Chapter 756 - Demon’s Feather

Now! Nie Yan flicked his wrist as he switched out Zennarde’s Sword for Paternoster’s Warhammer.

Frozen Fortress!

The temperature suddenly plummeted. The ice elements in the surroundings gathered together toward Paternoster’s Warhammer, forming a layer of ice which rapidly grew thicker and thicker before sealing Nie Yan completely within.

Encased in an enormous block of ice, Nie Yan had become a grand ice sculpture.

BOOM! The Demon Slaughterer’s slash struck the block of ice.


The Demon Slaughterer’s attack carved out a large crack in the ice. However, the damage was quickly repaired at a speed visible to the naked eye.

After using Frozen Fortress, Nie Yan was invulnerable. The Demon Slaughterer couldn’t do anything to him.

At the same time, all signs of Nie Yan’s life disappeared too. So, he subsequently lost all aggro.

No longer tunnel visioning on Nie Yan, The Demon Slaughterer finally took note of the arrow towers and players in the vicinity and pounced on them.

A chaotic battle...

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