Chapter 769 - Ridiculous Critical Hits

Phantom Princess Ina repeatedly struck Bladelight with her tentacles. However, unlike with the Warriors before him, he was only pushed back slightly.

Bladelight took Phantom Princess Ina’s attacks head-on, even pushing her back.

Phantom Princess Ina’s tentacles dealt physical damage. Champions had the highest physical resistance among all Master classes. So, he naturally didn’t fear her attacks like others would.

Smoke Stub and Lei Su flanked Phantom Princess Ina from both sides, locking her down and preventing her from running rampant on the backline.

Bladelight was as steady as Mt. Tai, an immovable object. As soon as his health fell low, Young Seven, Paladin Lafus, and Dark Requiem would heal him, instantly topping his health back up.

The players from Asura Inferno and Devil World Riders couldn’t help but feel somewhat envious. All their Fighters had been sent flying away by Phantom Princess Ina. They finally understood why comparison was considered the thief of joy. If they had someone of Bladelight’s caliber, the average equipment quality of their guilds would go up by at least three notches.

With Bladelight, Smoke Stub, and Lei Su locking down Phantom Princess Ina, the Mages from Asura Inferno and Devil World Riders felt completely safe. They raised their staffs and let loose. A shower of magic arced through the sky and rained down on Phantom Princess Ina. 

They only dealt around 20–30 damage each. Even critical hits didn’t deal more than 60 damage.

Tang Yao, Xie Yao, Undying Scoundrel, and the others also started attacking. Strange words left their mouths as they waved their staffs, launching one spell after another. BANG! BANG! BANG! A string of damage values floated up above Phantom Princess Ina’s head. They ranged between 7,000–8,000, sometimes even critting for upwards of 20,000.

The players from Asura Inferno and Devil World Riders were completely dumbstruck. The Mages especially felt so ashamed of themselves they wished they could crawl in a hole and die! Normally, Masters and ordinary players like them didn’t share the same battlefields, so they'd never seen a direct comparison in damage before. Now that they did, they understood just how wide the gap was.

Nie Yan circled behind Phantom Princess Ina, then slashed out with Backbreaker, Backstab, and a flurry of other skills.

How ordinary players felt watching Masters, so did Masters watching Nie Yan. His attacks were hitting for at least 10,000 and even critting as high as 130,000 damage.

Seeing Nie Yan’s damage, not just the players from Asura Inferno and Devil World Riders, Undying Scoundrel, Lustboy, and the others also gawked in surprise.

Boss, what kind of critical damage is that!? My god. 10x damage, that’s ridiculous!

130,000 damage, that’s absolutely insane! I’ve never seen a critical hit do so much!

The Masters were all in disbelief and pestered Nie Yan in voice chat for answers.

While barraging him with question, Nie Yan critted again. 153,041! And again. 128,972!

What kind of critical rate was this!?

Nie Yan’s was dealing critical hits so consistently. How could this be!? If his attacks were aimed at a player, even someone like Bladelight would be instantly killed!

Seeing the fervent gazes of Undying Scoundrel, Lustboy, and the others, Nie Yan chuckled.「It’s all thanks to Zennarde’s Sword.

What? Zennarde’s Sword?」Undying Scoundrel’s gaze fell on the black dagger in Nie Yan’s hand.「But we’ve all already seen its properties before. I admit, it was pretty amazing for back then, but isn’t it far outclassed by higher level weapons by now? I’ve been wondering why you haven’t switched it out for something else already.

If I recall correctly, Zennarde’s Sword is a weapon that can grow stronger, right?」Summer Bug interjected.

Ah, that would explain it.

Boss, show us what its stats are like right now!

If he didn’t let them see, they would probably continue pestering him about it. Nie Yan rubbed his chin. He trusted this group. Even though he didn’t know Dark Requiem and Street Vulture very well, they were Black Hell’s people. They wouldn’t betray him.

Nie Yan shared the properties of Zennarde’s Sword in the chat.

Sealed Zennarde’s Sword (Divine)

Nightmare Curse of the Dead: Reduces the player’s stats by 10% (Effect halved by Barbarian Kelowitz’s Blessing).

Description: A godly weapon created by Kallander and imbued with the dark magic power of Dragon King Zennarde. Failing to subdue the evil energy within Zennarde’s Sword will result in a fatal backlash. Six Divine Seals were placed on this sword by the God of War Kelo. (Seals: 1/6)

Properties: Attack 5,560–5,827, Critical +650, 35% chance to deal 1,000% Critical Damage, Ignore Level +65, Ignore Armour

Hell Execution (Rank 12): Chance to instantly execute an enemy when their health falls below 27%. Success rate is determined by level difference and enemy defense. Energy Cost: 20. Cooldown: 2 seconds.

Advanced Apocalyptic Extinction: Inflict the enemy with five types of Curses: Rank 15 Exhaustion, Rank 15 Cripple, Rank 15 Disease, Rank 15 Fear, and Rank 15 Corrode. Duration: 15 minutes. Cooldown: 1 hour.

Annihilation Slash (Rank 16): Channel your energy into an enormous sword of dark fire and annihilate all enemies in your path. Deals 3,000% damage to all enemies in a 5 by 30 meter area in front of you. Cooldown: 2 days.

Restrictions: None

-Creator: Kallander

Everyone sucked in a cold breath of air. What were these properties? Insane! Ridiculous! Impossible! Especially the 35% chance to deal 1,000% critical damage. No wonder Nie Yan’s critical hits hit so often and so hard! 

