Chapter 781 - A Deal

In the previous timeline, the Blood Reaver Corps only stayed on the surface for two months before being chased back to the underworld. This time around, the situation was completely different. Asskickers United and Angel Corps were sworn enemies. There was no way the two sides would cooperate!

Asskickers United would be all alone in this fight. Though incredibly difficult, their only hope was to surround the Blood Reaver Corps and wipe them out.

If you find their whereabouts, report to me immediately. You will have to delay them, at least until we return from the World of Darkness,」Nie Yan said. Every second they could buy was more precious than the last.

I’ll do my best. I don’t think they are brave enough to attack our strongholds yet.

I’m not so sure about that. Anything is possible with that bunch of maniacs.」Nie Yan shook his head. In the previous timeline, the Blood Reaver Corps had fearlessly attacked strongholds many times.

Guo Huai was taken aback. Did those people really dare to attack a stronghold? Thinking about it, if Nie Yan dared to sneak his way into the Clemenci Stronghold alone, why wouldn’t the Blood Reaver Corps with their 60 Silver Wings dare to take on a stronghold?「Looks like I’ll have to fortify the defenses of our strongholds.

No harm in making preparations.

Alright, I’ll let you continue with your levelling,」Guo Huai said. He ended the call, then walked into the guild headquarters’ main hall.

When Black Heaven and several others saw Guo Huai enter, they walked up to him and asked, “What did the boss say?”

“He wants us to delay the Blood Reaver Corps for as long as possible and wait for his return from the World of Darkness,” Guo Huai replied.

“The Blood Reaver Corps don’t seem to have any intention of attacking us. We’ll just have our members steer clear of them for now. When the boss is back, we can deal with them then!” Paladin of the Elegy said.

“The most important point is that we still have no idea of their exact location!”

“We already have our Hundred Thieves searching all over for traces of them,” Hapless Frog said. He and Tyrannical were the leaders of the Hundred Thieves. Each of them had hundreds of subordinates under them responsible for managing these Thieves.

“Since the Blood Reaver Corps has arrived in the Viridian Empire, they definitely won’t stay idle for long. When they make their move, we’ll know where they are,” Tyrannical said confidently.

Under Guo Huai’s arrangements, Asskickers United and all their allies started fortifying the defenses of their strongholds.


At this moment, a team of 60 players riding three-meter tall Nightmare Beasts crossed the border into the Viridian Empire. They sped through the wilderness known as the Kross Plains.

“Boss, who’s our next target?” a fallen human Mage asked. This fellow was basically all skin and bones with his eye sockets caved in and his cheekbones protruding out. He looked to be in his 40s.

“Old Bat, no need to ask. Wherever the boss wants to go, all we have to do is follow. When has he ever led us astray?” a Slayer carrying dual short swords on his back said with a smile.

Old Bat scratched his head with an embarrassed smile. “My bad. Just curiosity. Shadow, you’re always so calm and collected. Aren’t you the slightest bit curious?”

“Doesn’t matter. Heads roll wherever we go. I just hope our next opponent will be a bit stronger. I’m really bored of killing these weaklings who can’t even take one or two hits.” The Slayer called Dark Shadow shrugged.

“Shadow is the strongest Slayer in the Demon Tribe. If he claims to be second best, no one will dare to claim to be first. Honestly, we don’t need to be scared of that Asskickers United or whatever. Even if Nirvana Flame comes, what could he possibly do against us?” a dark elf Thief called Autumn Gust said. Dark Shadow was the vice-captain of the Blood Reaver Corps. So, everyone was fairly respectful toward him.

“Autumn, there’ll always be someone stronger. Take the boss for example. In the Demon Tribe, there are still a few people who can go toe-to-toe with him.”

“Like who?” Autumn Gust asked.

“Pantheon’s Godking comes to mind. That guy is pretty mysterious. He never shows himself in public, but he’s always at the top of the level leaderboards. He’s definitely an expert. As for the Righteous Faction, Nirvana Flame is also a pretty tough bastard. You know, there’s a good reason why we stayed in the Satreen Empire for so long and avoided the Viridian Empire,” Dark Shadow said. He was old and wise enough to look at things objectively, unlike Autumn Gust.

Blood Devil didn’t refute Dark Shadow’s words.

Autumn Gust couldn’t accept this and asked back, “Then why are we in the Viridian Empire right now?” He felt Dark Shadow was overestimating this Nirvana Flame.

Dark Shadow didn’t immediately reply, instead turning to face the silent Blood Devil. This was also a question he wanted to ask. Previously, Blood Devil had received a voice call from someone. After chatting with that person, he decided to come to the Viridian Empire. These two matters were definitely related.

