Chapter 770 - Mage Tower

After being bound by the tentacles, Nie Yan felt his life force rapidly draining away as he lost all strength in his limbs. A string of 3,000s floated up above his head.

Phantom Princess Ina emerged right behind Nie Yan. Apparently, she had a stealth ambush skill similar to that of a Thief, which had caught him completely off guard.

Phantom Princess Ina locked Nie Yan down, rendering him immobile. With all his skills grayed out as well, he had absolutely no way to resist.

THWACK! One of Phantom Princess Ina’s tentacles struck Nie Yan, dealing 10,000 damage.

As the last bit of health drained out of his health bar, Paladin Lafus came rushing over and cast Heal on Nie Yan with a wave of his sword.

Nie Yan’s health was immediately restored back to full.

At this moment, Lil’ Gold also came barrelling forward, ramming his enormous frame into Phantom Princess Ina.

BANG! Phantom Princess Ina staggered back, almost losing her grip on Nie Yan and throwing him into the air.

In these brief few seconds, Bladelight, Smoke Stub, and Lei Su came charging over.

PSFHT! PSFHT! PSFHT! Several daggers emerged out of nowhere, a cold light trailing their blades as Phantom Princess Ina’s tentacles were sliced off.

Nie Yan finally broke free from Phantom Princess Ina’s clutches. He quickly fled away.

Sun, King of the World, Mistaken Smile, and the other Thieves materialized out of stealth.

Nie Yan gave them a smile. Their coordination was top notch.

“Phantom Princess Ina is almost dead. We can do it guys!” Nie Yan shouted before commanding Lil’ Gold to blast her with Dragon Breath.

Phantom Princess Ina only had 9% health left. Everyone’s nerves were stretched taut. She would soon be dead.



Bladelight, Smoke Stub, and Lei Su slashed out with their swords. A string of misses rose up above Phantom Princess Ina’s head.

BANG! BANG! BANG! Thousands of spells flew through the air and bombarded Phantom Princess Ina.

8%, 7%, 6%...

Phantom Princess Ina attempted to knock aside everyone around her in an attempt to pursue Nie Yan. However, how could Nie Yan ever give her the opportunity? He quickly retreated back and evaded her attacks. Taking advantage of the others locking her down, he circled behind her, then slashed down with Zennarde’s Sword.

Hell Execution!


“GYAAAAH!” Phantom Princess Ina let out a shrill cry. She started melting like a block of ice in the summer sun before finally turning into a puddle of black liquid.

Phantom Princess Ina was dead!

“Yes, finally! Who landed the killing blow? Boss, was it you!?” Undying Scoundrel asked excitedly. The final blow had saved them a lot of time and hardship.

Nie Yan checked his notifications before shaking his head. “It wasn’t me.”

“Then who was it?”

“It was me,” Smoke Stub said.

Be it Execution or Hell Execution, both skills had a certain chance of success. As long as it worked even once, the boss would be dead.

The remains of Phantom Princess Ina evaporated into a black miasma before disappearing into the air.

A crisp notification jingle rang out. Phantom Princess Ina had dropped at least a dozen different items as gems and equipment scattered all over the ground. 

This haul was enormous!

Blood Lotus Asura Blade and Apex Evil walked over.

“According to our agreement, we’ll only take one piece of equipment. The rest is all yours,” Nie Yan said. He swept his eyes over the drops on the ground before focusing onto a sword. This was a two-handed greatsword made out of some unknown metal. It was engraved with all sorts of strange scribbles, somewhat similar to runes. Even he couldn’t decipher them.

Nie Yan picked up the greatsword and examined it with Transcendent Insight.

Morondor’s Sword (Legendary)

Requirements: Level 150

Properties: Attack 3,732–3,932, 20% chance to deal 300% Armour Break Damage, Rank 12 Darkness Corrosion, 30% Dark Damage, 30% Lifesteal.

Dark Devil Descent: Cleave down with the might of a devil, dealing 500% damage to your main target and 200% damage to all nearby enemies within a 5-meter radius.

Restrictions: Warrior

Morondor’s Sword was pretty amazing. Even though it couldn’t compare to Zennarde’s Sword, it was still a mighty fine Legendary weapon.

“Here, decide who should get it among yourselves,” Nie Yan said. He handed over the greatsword to Smoke Stub. 

Apex Evil and Blood Lotus Asura Blade split up the remaining loot among themselves evenly.

“Thank you, Nirvana Flame,” Apex Evil said with a complicated expression. Honestly speaking, he’d rather not have these items and retake his spot on the bleachers. Alas, now he was already drawn into the fight between Asskickers United and Angel Corps. He could only make the best out of it.

Blood Lotus Asura Blade shared a similar sentiment.

“I plan to take a tour around Blue Wolf City and Night Demon City sometime soon. I hope I won’t be intruding?” Nie Yan gazed at the two with a faint smile.

