Chapter 775 - Earth Orb

Nie Yan could already imagine the birth of another high Growth Rate pet even stronger than Lil’ Gold.

An Evolution Crystal could allow a pet to walk on a completely different path. 

Nie Yan tossed the Evolution Crystal into his bag. “Come on. Onto the next one.”

They rushed over to Smoke Stub’s aid and targeted the next Dark Druid.

The Thieves’ silhouettes darted back and forth around the Dark Druid. The chain of crowd control skills completely locked him down. His health rapidly fell lower and lower.

Before long, the second Dark Druid collapsed to the ground.

Meanwhile, Lei Su and Bladelight were under a lot of pressure. They started to get overwhelmed. Facing off against two and three Level 160 Lords respectively proved an enormous challenge.

Requiem, Smile, you two go help Lei Su and Bladelight!」Nie Yan ordered in voice chat.

Got it!

Dark Requiem and Mistaken Smile set off to help Bladelight and Lei Su. Nie Yan and the others shifted their attention to the...

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