Chapter 782 - Soul Blessing

After clearing all the Dark Hyenas in the vicinity, Nie Yan and the others sat down to recover their health and mana.

All around, hundreds of meters in any direction were the corpses of the Dark Hyenas. It was quite a shocking sight.

“Boss, there’s a treasure chest over there.”

Undying Scoundrel’s voice attracted Nie Yan’s attention. Everyone looked over to where he was pointing. At the top of a 30-meter tall cliff was the outline of a chest hidden behind some shrubbery. If one weren’t looking closely, it would be impossible to discover.

“Nice find. You have some pretty good eyes,” Nie Yan said with a smile.

Undying Scoundrel scratched his head with a bashful smile.

“I’ll go open the chest,” Nie Yan said. He walked over to the bottom of the cliff wall and looked up. After examining the terrain, he activated his Web-Crawler Ring and started nimbly climbing up. Before long, he reached the top. Looking at the chest, it was pretty small and made out of a material he...

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