Chapter 774 - Forbidden Magic of a Guardian

Nie Yan returned home and ate dinner with Xie Yao. By the time they finished, the servers were about to reopen.

Nie Yan and Xie Yao entered the game. One after another, with bright flashes of light, the 21 Masters reappeared in Barthe.

“Have any of you thought of a plan?” Nie Yan asked, his gaze landing on the 10 Dark Druids in the distance.

Everyone had a bitter smile on their face. They looked at the others in the hope someone had thought of a method. In this kind of circumstance, what could they possibly come up with?

“Seems like we can only brute-force it.”

“We don’t have any idea how deep the mana pools of those Dark Druids are. If they can continuously heal each other without limit, we’ll only be wasting our time,” Bladelight said. Brute-forcing it was a last resort method. He faintly knitted his brows. “Is there anything we can do to drain away their mana? That’d make it a lot easier.”

“Draining mana? What about the Mana Burn spell Priests...

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