Chapter 769 - Ridiculous Critical Hits

Phantom Princess Ina repeatedly struck Bladelight with her tentacles. However, unlike with the Warriors before him, he was only pushed back slightly.

Bladelight took Phantom Princess Ina’s attacks head-on, even pushing her back.

Phantom Princess Ina’s tentacles dealt physical damage. Champions had the highest physical resistance among all Master classes. So, he naturally didn’t fear her attacks like others would.

Smoke Stub and Lei Su flanked Phantom Princess Ina from both sides, locking her down and preventing her from running rampant on the backline.

Bladelight was as steady as Mt. Tai, an immovable object. As soon as his health fell low, Young Seven, Paladin Lafus, and Dark Requiem would heal him, instantly topping his health back up.

The players from Asura Inferno and Devil World Riders couldn’t help but feel somewhat envious. All their Fighters had been sent flying away by Phantom Princess Ina. They finally understood why comparison was considered the thief of joy. If they had someone of Bladelight’s caliber, the average equipment quality of their guilds would go up by at least three notches.

With Bladelight, Smoke Stub, and Lei Su locking down...

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