Chapter 763 - Demon Soulstone

Nie Yan lightly coughed, somewhat blushing with embarrassment. He understood what Kokakori meant. From this high rank Shaman's point of view, simply not depriving the lives of these people was a great act of mercy worthy of admiration.

“Nirvana Flame, don’t think you’re all that just because you’re a Great Prophet. One of these days, I’ll take that title and shove it right up your-” an orc Warrior with an explosive temper shouted before he was restrained by the guards. He kicked and flailed as a rag of cloth was stuffed in his mouth.

The onlookers all stared at the orc Warrior like they were looking at an idiot. This dumbass actually believed he could take revenge on Nirvana Flame? Perhaps it was time he took a long, hard look in the mirror. With his ability, even if given a lifetime, he’d never even reach Nie Yan’s feet.

“Shaman Kokakori, it seems he’s incorrigible. For threatening me, may I ask what’s the maximum number of days we can have him locked up in jail for on top of his previous offenses?” Nie Yan asked. This fool. What did he think lashing out would accomplish?

“That would be 10 days.”

“Alright, 10 days it is.”

“Understood, Great Prophet.”

Nie Yan’s impression of Angel Corps was never great in the first place. He coldly snorted, having no sympathy for the orc Warrior.

Patience was a virtue. Take Nie Yan for example. With his personality, if he ever encountered a situation where he was put at a disadvantage, his first reaction wouldn’t be to hurl abuse at the other side but rather patiently endure. When he was stronger, he would wipe away the disgrace. The orc Warrior before him clearly had zero patience, even claiming he would get revenge. Truly a joke.

At this moment, all the Angel Corps players protesting immediately shut up. Even though they felt humiliated, none of them dared to curse Nie Yan. Being locked in jail for three days was already quite a harsh punishment, to say nothing of 10. One could imagine how far they would fall behind their peers. Nirvana Flame wasn’t to be provoked!

Their expressions flustered, looking like stray dogs as they were taken away by the guards.

“Great Prophet, anyone that dares to disturb you in Orc King City will be strictly punished to the full extent of the law. If you need anything, we’ll rush to your call,” Kokakori said, sweeping his eyes over the surrounding players.

The crowd immediately lowered their gazes, not daring to meet Kokakori’s eyes.

With everything settled, Kokakori led the guards away.

“Wow, you really are Nirvana Flame. Thank you for stepping up to help me just now. If it weren’t for you...” Top Dog nervously rubbed his hands. Even now, he still found this situation hard to believe.

The onlookers all stared at Nie Yan. His appearance was still hidden behind his cloak, but since the NPCs had confirmed his identity, it likely really was him. They immediately recalled the recent happenings in the Satreen Empire. Angel Corps’ elite team and 1,000-man expedition team both being wiped plus their Clemenci stronghold taking substantial damage, and all of this caused by the man in front of them. A legend. Today’s incident would become a story they would bring up with their friends time and time again, every new version more lavish than the last.

However, the crowd only admired Nie Yan from afar. They didn’t dare to get too close and disturb him, lest they be taken away by the guards too.

“It’s nothing. Just a tiny bit of effort on my part.” Nie Yan faintly smiled. “You have to be careful. Angel Corps has already set their eyes on you. If life here becomes too difficult, come back to the Viridian Empire.”

Top Dog chuckled. “This is home. After creating my character, the first thing I did was travel here. I know the maps like the back of my hand. I’d be lost in the Viridian Empire. Besides, I spend most of my time levelling in the wilderness anyway. Once every other month or so I return. If I just avoid Orc King City, there's nothing Angel Corps can do to me.”

“You travelled straight to the Satreen Empire as soon as the servers opened?” Nie Yan asked in surprise. Logically speaking, this shouldn’t be possible.

“It’s a pretty depressing story. When I created my character, I started near Blaze City in Crissi Town, which is on the border between the Viridian Empire and Satreen Empire. When I was only Level 9, I kept running north and somehow managed to safely pass a Level 100+ map. I was truly lost and tracking my way back was already no longer a possibility, so I used a Return Scroll and ended up in Kerykes Town in the Satreen Empire. And so, I became stuck here,” Top Dog explained.

Nie Yan couldn’t help but force a wry smile. Top Dog really had some terrible luck. For a low-level Paladin to somehow wind up in the Satreen Empire, one could imagine how hard his life had been. Most of the equipment that dropped here was unusable to him. Teams wouldn’t recruit him either, so it was incredibly difficult to find better equipment. Doing quests was also difficult since very few orc NPCs gave quests to humans.

In this situation, for Top Dog to not delete his account but instead persevere and get all the way to Level 103 was truly a miracle. If he had stayed in the Viridian Empire, he would probably be closing in on Level 160 and maybe even have a chance at becoming a Master.

