Chapter 759 - Painful Memories

Ever since they were put under the tutelage of Bayonet, Wang Duo and the others’ daily routine was something straight out of a horror movie. Apart from eating and entering the game at night, they spent all their time following the hellish training regime of Bayonet and the occasional sparring. This was something completely unimaginable to ordinary people.

Wang Duo, Lin Yi, and the others were always at their physical and mental limits. Without even getting any time to rest, they had no idea what the state of their body was like. There were quite a few times they even thought they were going to die. A lot of them even heard a little voice in their head suggesting them to give up. However, after receiving Bayonet’s mocking taunts, they gritted their teeth and persevered. They had their pride! If they withdrew, they would live the rest of their lives with their heads down in shame.

The days went by like a blur.

After a 30-minute break, Wang Duo, Lin Yi, and the others recovered quite a bit of their stamina.

Nie Yan watched over their spars with Bayonet. These guys probably hadn’t noticed it, but he could...

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