Chapter 784 - Traitor Drakuru

Shadow Killer was completely convinced of Nie Yan’s strength. Even though their exchange was brief and Nie Yan only used the most basic skills, under that rush down, he had no opportunity to retaliate. This was the difference in their strength.

“You go there, and I’ll go here,” Nie Yan said. Looking up ahead, the tunnel forked into five different paths.

“Alright.” Shadow Killer nodded.

After the two entered back into stealth, Nie Yan said in voice chat,「Everyone, report your coordinates every few minutes.

In order to avoid accidents from happening, Nie Yan could only rely on this method. Sharing coordinates didn’t take much effort anyway.

Will do, Boss!」Everyone shared their coordinates.

As Nie Yan ventured deeper into the cave, he heard the beckoning of a voice, causing him to unwillingly head toward it.

It was quite strange. Nie Yan could still maintain a clear mind, but he was compelled to move toward the voice.

After traversing through the winding...

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