Chapter 771 - War God Gaming Organization

Of the 21 Masters here, no more than five had opened a Legendary chest. These chests often contained Legendary equipment, high rank pets, and other amazing items.

A Legendary chest wasn’t something you could find just because you wanted to; it was a combination of hard work and luck. So, all of them took any opportunity to open one very seriously.

Everyone looked at each other in dismay. 

“What do we do? There’s so many Lords.”

“Who cares!? It’s a Legendary chest!”

As Masters, they had encountered even tougher situations and welcomed everything that came at them with open arms. If they turned back just because things got a little difficult, the chest would end up getting taken away by someone else.

“So what if there are some Lords in our way!? We can think of something!” 

“True, but we’ll have to put it off till tomorrow. We don’t have enough time today,” Nie Yan said after checking the clock. They had to consider things meticulously. Even if it were a Legendary chest, he didn’t want to see the...

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