Chapter 773 - Show of Strength

As Nie Yan passed through the crowd of people, the familiar setting caused his heart to palpitate.

An indescribable sorrow welled up within him.

Visions of the past flashed before his eyes. It was precisely in this neon-filled world that he saw Tang Yao’s cold corpse sprawled out on the floor. The painful memories tugged at his mind, but only served to steel his resolve.

No matter what, Nie Yan wouldn’t sit back and resign himself to fate this time around. He wouldn’t allow the tragedies of his past life to repeat themselves.

Nie Yan calmed himself down and walked up the stairs to the top floor. He quickly found room 88 and walked in.

Someone was already waiting for Nie Yan inside. Seeing him enter, Wei Kai immediately stood up.

“Young Master Nie,” Wei Kai respectfully greeted.

“Mhm.” Nie Yan nodded, before glancing at the entrance.

Wei Kai hurriedly closed the door. “Don’t worry. I’ve made it clear to the staff that no one is to disturb us.”

Nie Yan sat down on the sofa. “Sit,” he said, looking over Wei Kai. Though his overall appearance hadn’t changed...

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