Chapter 776 - World of Darkness

All of the 21 people here had learned multiple languages. Nie Yan knew the most at 13 in total, some of which he learned from the library and others while out exploring. Even those less concerned with learning new languages knew at least five. Everyone spoke Common and Ancient Common. Other fairly common languages were Orcish, Elvish, and Dwarven, each with countless dialects. Koradi was one of the minor dialects of the tauren language.

“What does it say?” Nie Yan asked.

“A lost world sunken into a realm of darkness, a place shrouded in eternal night devoid of all light, when the dimensional door opens, the ancient world will welcome the rays of dawn. Use your hands to make contact with the spirits, then chant out the name of the god, Sigola…” Xie Yao read out the lines. There was a large section of characters further down below, a message surely hidden within. But more conspicuous were the five symbols which...

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