Chapter 778 - Blood Reaver Corps

After passing through another horde of Dark Hounds, Nie Yan’s team finally encountered some higher level Dark Hyenas. They looked similar to Dark Hounds, only that they were bigger and covered in sharp bone spurs. As Level 180 Elites, they were much stronger than Dark Hounds, but the experience they provided was many times greater too.

When dealing with these Dark Hyenas, Nie Yan and the others became more vigilant. Nevertheless, their power levelling spree continued. They steadily gained experience, as they moved forward at an impressive speed.

Nie Yan took four days to reach Level 141, six days for Level 142, and 12 days for Level 143. 20 days flew by in the blink of an eye. Yet they had still only seen a fraction of the World of Darkness.

Nie Yan still hadn’t found any traces of Morphest. Glancing inside his bag, the reaction from Paternoster’s Warhammer was growing stronger and stronger. Electricity crackled around it, emanating a frightening power.

Nie Yan didn’t dare to bring Paternoster’s Warhammer out, for fear of inciting trouble.

Dark clouds shrouded...

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