Blood Devil pulled on his reins, causing the Nightmare Beast he was riding to rear up its front legs before stomping on the ground and coming to a halt.

Everyone else also came to a stop and gazed at Blood Devil.

Blood Devil looked at his brothers, then said in a serious tone, “I’m going to make an announcement. Afterwards, we’ll take a vote. The majority will decide our next move.”

Everyone was puzzled. Just what was going on? Normally, everything in the team would be decided by Blood Devil alone. Only on really important matters would he ask for the input of the other members. In their memory, there had been no more than seven instances of this happening. The last time was when they were deciding whether they should go to the surface.

“I received a call from a man surnamed Cao yesterday, and he proposed a deal to me. He managed to get in touch with me through our contacts in the Satreen Empire. We spoke for a bit, and…” Blood Devil spoke slowly word after word, making sure everyone in the team could hear him clearly.

Everyone’s ears perked up. Blood Devil had never spoken to them about this before.

“This guy actually tracked us down through the contacts we have hidden in the Satreen Empire? He’s not simple.” Everyone was surprised. Surnamed Cao and his influence in the Satreen Empire reached far and wide, they could easily guess his identity.

“What kind of deal?” Dark Shadow asked.

Seeing everyone calming back down, Blood Devil continued, “In short, he wants us to leave the Satreen Empire and stir up trouble for Asskickers United in the Viridian Empire. If we complete his mission, he’ll pay us this much.” He stuck out three fingers, then pointed his thumb down, making a gesture only people in the team would know.

Everyone started chatting excitedly with each other.

“Wow, that's a lot. That’d usually take us two years to make!”

“Damn! The Century Financial Group really are a bunch of rich moneybags.”

“I bet it’s because they’re afraid of us. They’re trying to bribe us to leave the Satreen Empire,” a fallen human Mystic said. After hearing these words, everyone felt pleased with themselves.

“What kind of mission? If it’s not too bad, let’s go for it!”

“Yeah, Boss!”

Everyone echoed these sentiments. They were all professional players, with most of them being over 40 years old. They all had families to feed. One of the reasons they had gathered together was to make some extra money. After hearing Cao Xu was willing to pay them what they’d normally make in two years, they couldn’t help but get excited.

“After completing this mission, we’ll be rewarded handsomely.”

“Nothing in this world is free, and money doesn’t come easily. Since you’ve all decided, I won’t say anymore.” Blood Devil knew of everyone’s struggles and what choice they would make, or else he wouldn’t have brought them to the Viridian Empire.

“Boss, just tell us what the mission is.”

“There are three parts to the mission. The first is to raze one of Asskickers United’s strongholds,” Blood Devil said.

“Just one stronghold, no big deal. It’s not like we haven’t done that before. Remember Fallen Angel’s stronghold? Hehe…”

Everyone was brimming with confidence. Ever since arriving on the surface, all the opponents they had faced so far were weak trash that couldn’t even take a single hit. Taking down a stronghold was nothing difficult for them.

“What the second part of the mission?”

“That’s for later. First, I want you all to realize, if we take down one of Asskickers United’s strongholds, there is no turning back. We’ll be hunted down by the number one guild of the Righteous Faction.”

“Pfft! What’s there to be afraid of?”

“Asskickers United is nothing.”

Many of them didn’t put Asskickers United in their eyes. From their perspective, there was nothing amazing about large guilds besides having many players.

“Those Masters in Asskickers United won’t just stand by and watch, right? Nirvana Flame will probably come too,” Dark Shadow said. He gazed at Blood Devil, wanting to see something from his expression.

“That’s something to think about for later.”

“I bet you’ve been itching to test yourself against Nirvana Flame for a long time now,” Dark Shadow said with a knowing smile.

“Nothing escapes your eyes. Having you as a partner really is a troublesome thing,” Blood Devil said with a helpless smile.

Dark Shadow chuckled. “So, my guess was correct. It really does get you excited. The latest I heard, Asskickers United has 28 masters.”

Dark Shadow and Blood Devil’s conversation didn’t enter the ears of the other members. They were still excitedly chatting with each other about this mission. After completing it, they would be swimming in money! Of the 60 members, 55 voted to take on the mission.

The group of 60 players traversed the plains, entering the territory of Moonlight City and arriving at the top of a hill. Up ahead was an imposing stronghold situated on a grassland that spanned as far as the eye could see. This was Asskickers United’s Mona Stronghold, an unremarkable Basic Stronghold.

The stronghold was located in a Level 130 map. Teams of players could be spotted levelling in the area. Over 90% of them belonged to Asskickers United or their allied guilds.

This wide open plain would become the Blood Reaver Corps’ stage to run wild!

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