Chapter 777 - Power Levelling with Forbidden Magic

Nie Yan wanted to explore this World of Darkness. It’d piqued his interest and was bound to be filled with rare goodies. Plus, his Return Scrolls were grayed out, so even if they wanted to, they couldn’t leave. They were stuck here. Committing suicide to get out also wasn’t worth it. After all, at their levels, every level required an enormous amount of experience.

Fortunately, the Magisters had plenty of mana. If they stuck to less mana intensive spells, they could last for quite a while. Tang Yao didn’t even have to worry about his mana at all thanks to his Arcane Fairy, nor did Xie Yao whose consumption had dropped by 60% because of the effects of the Earth Orb.

Nie Yan’s team was as solid as a boulder. Assailed by a sea of Dark Hounds, they were immovable.

After grinding for five hours straight, Nie Yan and the others were finally starting to run low on mana and health. They could only rely on potions to keep going.

Thankfully, everyone had stocked up on potions before setting out. They wouldn’t run low anytime soon.

“Sparrow Hawk, cast your Forbidden...

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