Chapter 758 - Chapter of Elements

After making his announcement in the guild chat, Nie Yan told Guo Huai to pay close attention to everything happening in Judgement Valley and recruit any players that distinguished themselves there. Asskickers United needed to nurture experts in PvP against the Demon Tribe and Undead Empire.

On the battlefield, in terms of outdoor survival, no other class could compare to Thieves. Nie Yan dispatched 3,000 promising Thieves to Judgement Valley. It was the perfect place for honing their skills. Apart from these Thieves, any other players that wanted to go there were free to do so. 

News of Judgement Valley spread like wildfire. A large number of players from the underworld passed through it to reach the surface. The same was true for players from the Viridian Empire and Satreen Empire. Not just the experts from Asskickers United, but all major guilds sent people over.

With the release of this expansion, the several towns scattered near the ravine became points of heavy contention for various guilds. Everyone wanted control of these places.


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