Chapter 781 - A Deal

In the previous timeline, the Blood Reaver Corps only stayed on the surface for two months before being chased back to the underworld. This time around, the situation was completely different. Asskickers United and Angel Corps were sworn enemies. There was no way the two sides would cooperate!

Asskickers United would be all alone in this fight. Though incredibly difficult, their only hope was to surround the Blood Reaver Corps and wipe them out.

If you find their whereabouts, report to me immediately. You will have to delay them, at least until we return from the World of Darkness,」Nie Yan said. Every second they could buy was more precious than the last.

I’ll do my best. I don’t think they are brave enough to attack our strongholds yet.

I’m not so sure about that. Anything is possible with that bunch of maniacs.」Nie Yan shook his head. In the previous timeline, the Blood Reaver Corps had fearlessly attacked strongholds many times.

Guo Huai was taken aback. Did those people really dare to attack a stronghold? Thinking...

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