Chapter 780 - General

For two months, Nie Yan’s team slowly made their way through the wasteland of the World of Darkness.

Every time Nie Yan gazed up ahead, the volcano was closer in view. It was already within reach now. The journey here took far longer than they originally imagined. Everyone’s levelling speeds had also slowed to a crawl. Nie Yan had reached Level 145 while Tang Yao and Xie Yao were only Level 146.

However, during these 2 months, Nie Yan had received quite a bit of good news. Black Heaven, Hapless Frog, Tyrannical, Monochrome, Edgeless, Happy Hermit, and Sunny South had successfully cleared their class advancement quests, increasing the number of Masters in Asskickers United from 21 to 28. Furthermore, of the three Archbishops in the Viridian Empire, all of them belonged to Asskickers United! Meanwhile, nine new Masters had appeared in the Satreen Empire, only three of which belonged to Angel Corps. 

In terms of number of Masters, Asskickers United had always been far ahead of the rest. With 28 Masters, Lil’ Gold, and Paladin Lafus, Nie Yan had some confidence in taking on the Blood Reaver Corps....

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