Chapter 772 - Meeting Wei Kai Again

Nie Yan looked around the room. 300 people stood in rank and file. Though they wore different clothing, they still looked quite imposing.

“Who’s in charge here?” Nie Yan asked, sweeping his eyes over his brothers.

Everyone turned their gaze to Painted Muslin. She was dressed in a casual white blouse and black skirt, like a mature beauty.

“Guo Huai told me to take care of the daily affaires here,” Painted Muslin said with a reserved smile.

“Mhmm, good. I’m just here to take a look around. I probably won’t get a chance to visit often. I’ll leave everything here to you,” Nie Yan said. Azure Windchime was founded by Painted Muslin in the first place. This was plenty of proof of her leadership ability. He had no objections.

“Big Sis Muslin,” Xie Yao greeted.

“Yao Yao, you came too?” Painted Muslin said with a bright smile, as she grabbed Xie Yao’s hand.

The sight of these two beauties happily chatting with each other caught the attention of everyone in the room.

“Boss, I’ll show you around,” Undying Scoundrel said. “Here, we are in the main hall. Up ahead…”

Nie Yan and...

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