Chapter 762 - Tossed Into Jail!

This Paladin had to have some skill. How else could he obtain so many rare medicinal plants? Even teams of Level 120–130 players with much better equipment than him wouldn’t necessarily be able to bring back such a harvest.

It would be strange if a Paladin like this was a nobody in the previous timeline. Nie Yan inspected him with Transcendent Insight.

This Paladin was called Top Dog. Nie Yan vaguely recalled such a name. However, he seemed to mainly operate in the Satreen Empire. So, Nie Yan didn’t know much about him.

This guy was actually the leader of a guild called Radiant Empire.

Nie Yan chuckled. The name Radiant Empire was quite flashy, but he had never heard of it before. Likely, it was just a no-name small guild. Players like these who randomly created a guild for fun without any members, there were tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of them in the entire server.

Nie Yan couldn’t help but wonder how many members this guild counted. No wonder he’d named himself Top Dog. It really suited him.

Top Dog had caught Nie Yan’s eye. With the proper support, this fellow probably had a decent growth potential.

Nie Yan made his way over to the stall.

“Hey, how much are you selling your medicinal plants for?” Nie Yan asked.

At this moment, everyone focused their attention on Nie Yan.

With Angel Corps stirring up trouble and surrounding the stall, no other players dared to come forward and buy the medicinal plants. Top Dog was about to pack up and leave, when he heard Nie Yan’s question. His face lit up with joy. “The Reawakening Leaves are 700 gold each, and the Night Bright Herbs and Silver Serpent Grass are 900 gold each.”

“Not a bad price, much cheaper than the auction houses,” Nie Yan remarked. “How much do you have? I’ll take it all.”

“Three Reawakening Leaves, Two Bright Night Herbs, and five stalks of Silver Serpent Grass. I’ll give you a discount—8,200 gold. How does that sound?” Top Dog said. He didn’t expect Nie Yan to be so extravagant and buy everything in one go.

Nie Yan spoke to Top Dog like no one else was there, almost as if he weren’t aware in the slightest of the presence of the Angel Corps players.

“You little punk! Who the hell do you think you are!? Trying to snatch things from us!? You must be tired of living!” The tauren Warrior shouted while aggressively approaching Nie Yan.

“Scram! These medicinal plants are ours! If you don’t want your ass beaten, you better make yourself scarce! And don’t let us see you again!” The orc Warrior shoved Nie Yan away.

Nie Yan coldly chuckled. This was the first time someone had dared to behave so rudely to him inside the game.

“Hey, did you sell your medicinal plants to those guys already?” Nie Yan asked unperturbed. Those who were familiar with him would know he was incensed.

“I haven’t sold anything to those crooks. Even if they offered to pay twice as much, I’d still rather sell to you,” Top Dog coldly said. Seeing how these players from Angel Corps behaved themselves, vulgarities leaving their lips in multitudes and unable to keep their hands to themselves, he could no longer hold back his anger. Nie Yan had stepped out of the crowd to speak up for him and ended up getting dragged into this mess. How could he possibly remain silent? So what if he was hunted down by Angel Corps? He could just hide away in the mountains!

“Do you think I won’t touch you just because we’re in a city?” The tauren Warrior hatefully glared at Top Dog.

“If you dare, do it already! Here, on my cheek. Come on, hit me. I fucking dare you!” Top Dog sneered. This was Orc King City. If the tauren Warrior dared to do anything, he would definitely get taken away by the guards.

The tauren Warrior became even more infuriated. He nearly drew his greatsword, but he forcefully suppressed the urge. He knew how severe the consequences of attacking another player in a city were. He still had at least this much self control.

An orc Shaman stepped forward, shoving aside the tauren Warrior. Putting his face right up to Nie Yan’s, he spoke, “Yo, who are you? What are you trying to pull? If you’ve got any guts, show your face. We have so many of our Angel Corps players here. Take off your hood. Hiding your face like that, do you think you’re better than us!?”

Nie Yan was wearing the Shadow Walker Cloak which hid his name and information. Even if they used inspection skills on him, they couldn’t find anything.

“You want to know who I am? Be patient. You’ll find out in a bit.” Nie Yan turned back to Top Dog, ignoring the orc Shaman. “Let’s trade. I have a friend with a couple pieces of Level 100 equipment. You interested? I’ll sell them to you for the same price.”

“Sure. I was planning to head to the Viridian Empire to buy some Paladin equipment anyway. The Satreen Empire really doesn’t have anything worthwhile. But I want to see the properties first,” Top Dog said.

“Naturally.” Nie Yan nodded.

As the two were about to trade, the Angel Corps players immediately went into an uproar. They really wanted those medicinal plants, only that the price was too high for them to bear. They were only between Level 120–130 and had a limited income. They didn’t have the funds to just take out 8,200 gold. But they also weren’t willing to give up. So, they kept harassing and pressuring the Paladin. Seeing Nie Yan about to snatch the medicinal plants away, how could they not be infuriated?

