Chapter 761 - Erotic Training

Nie Yan picked up two target mitts off the ground, then walked over to Xie Yao. He took a position about two to three meters away from her.

“Let’s start. Attack with all your strength,” Nie Yan said. He planned to give Xie Yao a good workout. That way, in the future, she could protect herself in case he wasn’t by her side.

Women were generally weaker than men in terms of raw physical strength. However, they made up for it with their flexibility which allowed them to perform high difficulty techniques. With proper training, they could also become deadly experts.

“Okay! Ready?” Xie Yao took up a stance. 

Xie Yao’s energetic smile lifted Nie Yan’s somewhat despondent mood. He cast aside the annoying and negative thoughts in his mind. 

Nie Yan put one foot back and braced himself. “Ready!”

Xie Yao slid a few steps forward, then performed a roundhouse kick. Her slender leg drew a beautiful arc through the...

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