Chapter 766 - Barthe Inner District

A single trip to the underworld netted them 1,200,000 gold. This was unimaginable for other guilds, but it was perfectly normal for Asskickers United. Nie Yan estimated this haul was their last big profit from this venture. With the opening of Judgement Valley, players would definitely think of different loopholes to smuggle goods between the two factions and saturate the market.

However, the parternship between Asskickers United and Fallen Angel was only getting started.

They shared a common enemy in Angels Corps and the Century Financial Group. So, they would launch a joint-attack.

Nie Yan and Plenty got in touch with each other. After discussing the details of their cooperation, Asskickers United also dispatched over 100,000 players over to the Satreen Empire. A total of 300,000 players started stirring up trouble in the territories controlled by Angel Corps and the Century Financial Group. 

After handling these matters, Nie Yan messaged Guo Huai.「Have Sun, Xie Yao, and them all come meet me in Barthe.

Nie Yan still had to deal with Phantom Princess Ina. He couldn’t take her on alone.

Shadow Killer just...

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