Chapter 757 - Fallen Feather

Nie Yan protected himself with the Darkbright Barrier, as a membrane of light enveloped him. After which he also buffed himself with Holy Rejuvenation to significantly increase his health regeneration speed. Finally, Battle Angel Kalenna woke up for a brief moment to cast Heal on him, which restored his health to full and gave him a bit of reprieve in this desperate situation.

 A hail of arrows howled through the air. Put put put! Several dozen struck Nie Yan.


A string of damage values rose up above Nie Yan’s head. His health rapidly plummeted. He quickly patched himself up with a Combat Bandage, restoring back some of his health, but it quickly started falling again. As his health reached critical levels, he hurriedly drank a Specialist Health Potion, instantly restoring his health back to full.

As the rain of arrows came to an end, so too did the damage to his health bar. It finally stopped going down at 65%.

About 60 arrows had struck Nie Yan in total, among which more than half came up as misses. 

Thanks to the Darkbright Barrier’s effects on top of his already high defense,...

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