Chapter 764 - Phantom Princess Ina Reappears

Nie Yan checked his quest window. Scrolling down, there really were far too many to count: gathering the chapters of the Book of Order, completing the Tyrant Abak Set, obtaining the Assassin’s Heart, attaining Spirituality, removing the final seal from Zennarde’s Sword and save War God Kelo, defeating Cerberus to free the imprisoned Ten Holy Paladins, and a whole bunch of other less important quests. Anyone would be busy beyond belief trying to deal with all these quests. Now, he had received yet another quest item.

Nie Yan worked on these quests every day, steadily making progress as he analyzed every clue he found. The rewards were well worth the effort. If he completed all of them, he estimated no one could rival him for a long time to come. 

At present, of the small number of Masters out there, there was no lack of peak experts. However, not a single one of them could compare to Nie Yan in terms of gear quality. This was just one of the reasons why Nie Yan remained undefeated. But...

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