Chapter 773 - Show of Strength

As Nie Yan passed through the crowd of people, the familiar setting caused his heart to palpitate.

An indescribable sorrow welled up within him.

Visions of the past flashed before his eyes. It was precisely in this neon-filled world that he saw Tang Yao’s cold corpse sprawled out on the floor. The painful memories tugged at his mind, but only served to steel his resolve.

No matter what, Nie Yan wouldn’t sit back and resign himself to fate this time around. He wouldn’t allow the tragedies of his past life to repeat themselves.

Nie Yan calmed himself down and walked up the stairs to the top floor. He quickly found room 88 and walked in.

Someone was already waiting for Nie Yan inside. Seeing him enter, Wei Kai immediately stood up.

“Young Master Nie,” Wei Kai respectfully greeted.

“Mhm.” Nie Yan nodded, before glancing at the entrance.

Wei Kai hurriedly closed the door. “Don’t worry. I’ve made it clear to the staff that no one is to disturb us.”

Nie Yan sat down on the sofa. “Sit,” he said, looking over Wei Kai. Though his overall appearance hadn’t changed much since they last met just over a year ago, he did grow out a scraggly beard and seemed to give off a more mature impression.

Wei Kai hesitated for a moment before sitting down on the sofa across from Nie Yan.

Nie Yan took a glass of whiskey from the table and downed it in one gulp. He laid back on the sofa, crossing one leg over the other, and asked, “So, why are you looking for me?”

Wei Kai gulped, He forcefully calmed himself down. He knew this one moment would decide his fate. Rubbing his hands, he started, “Young Master Nie, it’s like this, I’d like to ask you to take us in. Me and my 1,000 brothers. I can vouch for all of them, they’re outstanding men who will definitely be useful to you. Plus, we have a pretty decent influence in Ninjiang.”

Wei Kai had seen his fair share of death. But in front of Nie Yan, he had a hard time keeping his calm. It still puzzled him. A year ago, Nie Yan was just some scrawny little brat who was fun to bully. But now, when facing the same person, he felt an ineffable pressure. He couldn’t explain it.

Nie Yan shook his head. “I have no interest in Ninjiang. I also don’t have any desire to poke my nose into the underworld.”

Wei Kai raised his head and stared at Nie Yan with a vacant expression. Then, why did Nie Yan have Tang Yao keep in touch with him?

Most recently, as his gang expanded, the pressure Wei Kai faced from the outside increased greatly. He needed a powerful backer to rely on, and fast. Nie Yan was undoubtedly the most suitable choice. Just a little effort from World Bloc, and all their obstacles would vanish.

Wei Kai believed Nie Yan was interested in what he could offer. So, he didn’t expect this reply.

Nie Yan understood places like Ninjiang were quite chaotic, no different from a slum. The underground scene there was too volatile and couldn’t be controlled by anyone. For Wei Kai to have to risen to his position given his young age proved he had some ability. However, he filled a position, nothing more. If he weren’t there, someone else would fill his place.

“Young Master Nie… If there’s anything you need me to do, please give me your instructions,” Wei Kai said respectfully. Seeing Nie Yan’s indifferent expression, he had no idea what to say.

“If I need you for anything, I’ll naturally get in touch with you. I’ll provide you with funding to help your organization grow. Let’s say I’ll keep supporting you. However, I have a few conditions. Human trafficking and sex work are off the table, and no innocent and unaffiliated parties are allowed to be harmed. If you do any of that and something happens, I won’t protect you. A rumour of you breaking these terms is all it takes, and I’ll immediately cut you off and make sure you learn the consequences,” Nie Yan coldly said. “I’ve never met a person called Wei Kai in my life, and you’ve never met Nie Yan. Do we understand each other?”

Wei Kai was a smart person. He immediately agreed. “We do.” Nie Yan wanted to have no relationship with him.

After getting his point across, Nie Yan didn’t say anything else. Wei Kai had joined under his banner. He didn’t know when Wei Kai would be of any use, but keeping him close by wouldn’t hurt. Of course, this was only a business arrangement. It’d be far more difficult to get Wei Kai to become completely obedient.

Nie Yan decided to bring Wei Kai under his umbrella, having him handle the matters in Ninjiang and start expanding his operations to Huahai. With World Bloc’s financial backing, there should be no hiccups. As long as they didn’t openly flout the law, as time passed, they would slowly become a powerful asset to him, able to do things he couldn’t do personally.

After chatting for a while, Nie Yan got up. “We won’t meet again. Tang Yao will contact you when I need you. I’ll be taking my leave.”

“Alright. Take care, Young Master Nie.” Wei Kai stood up and followed Nie Yan to the door.

“You can leave in 30 minutes,” Nie Yan said. He opened the door and left. As he walked away, he took out his phone and rang up Bayonet.

