Chapter 785 - Level 180 Demonified Lord

Nie Yan’s team originally didn’t hold any high hopes, simply because the reputation of a Level 180 Demonified Lord was too frightening. Mentally prepared for death, they were caught off guard by this shimmer of hope. Drakuru was already greatly weakened by his shackles. But after being debuffed by Kalenna, his stats were further reduced by another 35% and his mental attacks were sealed.

After taking two hits in a row, Explosive Counter procced as a whirlwind of power erupted from Lil’ Gold, knocking Drakuru back.


“How much health does Drakuru have?”

“I don’t know. There’s no way to see it!”

Everyone glanced at each other in dismay. Since Drakuru’s exact health was hidden, that meant it was over 100,000,000. As for whether it was just 100,000,000 health or several hundred million health, they had no idea.

They were frightened by Drakuru’s enormous health pool. Just how long would it take them to kill him?

Nevertheless, even with this knowledge, they were...

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