters behind us. Don’t let the Blood Reaver Corps discover you. Their Thieves are likely to be roaming around as lookouts. If any of you get caught, our ambush will fail,」Nie Yan said in a serious tone. Opportunities such as these rarely presented themselves. They definitely couldn’t let it slip out of their hands.


Also, they likely have moles planted in our guild. So, we have to keep this operation a secret. Don’t tell anyone. From now on, put on your cloaks and hide your information. We can’t let anyone find out we’re all heading to Okoron!」Nie Yan said.

All of them put on their cloaks and hid their information. Afterwards, they went to the transfer points in their respective cities and teleported to Okoron.

Guo Huai had his subordinates collect a large number of Shackles of Strife Scrolls, providing Nie Yan and the others with two each. Shackles of Strife Scrolls were extremely rare. With the power of Asskickers United, Guo Huai still only managed to obtain about 50 of them. And he’d paid big bucks for them, 300,000 gold in total!

Nie Yan, Sun, and the other Shadow Dancers set out first, while the other members remained on standby in Okoron.

The Shadow Dancers teleported to a small stronghold in the Abernathy Great Grasslands called Palisi. After exiting the transfer point, they dashed north and entered a map called the Golden Barrens.

Nie Yan called up Hapless Frog.「Where are you guys right now? What are your coordinates?

Golden Barrens, 38587.99085.8879,」Hapless Frog reported.

Nie Yan confirmed the location of the coordinates. The six Shadow Dancers activated Gale Step and dashed toward their target.

After running through the Yellow Desert for five minutes, a team appeared in Nie Yan’s vision up in the distance. They looked like a regular team grinding monsters. The Thieves were luring hordes of Desert Goliath Lizards toward a specific location. After reaching the designated area, magic would come raining down from the sky. It was all AoE magic!

This group that counted quite a few members were in battle formation. Seeing the pair of silver wings on their backs, Nie Yan confirmed these players were from the Blood Reaver Corps.

Where are you two?」Nie Yan asked Tyrannical and Hapless Frog.

After receiving an answer, Nie Yan looked south at the yellow sands. As his gaze fell on a certain area about 200 meters away, he locked onto them. The two had hidden themselves quite well. 

About a minute later, Sun, King of the World, and the others also arrived.

Nie Yan, we’re here,」King of the World said.

The eight Thieves were hidden in stealth at a fair distance from the Blood Reaver Corps, observing their every move.

Under the dense hail of magic, the Desert Goliath Lizards collapsed in droves. 

“Collect the loot!” Blood Devil ordered.

Dark Shadow looked around at the surroundings and said, “I have an uneasy feeling that something bad will happen today.”

“We’ve been on the surface for so long, and we haven’t encountered a single problem. Plus, the Century Financial Group and Angel Corps have crazy many moles in Asskickers United. If they make a move, we’ll know about it far in advance. You’re overthinking again,” Blood Devil confidently said. They had thrown off Asskickers United so many times already, what was there to worry about?

“Maybe you’re right.” Dark Shadow chuckled to himself. He only felt a general sense of uneasiness. As for where it came from, he couldn’t put his finger on it. He hadn’t detected Nie Yan and the others at all. Due to the distance, there was no way he could discover them. There was no explanation for this creeping feeling of uneasiness. A gut feeling, he told himself. So, he didn’t pay it too much mind, or maybe he was just that confident there was nothing Asskickers United could do to them.

“Boss, we’ve collected all the loot. Are we going to hunt the Desert Goliath Lord now?” Autumn Gust asked.

“Let’s grind a few more waves of Desert Goliath Lizards,” Blood Devil said.

After hearing Blood Devil’s words, the Thieves went over to lure more mobs. 

“I received a video from one of my friends in the Righteous Faction. Take a look. The Century Financial Group actually thought this wasn’t worth letting us know about. What a joke,” Dark Shadow said. He shared a video with Blood Devil.

Blood Devil took a look. It was a video of Nie Yan fighting Magister Lefis.

“Do you think you could win against that Magister?” Dark Shadow asked. Even though they were with each other all the time, he had never seen Blood Devil show his true strength. This was because Blood Devil never showed off more than necessary. He always held a little back. The times he had to go all out could be counted on one hand.

Blood Devil shook his head with a frown. “I wouldn't be a match for that Magister.” 

Blood Devil wouldn’t lie in this kind of situation. Dark Shadow couldn’t help but sigh. It seemed there was still a large gap between Nie Yan and Blood Devil.

The more closely Blood Devil examined the video, the more frightened he became. For Nirvana Flame to reach his current fame definitely wasn’t by luck. Rather, he acquired it with his own strength.

After watching the video, Blood Devil fiddled with the hilt of his sword. He knew the two of them would face off one day. Nirvana Flame was definitely the most powerful opponent he had seen so far. He estimated his chances of winning were less than 10%. Nirvana Flame was like an insurmountable mountain.

Blood Devil bitterly smiled. He had no idea what he could do to defeat Nirvana Flame. Maybe if he could gain a flash of insight and advance from a Silver Wing to a Gold Wing, he might stand a chance.

Blood Devil closed the video. He had no desire to clash with Nirvana Flame anytime soon.

After killing several more waves of Desert Goliath Lizards, the team sat down to rest. 

“Rest up, guys. We’re going to hunt the Desert Goliath Lord next,” Blood Devil said.

Those who were tired sat down and drank some potions. Only a few Warriors were still standing and looking around, serving as guards.

Boss, they’re resting. Do we go now?」Tyrannical asked. 

Sparrow Hawk, how close are you guys?」Nie Yan asked. 

We’re about 3,000 meters from you,」Tang Yao said.

Good. Prepare to move!」Nie Yan said. As soon as he gave the word, the eight Shadow Dancers closed in on the Blood Reaver Corps from different directions.

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