Chapter 768 - Path of the King

“It’s rumoured that Devil World Riders is the holy place for Shamans. They got basically all the good Shamans, with 13 out of the top 20 in the game. But they aren’t strong enough to pose a threat to us.” Young Seven gave his evaluation. Out of Devil World Rider’s 13 Shamans, only one so far had successfully advanced to Master class. “As for Asura Inferno, they’re mostly known for their Warriors. But they don’t even have a single Master yet.”

“It’s best if we don’t fall out with them,” Nie Yan said after thinking for a moment. Asskickers United didn’t have any enmity with these two guilds. There was no need to pointlessly make more enemies.

Nie Yan’s group of 21 Masters flashed through the streets before appearing on the roofs of the buildings near the square where Phantom Princess Ina was. They stood loftily and proudly, as they gazed down at the battlefield.

As soon as Nie Yan appeared, Phantom Princess Ina grew berserk. She lashed out with her tentacles, sending the players around her flying, and charged toward hi...

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