Chapter 767 - Devil World Riders

Drowned Fish and the others noticed Nie Yan looking over in their direction. It felt like his sharp gaze could pierce their hearts.

It was only a brief glance, but Drowned Fish felt his back drenched with cold sweat. After watching so many videos of Nie Yan’s battles, they knew just how powerful he was.

They held their breaths as they felt their hearts tighten.

Boss, I think Nirvana Flame discovered us,」one of the Thieves said, his voice trembling.

Nie Yan had accurately pinpointed their location from such a far distance away. This was truly frightening.

From their point of view, being spotted by Nirvana Flame meant death.

Nie Yan only gave them a brief glance before turning back his head.

Did he not discover us?

No, he found us.」Drowned Fish shook his head.

Then, why didn’t he come over to deal with us?

Probably because we're not worth it. Come on, let’s go,」Drowned Fish said. Nie Yan already gave them a warning. If they continued lingering around any longer, they would...

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