Apart from the critical rate, the other properties like the Level Ignore +65 and 5,500+ attack power weren’t to be ignored either. All of them were eye-watering.

Boss, this Annihilation Slash. It’s the same skill you used to kill those dozen Angel Corps elites and finish off Necromancer Vorderman, right?」Undying Scoundrel asked with a look of amazement.

Yeah.」Nie Yan nodded.

「Advanced Apocalyptic Extinction also looks really powerful!

「What in the world? Hell Execution is way better than our Execution skills!」Bladelight said in a voice brimming with envy.

This dagger completely eclipsed any double-handed greatsword! At present, Zennarde’s Sword was without a doubt the number one weapon in the game.

Zennarde’s Sword’s properties left everyone gobsmacked. It was already equivalent to a Level 180 Legendary weapon. Even more frightening was that it could still grow more powerful. Who knew what its final form would look like?

The incredible properties of Zennarde’s Sword were deeply engraved into the minds of these Masters. They couldn’t help but dream of the day they would get their hands on a godly weapon like this themselves.

Nie Yan’s 100,000+ damage critical hits had already left the other 20 Masters shocked to this degree. One could imagine the state the players from Asura Inferno and Devil World Riders were in.

Who the hell is hitting that hard? This is insane!

I don’t know. Damn. Did a Mage use a single target Forbidden Magic or something?

Impossible. Forbidden Magic might hit that high once or twice, but no way they could do it that often!

That’s critical damage! Sweet mother of god, what an insane critical rate!

The players felt their heads spin. They originally believed 30,000 was already frightening beyond belief. As for 100,000+ damage, that was something you’d expect from a red underwear superhero! 

It’s Nirvana Flame! He’s the one dealing that insane damage!

「Are you for real? Is it really Nirvana Flame doing all that damage!?」

Some sharp-eyed players carefully paid attention to Nie Yan’s attacks along with the changes in the flames from Zennarde’s Sword and picked up on some clues. They looked at each other in shock. All of them were completely speechless. No words could describe what they were feeling right now. Nirvana Flame was no mortal like them! This was 100,000+ damage! Just how high would his attack power be?

No wonder Nie Yan remained undefeated to this day! Who else than him could dish out so much damage? Whoever tried to pick a fight with him would definitely be looking to get a beating!

The firepower of so many Mages couldn’t even compare to Nie Yan!

Phantom Princess Ina immediately shifted aggro to Nie Yan. She struck out at him with her tentacles, trying to lock him down. However, he was as slippery as a loach, easily dodging her attacks. He always maintained his position behind her. In addition, with Bladelight and company interfering, she would have no hope of catching him.

Slowly but surely, Phantom Princess Ina’s health was shaved away to only 20%, enraging her thoroughly. With a wave of her staff, everything within a 30-meter radius became engulfed in a sea of flames as meteors started raining down from the sky.

BANG! BANG! BANG! Flame tongues flew everywhere!

Tang Yao, Xie Yao, and the other Mages immediately blinked away to safety.

Phantom Princess Ina’s magic attack was extremely powerful. Nie Yan didn’t dare to take it head-on either. He quickly fled away with Gale Step.

Everyone used their various escape skills to flee. Only Bladelight stuck his ground. He let out a deep grunt. 

Bulwark of the War God!

The projection of a golden giant emerged above Bladelight and slowly merged together with him.

Bladelight stood in the flames, tanking Phantom Princess Ina’s attacks. A string of 9,000s floated up above his head. The heals from the Priests came pouring over him, keeping his health at stable levels.

“Bladelight is amazing!” Undying Scoundrel guffawed.

Bladelight was perhaps the only player in the entire game who could tank the AoE magic of a Level 150 Variant Lord head-on.

Even Nie Yan couldn’t help but be amazed. Although his magic defense and magic resistance were higher than Bladelight’s, he would still leave all the tanking to him. After all, no other class but Champions had more than one third of their skills dedicated to passively bolstering their health and defense.

“Bladelight, you can do it!”

Even though Bladelight was trying his best to block Phantom Princess Ina from moving, he couldn’t completely stop her. She let out a sharp cry and repeatedly rammed into him, all in a mad attempt to pursue Nie Yan.

Phantom Princess Ina’s aggro on Nie Yan was three times higher than the next closest person. So, she only had eyes for him, no one else.

Nie Yan fled far away. He put more than 100 meters between himself and Phantom Princess Ina.

Phantom Princess Ina chanted out an incantation. She waved her staff and suddenly vanished like a puff of smoke.

Bladelight who was holding Phantom Princess Ina back suddenly felt the weight against his shield completely disappear. His heart tightened as he tumbled forward. She had disappeared! He hurriedly shouted, “Nie Yan, be careful!”

Everyone was shocked and confused by Phantom Princess Ina’s sudden disappearance. A shower of spells flew past where she originally was, dissipating after reaching the end of their range.

“What’s going on?”

“Where did she go?”

A mad panic ensued.

Bladelight’s warning entered Nie Yan’s ears. He didn’t dare to dally and quickly fled with greater resolve.

Already more than 150 meters away from Phantom Princess Ina’s original location, an imminent sense of danger welled up from his heart. Crap! A tentacle appeared out of nowhere and firmly gripped onto his leg. He hurriedly swung down with Zennarde’s Sword in an attempt to cut it off, only for another tentacle to wrap around his wrist. Looking at his skill window, everything was grayed out. He was done for!

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