Chapter 787 - Graceful Strike

Blood Devil wanted his team members to better understand the skills of the Masters in the Righteous Faction. A little experience fighting them would go a long way, allowing them to avoid suffering losses in future battles.

Edgeless retreated 30 meters, avoiding Blood Devil’s attacks. He then set his eyes on the other Silver Wings and rushed toward them.


Stop him!」Blood Devil shouted. Two Warriors immediately charged toward Edgeless.

Edgeless suddenly came to a halt mid-charge. The two Warriors trying to intercept him were going too fast. There couldn’t possibly adapt to this sudden change in speed, as their momentum carried them flying past him. He accelerated again and shot off in another direction like an arrow.

Blood Devil was shocked by the high overall specs of these Masters. He was particularly amazed by Black Heaven. He was capable of increasing everyone’s strength several times over. With his heals and blessings backing them up, an ordinary Level 130 player would only be slightly weaker than an equal...

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