Chapter 768 - Path of the King

“It’s rumoured that Devil World Riders is the holy place for Shamans. They got basically all the good Shamans, with 13 out of the top 20 in the game. But they aren’t strong enough to pose a threat to us.” Young Seven gave his evaluation. Out of Devil World Rider’s 13 Shamans, only one so far had successfully advanced to Master class. “As for Asura Inferno, they’re mostly known for their Warriors. But they don’t even have a single Master yet.”

“It’s best if we don’t fall out with them,” Nie Yan said after thinking for a moment. Asskickers United didn’t have any enmity with these two guilds. There was no need to pointlessly make more enemies.

Nie Yan’s group of 21 Masters flashed through the streets before appearing on the roofs of the buildings near the square where Phantom Princess Ina was. They stood loftily and proudly, as they gazed down at the battlefield.

As soon as Nie Yan appeared, Phantom Princess Ina grew berserk. She lashed out with her tentacles, sending the players around her flying, and charged toward him.

Only then did everyone notice the arrival of Nie Yan and the others.

“Who are they?”

“That’s Nirvana Flame!”

“Asskickers United’s 21 Masters are all here!”

This news spread like wildfire throughout the square. The players trembled in fear, especially those from Angel Corps. They immediately descended into a panic as they felt their legs go weak.

“Boss, it’s Nirvana Flame!” an orc Warrior cried out toward a player standing on a nearby roof. This player was Apex Evil, the guild leader of Devil World Riders.

Apex Evil looked over. Nie Yan and the others were overlooking the entire battlefield, like lofty gods up high in the clouds. He knew they possessed the power to wipe out everyone here. As a Master himself, how could he not? Just what kind of concept was 21 Masters? A single Forbidden Spell could turn everything here into a pile of ruins.

There was no running away. So, Apex Evil headed toward Nie Yan.

From another part of the square, the guild leader of Asura Inferno, Blood Lotus Asura Blade, was also moving towards Nie Yan. 

Even though Devil World Riders and Asura Inferno were rivals, they generally showed restraint with each other. After all, they had a greater common enemy to worry about in the form of Angel Corps.

Apex Evil and Blood Lotus Asura Blade met gazes. Both players revealed helpless smiles.

They quickly arrived at about 100 meters from Nie Yan’s party and stopped.

“Boss, those two are Apex Evil and Blood Lotus Asura Blade,” Undying Scoundrel said.

Nie Yan looked over at them. Even at this distance, he could see their appearances clearly.

“I didn’t expect the great Nirvana Flame would come here. It’s an honour.” Apex Evil cupped his hands in greeting.

Blood Lotus Asura Blade also gave his greetings.

They showed great respect for Nie Yan. After all, this man had the lives of all their members in his hands. How could they not be careful? Asskickers United was incredibly powerful. So much so, that even though Devil World Riders and Asura Inferno were also widely recognized hegemons, they didn’t amount to anything in front of Asskickers United. Asskickers United could probably completely rout them within a week if they wanted to.

“You’re too polite.” Nie Yan faintly nodded.

Apex Evil and Blood Lotus Asura Blade didn’t mind if Nie Yan was looking down on them. Even if he behaved rudely, he had the ability to back it up.

“Are you here for Phantom Princess Ina? If you want, we can vacate the premises within three minutes. Just say the word,” Apex Evil said.

“Asura Inferno is of the same mind,” Blood Lotus Asura Blade said.

Apex Evil and Blood Lotus Asura Blade were both ruthless and ambitious characters. However, they knew when to back off. Nie Yan wasn’t someone they could afford to offend.

Asskickers United had swept through the Viridian Empire, conquering every battlefield they set foot on. Most recently, they had even brought the flames of war to the Clemenci Stronghold, evoking fear in the hearts of Apex Evil and Blood Lotus Asura Blade. If even the ruler of the Satreen Empire, Angel Corps, wasn’t a match for Asskickers United, there was no need to talk about them.

Right now, Asskickers United’s opponent was Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group. Everyone understood there was no benefit in making more enemies everywhere.

“We’re indeed interested in Phantom Princess Ina. If she drops any equipment, I want priority. One piece, you guys can split the rest among yourselves,” Nie Yan said.

Apex Evil and Blood Lotus Asura Blade glanced at each other. Their eyes flickered with a trace of happiness and surprise. They didn’t expect the situation to take such a turn. Variant Lords like Phantom Princess Ina normally dropped multiple pieces of equipment along with precious gems and other items. They believed with Nie Yan’s appearance, they wouldn’t even get to have a sip of the soup. This was great!

“Thank you for your generosity, Nirvana Flame.”