“Fucking trash! Too afraid to even show your face! God damn coward!” This time the orc Warrior shoved Nie Yan even harder.

You have been assaulted by Black Lion’s team. The guards will arrive in 20 seconds.

Top Dog was also set off. Aggrieved, he didn’t back down in the slightest, and his words became even sharper as he argued with these players from Angel Corps. 

The situation instantly became hectic, to the extent where people were threatening to take action. However, it was only limited to flailing their limbs. None of them actually dared to attack someone in the city. If they PKed in Orc King City, the consequences would be far more grave than the penalty of having a red name. So, both sides still showed some restraint.

Seeing the argument reaching a point of no return, the onlookers hurriedly backed away.

“Sit back and watch. We’re in for a good show.”

“Those Angel Corps bullies. They only know how to abuse their power. Forcing someone to sell for a lower price? Pathetic. It’s really uncalled for.”

“What else can you say? Angel Corps is the largest guild in the Satreen Empire. They’re full of people, both good and bad. There’s bound to be a few like those guys mixed in there. Honestly, their management isn’t too bad. They don’t reserve off too many levelling areas for themselves.”

The others in the crowd agreed with this player’s sentiments.

The shouting match continued on, with the shoving and pushing becoming more and more frequent. Nie Yan couldn’t be bothered to bicker with these people. Besides, their cursing and abuse only strengthened his position.

As the situation was starting to get out of hand, a group of armoured orc guards came walking over. Leading them was a high rank Shaman in golden robes. He wore a 10,000-Man Commander medal.

Everyone stopped dead in their tracks, looking at each other in shock. They were all surprised to see this high rank Shaman.

Normally, if this kind of dispute broke out, a single ordinary guard would suffice. If a fight broke out, three, four, up to six guards would come and arrest the offenders. There was never a situation where a high rank Shaman would make an appearance.

The high rank Shaman was an orc. He was quite portly, his fat jiggling with every movement. Wearing a dignified appearance, he stood about a head taller than the average orc.

Nie Yan inspected this NPC with Transcendent Insight. He was called Shaman Kokakori with the rank of Marquis.

“What’s going on? Why did a high rank Shaman come over?”

“I don’t know.”

After seeing such a high rank NPC, the crowd became nervous.

Kokakori walked over to Nie Yan. The several Angel Corps players couldn’t help but glance over, anxious expressions on their face.

“Great Prophet Nirvana Flame, you honour us with your presence.” Kokakori bowed respectfully.

One could hear a pin drop. Everyone looked at Nie Yan with a look of disbelief. It was actually Nirvana Flame? Many people thought they had heard wrong. Seeing Kokakori behaving so respectfully, only then did they realize they weren’t mistaken.

“Great Prophet? Damn! What kind of title is that? It’s actually higher than this Shaman’s!? Is it on the same level as a Duke?”

The players whispered among themselves. Everyone already knew about Nie Yan becoming a Great Prophet, but no one knew what kind of title this was. It was only after Kokakori bowed to Nie Yan that they understood its significance. It turned out this title’s rank was shockingly high.

Before, people only had a vague impression of the Great Prophet title. But from now on, its importance was burned into their minds.

They waited to see how things would play out. The faces of the Angel Corps players instantly paled as their minds went blank. They didn’t expect for a second the player they provoked was the one person no one could provoke inside the game, Nirvana Flame! Seeing Kokakori’s bearing, they understood how screwed they were.

Even Top Dog was shocked out of his wits. He stuttered, “Bro-brother, you-you’re actually Mad Rogue Nirvana Flame?!”

He didn’t dare to believe his eyes, rubbing them multiple times.

Nie Yan nodded with a smile. “In the flesh.”

Who could’ve expected that the person who stepped forward to help him out was the undefeated legend and guild leader of Asskickers United, Nirvana Flame!? Top Dog felt honoured. This incident would definitely become an unforgettable memory for him. He quickly saved the clip of the last few minutes. Later, he could show off to his friends, the story of how he’d met Nirvana Flame and even sold medicinal herbs to him!

As they spoke, the guards moved to surround the players from Angel Corps, causing them to feel more and more alarmed.

“Great Prophet, according to the laws of the Satreen Empire, for assaulting someone of your position, you may choose how to deal with them as you see fit,” Kokakori spoke the verdict. He awaited Nie Yan’s reply.

“What is the maximum prison sentence for this crime?” Nie Yan asked. Throwing these people into jail would be better than simply killing them.

“Three days,” Kokakori replied.

“Three days it is.”

“Understood, Great Prophet. Your benevolence is admirable.”

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