Apex Evil and Blood Lotus Asura Blade glanced at each other bitterly.

“Not at all. You’re welcome to visit at any time!” Apex Evil said with a bright smile.

“The doors of Asura Inferno will always be open to you. We look forward to your visit, Nirvana Flame!” Blood Lotus Asura Blade said with a bright grin, the corners of his lips twitching ever so slightly. He hoped to never see Nie Yan again. Of course, he wouldn’t dare to voice these feelings out loud.

How could Nie Yan not know how these two were feeling? However, he had made sure Devil World Riders and Asura Inferno wouldn’t dare to go against Asskickers United.

As for Morondor’s Sword. In the end, it was decided that it would go to Bladelight. He had an innate ability that allowed him to wield a two-handed sword with one hand. However, he could only use it at Level 150.

Nie Yan turned to Smoke Stub and the others. “It’s about time we leave.”


Smoke Stub, Undying Scoundrel, and the others gathered together.

“We’re leaving. See you later,” Nie Yan said, waving goodbye before leading his group into the inner district of Barthe.

“Have a safe journey.”

Apex Evil and Blood Lotus Asura Blade watched Nie Yan’s team disappear behind the end of the street with fake smiles plastered on their faces.

“God fuckking dammit! We really played right into his hand. We already deal with enough bullshit from Angel Corps. Now Nirvana Flame has gone and made us into his lackeys!” Blood Lotus Asura Blade finally released all the pent up anger he was holding back. 

“Forget it. Asskickers United is too powerful. Even Angel Corps is afraid of them. What can we do?” Apex Evil sighed. Even though they were rulers of their own cities, they didn’t dare to behave rudely in front of Nie Yan.

The players from the two large guilds slowly dispersed, spreading out in various directions to level and explore other parts of the map.

Ne Yan’s team travelled along the central street and entered the inner district. Like before, the number of Elite-class Desert Giants they encountered increased significantly the deeper they traveled into Barthe.

The inner district was filled with mage towers. Some of the largest ones reached as high as 40 meters, while on the other end the smallest ones only reached a dozen meters high. They were clustered close together, like a stone forest. The mystical almost surreal landscape was quite an astonishing sight.

The density of mana here was extremely high here. 

“This place is really rich with mana. All magic damage here is increased by 300%,” Summer Bug said. He immediately discovered the peculiarities of this place with his keen senses.

Only then did the other casters notice the change in their stats. All their magic damage was boosted by 300%, and their mana recovery speed had also increased significantly.

The environment could affect a Mage’s power to a certain extent. When they were in a place with scarcely any mana, their damage would significantly decrease. On the other hand, in a place like this that was rich with mana, their damage would increase substantially. A 50% increase in mana was already pretty good but hard to come by. Not to mention a place like this that offered 300% increased magic damage.

Why were there so many mage towers here?

On top of this, Nie Yan still had no idea where Morphest was. He glanced inside his bag. Paternerstor’s Warhammer emitted sparks of electricity, letting out crackling sounds.

Nie Yan’s team swept away any Desert Giants they encountered along the way as they headed deeper into the city. They didn’t leave any stone unturned, even searching through the many floors of all the mage towers in the vicinity.

After almost a whole day, they had only explored a miniscule section of Barthe.

After passing through the forest of towers, Nie Yan’s team arrived in a small square with five obelisks erected in the center. Bound to them were five enormous Two-Headed Hellhounds. They were quite big at four meters high with ferocious appearances. Standing beside them were tall orcs in black robes. Based on their attire, they appeared to be Druids.

Big Bro, I see five Level 150 Two-Headed Hellhounds and 10 Level 160 Dark Druids. They’re all Lord-class,」Sun reported.

The several of them had completely scouted out the square.

So many…」Tang Yao and the others sucked in a cold breath of air. This was their first time encountering so many Lords.

Apart from those Lords, is there anything else? If there isn’t, let’s just take a detour around them,」Nie Yan said. Dealing with so many Lords at the same time was extremely difficult.

Hold on. I’ll go take another look.

What’s that thing shining over there, in the middle of those obelisks at 3 O’clock? I can’t see it clearly,」Sun said.

Let me sneak a little closer,」Mistaken Smile said. He carefully made his way over in that direction.

Nie Yan and the others carefully paid attention to the situation. Suddenly, the Dark Druids became restless and gathered together in one spot. One of them even transformed into a bear and roared out.

What’s going on?」Nie Yan anxiously asked. He hoped nothing had gone wrong.

The senses of those Dark Druids are way too sharp. I was nearly killed. Thankfully, I managed to get out of there alive.」Mistaken Smile breathed a sigh of relief. He had just come out.

Did you discover anything?

A chest. It’s a pretty high grade. I’m guessing at least Legendary,」Mistaken Smile said.

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