Top Dog was more or less a local to the Satreen Empire. He knew the maps around here like the back of his hand. Convincing him to leave was impossible.

“If you meet any trouble, you can look for Ronin from Heaven Song. I’m sure he’d like you to join his guild,” Nie Yan said. He had a good impression of Top Dog. By giving him a suitable stage, his achievements would see a complete metamorphosis.

“Ronin,” Top Dog said in a daze.

“You know him?” Nie Yan asked.

Top Dog shook his head. “No, but I've heard of him.”

“If you find more high level medicinal plants, you can sell them to the Starry Night Potion Shop. They won’t be stingy.”

After chatting for a while, Nie Yan found Top Dog to be quite amusing. He gifted Top Dog a VIP medal for the Starry Night Potion Shop, which gave him a 70% discount on everything he bought. This made Top Dog incredibly excited. Every time he set out, he would spend quite a lot of his earnings on potions. This medal would save him some gold.

In the beginning, when Nie Yan coldly sentenced those Angel Corps players to jail, Top Dog thought Nie Yan would be hard to talk to. However, the more they talked, the more he realized Nie Yan was quite amiable and approachable. He was nothing like the arrogant young master the rumours made him out to be. Sure enough, you shouldn’t believe everything you hear. Nie Yan had helped him so much and even gifted him a VIP Medal. He was incredibly grateful, but didn't know what he could do to return this favour. Suddenly, he recalled a certain item. He fetched it out of his bag and said, “I stumbled upon this in a dark elf settlement. With my strength, there’s no way I can do this quest. You should give it a try.”

Top Dog gave the item to Nie Yan.

Nie Yan was a bit confused. Looking at the item, it was a black gem.

This gem was about as large as a pigeon egg. It sparkled with a black radiance.

Nie Yan inspected it with Transcendent Insight.

Demon Soulstone: Quest Item
Requirements: Level 150

“This is quite high level. It can probably trigger a pretty high rank quest. You should keep it for yourself,” Nie Yan said. Even though he was interested in this Demon Soulstone, he didn’t want to accept such a precious item for nothing.

“Keep it. The VIP medal you gave me is worth far more to me than this Demon Soulstone. I don’t know when I’ll be able to do that quest. Heck, I don’t know if I’ll ever get a chance to do it. Letting it sit in my bag is a waste. I’ve thought about selling it. If I hadn’t met you, I would’ve thrown it up in the auction house sooner or later,” Top Dog said. With the quality of his current equipment, he had no idea how long it would take him to get to level 150. Not to mention even if he did reach Level 150, he had no idea if he would be strong enough to do the quest. At that point, it was simply better to sell it off.

“Hmm, in that case, I’ll give you something in exchange,” Nie Yan said. Even though Top Dog’s words made sense, he didn’t like owing favours.

“Will this Demon Soulstone be useful to you?” Top Dog asked.

“Of course.”

“Whew, that’s a relief. I agree to trade,” Top Dog said. He wasn’t a stickler for formalities. So, he gladly agreed to Nie Yan’s suggestion.

“I’ll trade you it for a Level 110 Dark Gold-grade Paladin set.”

“That won’t do. How could I accept so much!?” Top Dog exclaimed in a fluster. A full set of Level 110 Dark Gold-grade Paladin equipment was practically priceless in the marketplace.

“Don’t worry. It’s worth this much,” Nie Yan said. This Demon Soulstone wasn’t simple. It was far more valuable than a Level 110 Dark Gold-grade Paladin set. Nevertheless, this deal was worth it for both sides. The gear would be extremely beneficial to Top Dog. If he had the ability, it could even change his fate.

Top Dog hesitated for a moment before nodding. “Alright.”

Nie Yan had his subordinates deliver the Level 110 Dark Gold-grade set over. Afterwards, he completed the trade with Top Dog.

This Demon Soulstone had an icy feeling to the touch. It was a familiar feeling, reminding Nie Yan of the Fallen Feather. They were both demon items. He didn’t know how they were connected. He could only wait until he was Level 150.

Looking at his current level, he was only Level 126. Meanwhile, on the level leaderboards, there were already many people Level 130-140. In fact, the highest level player right now was Level 149. He needed to find an opportunity to do some power levelling.

Nie Yan put away the Demon Soulstone in his bag. He still had a lot of business to take care of. He bid Top Dog farewell and headed for the transfer area.

Top Dog gazed at his bag. There was a complete set of Level 110 Dark Gold-grade Paladin equipment sitting right there. Once he reached Level 110, he could equip it. From then on, he would no longer have to struggle to find low quality equipment.

Seeing Nie Yan’s back slowly disappear in the crowd, Top Dog’s heart was filled with gratitude. He was suddenly brimming with hope for the future. If he could seize this opportunity, he would also have a chance of catching up to the lead pack and join the ranks of experts!

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