Chapter 761 - Erotic Training

Nie Yan picked up two target mitts off the ground, then walked over to Xie Yao. He took a position about two to three meters away from her.

“Let’s start. Attack with all your strength,” Nie Yan said. He planned to give Xie Yao a good workout. That way, in the future, she could protect herself in case he wasn’t by her side.

Women were generally weaker than men in terms of raw physical strength. However, they made up for it with their flexibility which allowed them to perform high difficulty techniques. With proper training, they could also become deadly experts.

“Okay! Ready?” Xie Yao took up a stance. 

Xie Yao’s energetic smile lifted Nie Yan’s somewhat despondent mood. He cast aside the annoying and negative thoughts in his mind. 

Nie Yan put one foot back and braced himself. “Ready!”

Xie Yao slid a few steps forward, then performed a roundhouse kick. Her slender leg drew a beautiful arc through the air and struck the target mitt with a loud bang!

Nie Yan’s body slightly trembled. The power behind Xie Yao’s kick was pretty good. 

“Not bad. Put more power into your hips. You’re also a bit unstable on the follow through,” Nie Yan advised.

After finishing the roundhouse kick, Xie Yao didn’t stop. She threw out another kick, and another, and another.

BANG! BANG! BANG! Xie Yao continuously kicked the target mitts, all the while following Nie Yan’s advice and adjusting her movements.

Nie Yan was steadily pushed back, finding great pleasure in Xie Yao’s movements. Her skin tight gym shorts accentuated her butt which was as round as a millstone, stimulating his primal desires. 

After a series of kicks, Xie Yao finally stopped to catch her breath. She was in quite a good mood today. Training together with her boyfriend like this, what more could she ask for? Honestly, as long as she was with him, she would be happy doing anything.

For the next hour, apart from a few water breaks, Xie Yao didn’t stop. She didn’t want to look weak in front of Nie Yan. So, she persevered.

Compared to other girls, Xie Yao was a step better, both in physique and techniques. She was strong enough to handle the average person. Of course, if she met an expert, she would be in trouble.

Xie Yao was already drenched in sweat, panting for breath. Nie Yan’s gaze fell on her body as his breathing, too, became slightly ragged. Because of all the sweat, her originally loose-fitting t-shirt was sticking to her skin, revealing her flawless figure. Her round and voluptuous bosom was at max power. He could even make out two captivating light pink circles.

The atmosphere quickly turned awkward. Xie Yao hurriedly pulled down her shirt, not daring to meet Nie Yan’s heated gaze. Her cheeks burned bright red as she became flustered.

Seeing Xie Yao’s seductive appearance, Nie Yan’s mind was filled with lewd thoughts as a fire lit up inside him. During their holidays back in Huahai, she had stayed at her family’s house. So, they'd had no opportunity to get intimate.

Nie Yan started walking over to Xie Yao. 

The closer Nie Yan got, the more difficult Xie Yao found it to breathe, almost as if she were about to suffocate.

Nie Yan was bare chested. His muscles weren't huge and exaggerated like a bodybuilder’s. Instead, they were firm and toned, brimming with explosive power. Xie Yao’s heart started racing. She immediately knew what he wanted to do. The urge to flee welled up inside of her, but her legs felt like jelly.

Only the two of them were in the spacious workout room. All around them were bright windows, letting the rays of sun shine through. However, no one could see inside. Light could pass through from the outside but not the other way around. Nevertheless, Xie Yao still felt uneasy.

“Nie Yan, how about we go back to the bedroom?” Xie Yao squeaked.

“Hmm? Return to the bedroom? To do what?” Nie Yan asked with a faint smile. From the moment she entered the workout room, Xie Yao had been purposefully teasing and seducing him non-stop. This was the result of playing with fire.

Seeing Nie Yan’s wicked grin, Xie Yao immediately became bashful. She turned around to flee, only to be pulled back into his embrace.

“No need to switch locations. Nobody can see us anyway,” Nie Yan whispered in Xie Yao’s ear. He mischievously slid his hand up her shirt, caressing her flat stomach. Slowly, he moved upwards, following the contours of her body, before groping a supple mound which had grown too large to fit in his palm.

