Chapter 770 - Mage Tower

After being bound by the tentacles, Nie Yan felt his life force rapidly draining away as he lost all strength in his limbs. A string of 3,000s floated up above his head.

Phantom Princess Ina emerged right behind Nie Yan. Apparently, she had a stealth ambush skill similar to that of a Thief, which had caught him completely off guard.

Phantom Princess Ina locked Nie Yan down, rendering him immobile. With all his skills grayed out as well, he had absolutely no way to resist.

THWACK! One of Phantom Princess Ina’s tentacles struck Nie Yan, dealing 10,000 damage.

As the last bit of health drained out of his health bar, Paladin Lafus came rushing over and cast Heal on Nie Yan with a wave of his sword.

Nie Yan’s health was immediately restored back to full.

At this moment, Lil’ Gold also came barrelling forward, ramming his enormous frame into Phantom Princess Ina.

BANG! Phantom Princess Ina staggered back, almost losing her grip on Nie Yan and throwing him into the air.

In these brief few seconds, Bladelight, Smoke Stub, and Lei...

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