Chapter 786 - The First Clash With the Blood Reaver Corps

“Elegy, I don’t think those guys from the Blood Reaver Corps will come back. After all, we’ve bolstered the defenses of the Mona Stronghold so much. Since they failed to slaughter their way in here the first time, I don’t think they stand a chance next time,” a Thief in black leather armour said. He was a fairly slim man in his 30s. He also wasn't very tall, standing about half a head shorter than Elegy and the others around him.

This Thief was called Ashen One. He was once one of the top few players in Asskickers United. Everyone had paid close attention to him initially, because he was pulling far ahead of the pack in terms of skill. But as time went on and others continued to progress, he stagnated until finally others caught up to him. Even so, his words still carried some influence in the guild.

“Yeah, Elegy. What’s there to be so scared about? The Blood Reaver Corps only has 60 players. There’s no way they can take down the Mona Stronghold,” a Warrior chimed in.

“Watchful Snail told us to keep guard here. Those are the orders,”...

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