Xie Yao was already completely exhausted from the high intensity workout. After being teased by Nie Yan like this, she lost all power to resist and let the moment take over.

Feeling Nie Yan’s misbehaving hands, Xie Yao closed her eyes.

Nie Yan laid Xie Yao down on a soft mat, then pulled her shirt up to her armpits…


The two showered and chilled around the house. Nie Yan prepared dinner which they enjoyed together. After which they went out for a walk, only returning when the sun was already setting behind the horizon.

Nie Yan entered Conviction, appearing in Orc King City.

The streets were bustling with many orcs and elves walking around, as Nie Yan made his way toward the transfer area.

After passing by a main street, Nie Yan discovered a large crowd gathered around a nearby stall. It seemed like something was happening.

Nie Yan wasn’t too interested in these kinds of matters. He was just about to leave when he heard someone say the words Angel Corps. He halted his steps and looked over. There were many Angel Corps players gathered there. Interest piqued, he rubbed his chin and walked over toward the commotion.

The players in the crowd were discussing something. At the center of attention was a stall manned by a human Paladin.

Human players that had the funds to travel to the Satreen Empire were mostly top experts. However, this Paladin’s equipment was anything but high quality, and his level wasn’t that high at only 103.

The Paladin had many materials for sale in his stall. They were high grade items like Reawakening Leaves and Bright Night Herbs. If they were sold, the Paladin would probably have enough to buy himself a brand new set of equipment.

Nie Yan’s intuition told him this situation wasn’t as simple as it seemed. Logically speaking, to be in possession of so many rare materials, this Paladin’s equipment shouldn’t be so lacking. A light bulb suddenly lit up in his head. There were players who would spend most of their time in the wilderness, rarely ever returning to town. Sometimes they could supplement their consumption by learning crafting and gathering skills. Oftentimes, they would only return to civilization once every one, two, or even three months. By then, their gear would have fallen behind. However, by selling off the harvest they obtained during their time in the wilderness, they could outfit themselves with a brand new set of equipment.

This Paladin was probably one of those players. 

The stall was surrounded by more than a dozen Angel Corps players, three of whom appeared to be disputing something with the Paladin. Their argument was reaching a boiling point, with both sides yelling at each other.

“Motherfucker, do you want to test my authority!? I’ll make sure you never step foot in the Satreen Empire again!” a tauren Warrior angrily cursed at the Paladin.

“Just sell it to us at the price we agreed to before. Do you really think we’re so easy to bully?” an orc Warrior coldly said.

“You guys only inquired about the Reawakening Leaf. It’s 700 gold. As for the Bright Night Herb and Silver Serpent Grass, we never spoke about it. They’re worth far more. Stop being ridiculous!” the Paladin refuted, his face red with anger.

“We all heard it, you said you’ll sell all these medicinal plants to us for a flat price of 700 gold each! We had to borrow money from our friends just to pool together the funds. Now you’re saying you won’t sell it to us? Scammer!”

The people in the crowd quietly whispered among one another. The players from Angel Corps had already completely surrounded the stall. This Paladin was all alone, and he had no friends to help him. He was clearly at a disadvantage. He also didn’t dare to provoke this bunch from Angel Corps. They really did have the power to make his life in the Satreen Empire a living hell, to the extent he would be forced to leave, never to set foot back here again.

“What’s going on?” Nie Yan asked a bystander.

“I’m not too sure either. It seems like that Paladin and those three Angel Corps players had agreed on a deal, all the medicinal plants there for 700 gold each. The Paladin thought they were only talking about the Reawakening Leaf. A simple misunderstanding. Those Angel Corps players borrowed money from their friends, but now the Paladin isn’t willing to sell. That’s the rough situation I guess. Who knows who’s speaking the truth.” An elven Mage shrugged, as he looked over at Nie Yan whose appearance was hidden behind a cloak.

For this Level 103 Paladin to be able to get his hands on Reawakening Leaves, Bright Night Herbs, and Silver Serpent Grass, he definitely wasn’t ordinary.

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