After Nie Yan left, Wei Kai sat back down on the sofa. He carefully replayed the conversation they had in his head. Nie Yan did indeed have powerful influence. The pressure he felt earlier was probably due to their difference in status. However, to think that would be enough to control him would be too naive. From his perspective, Nie Yan was simply a springboard for him to use. His real goal wasn’t merely to be the leader of a bunch of gangsters.

Truthfully, ever since Wei Kai rose to power in Ninjiang, the situation there had improved a lot. Though part of his business still happened under the table, he worked hard to move it above. He was definitely a step up compared to the other gangs.

After chilling around in room 88 for 20-odd minutes, Wei Kai coldly chuckled. Nie Yan was still an ignorant brat. His thinking was too simple and soft. If he thought this brief conversation was enough to control him, he had a whole ‘nother thing coming for him.

With the financial support of World Bloc, their moment in the light was fast approaching. When they could firmly stand with two feet on the ground, the first thing Wei Kai would do was to kick World Block to the wayside.

Wei Kai got up and left the room, then headed for the exit.

“Kakaka, 30 minutes, what a joke,” Wei Kai snickered. The bar was filled with his people. They were closely monitoring everything. He knew Nie Yan had come alone. So, there was no need to listen to his final words.




After seeing Wei Kai, over a dozen people got up and gathered around him.

“Let’s leave.” Wei Kai waved his hand.

They swaggered out of the bar. As Wei Kai stepped foot outside, a silhouette flashed past him, slashing something across his neck. He looked over, but they had already disappeared into the crowd. He didn’t get a chance to see their appearance at all.

Six seconds later, Wei Kai felt a sharp pain. He hurriedly touched his neck and felt a wet feeling on his hand. A sickly sweet taste welled up in his throat.

An intense feeling of death welled up from his heart. He hurriedly grabbed his throat, his face pale with fright, as he hoarsely cried out, “Hospital! Bring me to the hospital!”

“Boss, what’s going on?” 

“Boss, you’re bleeding!”

His lackeys hurriedly escorted Wei Kai away, pushing aside anyone in their way. It caused quite the commotion. All the people on the street and in the bar looked over in bewilderment.

At this moment, Wei Kai’s phone rang. The caller ID: Nie Yan.

Wei Kai’s hand was trembling as he answered the call. Nie Yan’s calm voice entered his ear.

No need to go to the hospital. The wound will close in 30 seconds. I told you to wait 30 minutes before leaving the bar. You only waited 20. This is my one and only warning to you. Next time, it’ll be your head.

Hearing Nie Yan’s words, Wei Kai’s heart trembled in fear. He rubbed his neck. The wound had healed and was no longer bleeding, just like Nie Yan had said. He could still faintly feel the hair thin wound.

As for the perpetrator, Wei Kai had no idea. But he could confidently say it wasn’t Nie Yan. Even though it was a brief glance, that person looked to be in his 30s.

What a skilled expert!

Wei Kai had no idea what kind of weapon the other party used, but it was incomparably sharp, to the extent he didn’t feel anything until six seconds later. He could tell that if the other side wanted him dead, he would be.

Only now did Wei Kai finally start reevaluating Nie Yan’s previous words. He felt a cold sweat run down his neck. That action just now was to tell him that his life was completely in Nie Yan’s hands and could be taken away at any time.

No wonder Nie Yan was so sure he would obey.

Wei Kai’s mind was filled with all sorts of thoughts, as a hodgepodge of complicated emotions raged within him. His exchange with Nie Yan just now made him feel like everything he had been doing so far was simply playing house. He had no way of reaching Nie Yan’s level, nor did he have the strength. He was a bottom of the rung trash. Any attempt to climb up from the slums would be extremely dangerous. If he wished to continue living, he would have to become Nie Yan’s dog. If Nie Yan said bark, he’d have to bark. If he didn’t, he could already imagine the consequences.

So be it. Living the life of a guard dog isn’t too bad either. Wei Kai faintly smiled. Thinking to this point, his mood lightened a lot. Perhaps he couldn’t sit on the throne, but anything was better than going against a frightening bastard like Nie Yan. Today’s incident made him feel like he had just come back from the gates of hell. Ordinary people couldn’t possibly understand that feeling of finding out you’re still breathing after meeting death face to face and losing all hope. So what if he was dragging out an ignoble existence? It was fine as long as he was still living.

Wei Kai’s lackeys gazed at him in bewilderment. They felt his current mood was a bit strange, different from his usual self.

“Come on. Let’s go,” Wei Kai said. He got into the car. Five black cars sped away into the night.

Nie Yan put down his phone with a faint smile. Bayonet had smoothly carried out his mission. Wei Kai had been thoroughly scared into submission. From here on out, he definitely wouldn’t dare to disobey orders. This display of strength proved quite effective. As long as he could keep Wei Kai in line, there’d be plenty of places to use him.

Nie Yan pressed down on the accelerator. With a loud rumble, the Thrawn roared and sped away down the street.

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