Chapter 783 - Almost Killing an Ally

The Death God’s Edge and Paternoster’s Warhammer both required 300 Divine Power.

Morphest’s Soul Blessing only gave Nie Yan one point of Divine Power. However, this one point allowed him to see a ray of hope. Since the stat existed, he would have an opportunity to slowly raise it later on. These weapons were equipable after all!

Nie Yan examined his character window and noticed some slight changes. For example, skills like Backbreaker dealt additional damage. At the same time, when fighting a demon or boss, regardless of their level, he had a high chance of breaking their armour. Other stats like Jump and Focus also saw huge transformations.

This was quite the harvest.

After seeing Nie Yan come out of the thatch hut and leave the barrier, the others walked over.

“How did it go?”

“Did you get anything good?”

Xie Yao also looked over at Nie Yan with expectant eyes, calmly waiting for his reply.

“I received a quest to kill a Demonified Lord. It’s pretty dangerous, but since we’re already here, there’s no turning back now. If we fail... Well,...

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