Nie Yan turned to Lei Su and gave him the signal. Lei Su stepped forward and shouted at the top of his lungs, “All players aside from those from Asura Inferno and Devil World Riders, please vacate this square within three minutes. All Angel Corps players, wash your necks!”

Lei Su’s voice was heavy and loud, reverberating across the entire square.

In the next moment, Lei Su, Smoke Stub, and Bladelight leaped down onto the square and charged toward the players from Angel Corps. Sun, King of the World, Mistaken Smile, Shadow Killer, and One Strike Vow entered stealth, no one could find a trace of them anymore. Tang Yao, Undying Scoundrel, and the others waved their staffs and started blinking forward.

Apex Evil and Blood Lotus Asura Blade glanced at each other with bitter smiles.

“Asura, we’ve been baited.”

“I think so too… There’s no way Angel Corps won’t suspect us from having allied with Asskickers United now.”

Those items they were promised might as well be nothing. If they knew this was Nie Yan’s plan all along, they would’ve refused and directly left. However, it was already too late now.

When they looked down at the square, they were dumbstruck. At this moment, Angel Corps’ forces were in complete and utter chaos.

Lei Su, Smoke Stub, and Bladelight were like sharp blades, slaughtering their way into the ranks of Angel Corps. A dense barrage of magic bombarded them, but it did little to stop their advance.

“Angel Corps kiddies. Come say hi to grandpa Lei Su!” Lei Su shouted, unleashing his aura which flooded out and swept away the surrounding Warriors.

He charged into the back line. With a high rank Whirlwind Slash, he cut down a dozen Mages in an instant.

At this moment, there were piles of corpses scattered all around Bladelight, Smoke Stub, and Lei Su.

There were also more mysterious deaths. Angel Corps players left and right suddenly collapsed dead to the ground. No one knew what had happened to them.

When the Magisters arrived, they swept the enemy away with AoE magic. Their killing speed was much faster than the others.

Angel Corps’ forces were in complete disarray. There was no way they could mount an effective comeback. Several party leaders attempted to command the troops under them. However, before they could even get a few words out, they were assassinated by Sun and the other Thieves. Angel Corps was completely routed as they fled for their lives in defeat.

These Masters were machines of war.

Witnessing everything from the top of the roof, Apex Evil and Blood Lotus Asura Blade’s hearts were trembling with shock as a cold chill ran down their spines. If they had tried to go against Nie Yan’s group, their situation would’ve been even worse. The two of them would be killed first. After which the players under them would be lambs for the slaughter.

Apex Evil and Blood Lotus Asura Blade gazed at Nie Yan. He leaned back against a wall, his expression completely unreadable.

Despite not knowing what he was thinking, Apex Evil and Blood Lotus Asura Blade felt an enormous pressure. What was called a tactician controlling the battlefield? What was called the path of a king? Nie Yan completely encapsulated these things. He had promised to only take one piece of equipment, making them feel like they owed him a favour. Then with Lei Su’s words, he made them basically declare war against Angel Corps, playing their hands for them. Now with the slaughter of all these Angel Corps players, he was revealing his strength as well as giving them a warning. Step by step, he had done everything to perfection. They could only obediently submit, too frightened to try anything funny.

The fact that Nie Yan could lead Asskickers United in sweeping through the Viridian Empire wasn’t without reason.

As guild leaders themselves, Apex Evil and Blood Lotus Asura Blade couldn’t help but admire him.

“He’s an enigma. Asura, it looks like we have no choice but to submit.” Apex Evil bitterly chuckled.

“What’s the rush? We’re still here. We have to be patient, focus on the growth of our guilds and wait to see how the situation develops. If Angel Corps ends up falling to Asskickers United, we can submit then,” Blood Lotus Asura Blade said.

“You’re right.” Apex Evil laughed.

Seeing Angel Corps’ forces getting swept away, the players who weren’t part of Devil World Riders and Asura Inferno all started withdrawing. Nie Yan had already given them a warning to vacate the square within three minutes. If even Angel Corps couldn’t stop them, what chance did they have? They could only obediently depart.

About 10 minutes later, all Angel Corps players had either died or fled away. They already no longer posed a threat. Nie Yan leaped down from the roof. His silhouette blurred as he dashed toward Phantom Princess Ina.

Sensing Nie Yan’s approach, Phantom Princess Ina instantly went even more berserk. Several tentacles smashed into the square, sending rubble flying everywhere.

“Bladelight, we’ll be relying on you,” Young Seven said.

“Alright, I'm on it!” Bladelight charged toward Phantom Princess Ina and rammed into her with a Shield Bash.

BAANG! Phantom Princess Ina staggered back several steps.

The heavy and muffled sound of the shield striking Phantom Princess Ina reverberated across the entire square. Those who didn’t know the power of a Master before, sure did now. Their hearts trembled in fear. What a powerful strike!

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